Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 511: Fraxinus is yours



Shiori pushed open the door to her own house like the doors weighed a ton. She made her way to the living room while stumbling around, she looked like a tired ghost who can’t tell east from west…


“Welcome back!”


Wu Yan, Kotori, Kurumi, Tohka, and Yoshino welcomed Shiori back with radiant smiles. It’s hard to tell that they just got back themselves after staking out a certain person’s date.


Shiori would notice something off if she’s not so tired. Shiori raised her hand slowly as if that act is sapping all the energy she had. She floated over to a nearby sofa in the living room and she collapsed with a thud.


Wu Yan, Kotori, Kurumi, Tohka, and Yoshino blinked their eyes in befuddlement. They exchanged looks and they chuckled.


“Erm, Shiori…”


Wu Yan approached her with a smile.


“You look like me when I came home yesterday, what got you so down, champ?”


Shiori started tearing up. She ran with ungodly speed and she quickly apologized to Wu Yan. Even Wu Yan is surprised by her sudden change of attitude.


“Shido, I was wrong, I shouldn’t tease you like that yesterday.”




Wu Yan uttered that because he’s still at a loss of words.


“I finally understand just how anguishing it was for you to sit through classes while everyone’s attention is on you.”


Shiori wiped away her snot.


“I didn’t understand, oh, I am such a fool…”


“Erm, Shiori…”


Wu Yan isn’t used to this sycophantic side of Shiori. He pushed her away while laughing in an awkward manner.


“I am happy you think that way but can you please return to normal, or just a bit normal if that’s not too much to ask…”


She let go of Wu Yan and she collapsed back on the sofa again. Raising an arm in a lethargic manner, she told them to give her some time to rest.


“I need 5 minutes, no, 10 minutes by myself!”


Then, Shiori shut down her mental faculties to reboot herself.


They stepped back and huddled together.


“Why do I feel like it’s our fault that Shiori’s like that…”


Wu Yan scratched his cheek.


“It’s not ‘our’ fault, it’s completely your fault!”


Kotori pushed the wolf back into the mud he tried to crawl out from.


“You knew Origami swung that way but you purposely chose to omit that detail from Onee-chan, if you told her she wouldn’t have gone to the date.”


Wu Yan choked. It’s as Kotori said, he omitted that detail so he can enjoy the show. Not satisfied with how Kotori talked back to him, he shot back.


“Kotori, you’re the one who started the fire. While I might have drained her stamina, you’re the one who made her so mentally exhausted.”


Kotori choked this time. Kotori also somewhat regrets started the fire. The experience might have been too taxing on her since she’s a normal human who can’t start or put out fires at will.


It would have been totally stressful to be put in a situation where the roof is on fire and the exits are all blocked by people.


Kotori admits that she might have gone a bit overboard for tiring her sister out like this.


“Alright, that’s enough finger-pointing…”


Kurumi beamed at both of them.


“We need to think about how to cheer Shiori up…”


“You’ve got a point there…”


Kotori gave her idea first.


“Shido, go make some nice food for Onee-chan, she likes your cooking so I am sure it would cheer her up.”


Tohka’s eyes lit up, she concurred by frantically nodding her head.


“I like that idea, Shido always knew how to cheer me up with good food!”


Wu Yan’s lip twitched.


“I am sure any food would have did the trick for you…”




Tohka pouted.


“It’s still a good idea…”


“Now, I am sure Kotori is onto something here. I like girls who can eat. However, I think you’re making it very hard for others to get close to you without being a chef…”


Wu Yan’s retort failed to make an impression in Tohka and Yoshino’s mind. But, Kurumi and Kotori got the message.


Tohka tried to tempt Shiori by whispering something into Shiori’s ears.


“Shiori, Shiori, Shido’s cooking up a storm in the kitchen just for you, you know?”




That got her attention. Anyone who had Wu Yan’s food fell prey to his prodigious skill, Shiori is also hooked on his grub.




Yoshino blinked while egging her on.


“Shido Onii-san said it himself…”


“I see, I am looking forward to it…”


Shiori glanced at Wu Yan’s direction. What do you know? That did cheer her up.


“Yes, I am looking forward to it as well…”


Tohka narrowed her eyes while imagining the good food, she can already taste it in her mouth. Wu Yan started thinking that Tohka had vested interests.


Wu Yan, Kotori, and Kurumi chuckled at Shiori who seemed a lot better now that someone promised good food.


Kotori said something that Wu Yan couldn’t believe.


“I am handing over Fraxinus to you.”


Wu Yan almost choked on his saliva. He turned towards Kotori with a gasp.


“What? What was that?”


“I said!”


Kotori glared at him.


“Fraxinus is in your hands.”


“You’re giving me permission to take it into my inventory?”


Wu Yan pointed at his own nose in disbelief.


“I thought you were against it?”


Kotori flinched and she raised her voice as if typical of a tsundere.


“I am saying that it’s okay now, is that unacceptable to you?”


Wu Yan recalled that she said she had to do something.


“So this is what you meant when you said there’s something you have to do?”

“I don’t suppose you want to send the Fraxinus into your Gate of Babylon with everyone watching?”


Kotori turned around and she said her piece.


“I gave everyone a day off, what you do in this span of time is up to you.”


Wu Yan is touched, he resisted the urge to glomp her. He mumbled his thanks.


“Thank you, Kotori…”

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