Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 508: is it a date? A date? Or, a date?

Tengu City, the center of the city.


Two girls who are very beautiful in their own rights walked hand in hand as they looked around the shops. These girls are just like any other female shoppers nearby but they tend to attract more attention due to their looks.


Moreover, the onlookers aren’t just looking at their faces, they are also curious about something else. They kept looking at the two of them like they are weird.


Shiori’s very embarrassed as the center of attention. She looked very uncomfortable. While flushing red, she finally blurted it out.


“Erm, Origami-san, don’t you think you’re a little bit too close?”


“Am I?”


Origami’s practically trying to fuse her body with Shiori’s.


“I don’t think so.”


Shiori is still embarrassed.


“Other people are looking at us, you know?”


“Oh, you’re right…”


She said while still clinging to Shiori in a way that would put any Koala bears to shame.


“Of course, I am!”


She shouted in a controlled tone. She refrained from screaming lest they attract more attention.


Origami still didn’t heed her words.


“Let them be…”


Shiori cried internally. Enduring the weird gazes from the people nearby, they went towards the next destination. Shiori is questioning her decision, she should have just stayed at home.


Shiori’s anxiety caused her to forget something, they are moving deeper into the concrete jungle so the human traffic is just going to increase.


In her mind, she wished for only one thing, she wanted this hangout session to end as soon as possible.


Wu Yan, Kotori, Kurumi, Tohka, and yoshino peeked out from around the corner. They are all puzzled by what they are seeing.


Kotori gulped with disbelief.


“Why do I feel like, they are on a date rather than a normal girl’s day out in the city?”


Kotori wasn’t sure if she sounded silly but someone’s got to say it.


The two of them are prim and proper ladies so the notion of them dating would sound funny.


Except, Wu Yan, Kurumi, even Tohka and Yoshino didn’t laugh.


Kurumi narrowed her eyes at them.


“Ara, I am getting the same feeling as well.”


Yoshino also covered her mouth with her hand. Her wide eyes and shocked expression are testaments that she’s struggling to vocalize her opinion.


Wu Yan just smiled. He was surprised to notice it first but he already got used to the idea.


The remaining one who is puzzled is still as confused as before.


“What’s a date?”


Tohka said with all due seriousness. They turned around to ask if she’s serious but judging from her expression, she really didn’t know. Wu Yan massaged his temples.


When Wu Yan sealed her powers, he didn’t bring her on a date like the original work. He just brought her home and they started living together. Moreover, because they hang out with each other pretty much every day, Wu Yan didn’t invite her out on a date like in the original work.




Wu Yan thought about how to explain the concept of dating to her. If he didn’t simplify, he would just waste his saliva talking to her. After summarizing the concept he told her.


“Dating is where you eat delicious food and drink tasty drinks with the person you like the most!”


“Eating and drinking with your favorite person…”


Tohka’s eyes flashed brightly, she also started drooling.




Kurumi shook her head while smiling. Yoshino also looked away because she couldn’t deal with how Wu Yan cheesed his way out of the explanation.


Wu Yan shrugged.


“Hey, it got the point through to her, didn’t it?”


Thinking about it, Wu Yan technically didn’t lie to her. Meanwhile, poop just got real for Shiori.


She slowly turned towards Origami to make sure they aren’t at the wrong place. She asked in disbelief.


“Origami-san, ar-are we going in here?”




Origami replied instantly. It’s like she can’t read Shiori’s expression or body language much to the detriment of Shiori’s sanity points.


“Are you kidding me?!”


The building looks like a normal cafe with a twist, the customers are all in pairs of male and female. They also looked very lovey-dovey with each other. Looking up at the store sign, yep…


<<Couple’s cafe>>




Shiori said with a tired voice.


“Do you know where we are? This is for couples, we are going to look so out of place in there.”


“And that’s an issue?”


Origami-san said nonchalantly. Shiori’s blood pressure spiked and her body trembled.


“It’s a huge deal okay?”


“We aren’t couples! What business do we have there? It literally says couple’s cafe!”


Origami-san lit up.






Shiori felt like her ears stopped working for a moment there.


“Could you repeat that?”


“Good idea.”


Origami explained herself.


“We just have to become a couple and we can go in!”


Shiori’s expression changed drastically.




Shiori hysterically yelled at her after inhaling.


“We are both girls!”


Shiori’s shriek didn’t affect Origami at all. She replied with a calm tone.


“Is there a problem with that?”


Shiori cried out.


“W-what? Of course, it is!”



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