Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 506: Tobiichi Origami wants a date.

Tengu City, Itsuka residence…


The hallway entrance’s door was pushed open, some people came in while saying Tadaima. Their voice echoed throughout the empty living room.


Wu Yan walked into the living room like a living dead. He wavered left and right with swirly eyes. He made his way over to the sofa and he crashed into it.


“Seriously, isn’t it a bit too early for you to act like an old man?”


Shiori grumbled.


“You don’t understand…”


Wu Yan raised his hand, he retorted in a tired voice.


“You try being glared at by those boys who are putting curly ones on the soap all day long, then, you will understand why I am like this…”


Kurumi and Kotori laughed out loud. Shiori recalled how the students stared at Wu Yan with dark eyes. She also remembered how Wu Yan got through the day by fake sleeping on his desk. She started pitying Wu Yan instead of being upset with him.




Tohka approached the sofa and she apologized in a self-blaming tone.


“I am sorry, it’s my fault, Shido…”


Wu Yan opened his eyes and he turned towards Tohka. He bitterly smiled after seeing Tohka’s sad look.


“Why are you saying sorry? It’s not your fault.”


“It’s not?”


Tohka mewled.


“I thought I said something wrong and that made you feel so down, it’s not?”


“No, really, it’s not Tohka…”


Your words only added fuel to the fire.


Wu Yan didn’t say that last part. He sat up and he rubbed Tohka’s head.


“It’s fine, cheer up…”


“I think you should practice what you preach.”


Shiori said while Kurumi and Kotori laughed at him again.


Tohka beamed up, she blushed a bit and she continued enjoying Wu Yan’s petting. It’s like she’s a cute kitten asking for some affection.


Kurumi tilted her head with an index finger to her chin.


“Shido-san, I have a request…”


Kurumi attracted everyone’s attention. Wu Yan looked at her with puzzlement.


“What’s that?”


“Ara ara…”


Kurumi placed her hands at her cheeks while twisting around in a bashful manner.


“Erm, about tonight’s dinner, how about you let me do it.”




Wu Yan, Kotori, Tohka, and Shiori all uttered in surprise. Wu Yan stood up in bewilderment.


“Kurumi, you can cook?”


“I can…”


Kurumi winked at him.


“I was living by myself, I would have died from starvation if I don’t know how to make my own food…”


Wait, I thought you ate humans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?


Wu Yan and Kotori silently retorted. They exchanged looks and they saw the funny expressions they had. They laughed at themselves while Kurumi narrowed her eyes at them.


“I am getting the distinct feeling that you two are being rude to me, somehow…”


Wu Yan and Kotori panicked while shaking their heads in denial.


“No, we were not, how can that be?”


“Is that so?”


Kurumi turned towards them, she stared at them intently, to the point that Wu Yan and Kotori are starting to feel awkward. She smiled and turned back.


“I thought you two are connecting something inappropriate with my dark past…”


Wu Yan and Kotori flinched. They exchanged a short glance and they wondered if Kurumi can control more than just time, maybe she could read minds as well?


Somebody’s phone rang, it was Shori’s. She took out her phone which saved Wu Yan and Kotori from further awkwardness with Kurumi. They sighed in relief, silently thanking the caller.


Shiori looked at the phone and she wondered just who could be calling her right now. Shiori’s social circle isn’t very large. There are not many friends who she is on a friendly enough basis that they would regularly converse through the phone. Her phone rarely rang and that’s why she’s so surprised.


She picked up the phone.


“Hello, Itsuka S…”


“I am Tobiichi Origami.”


An emotionless voice came from the other side of the phone. Shiori recognized her voice before she even introduced herself.


“Tobiichi Origami?”


They had excellent hearing so they heard Tobiichi Origami’s voice as well.


“The one from AST?…”


Kotori mumbled. The “Itsuka Shido” of this world is completely different compared to the original Itsuka Shido. Hence, Kotori’s impression of Tobiichi Origami is that she’s someone from AST.


“Why is she calling her?”


The others are also wondering about the same thing.


Shiori coughed and she replied.




“Call me Origami!”


The voice sounded more intense than before. Shiori is a bit intimidated but she responded anyway.


“Origami-san, what’s up?”




Origami got straight to the point.


“I am going to look around Tengu City tomorrow, I thought I would invite you to stroll around with me…”


“You’re inviting me?”


Shiori wondered if they are that close, why would she invite her out of the blue?


“Tobiichi Origami wants to take Shiori around the city?”


Wu Yan is puzzled why Tobiichi Origami suddenly got so assertive, is she finally ready to come out of her closet?


Shiori didn’t seem to understand it herself. She thought nothing of this invitation, she thought this is just a casual invitation to hang out.


Shiori didn’t reject her because of this. Wu Yan wanted to stop her but he was too late.


“Alright, I will be there.”


Shiori hanged up.


“Tobiichi Origami just invite me to go out into the city, you guys wanna come with me tomorrow?”


Kurumi, Tohka, Kotori couldn’t respond before Wu Yan yelled in panic.


“No no no, since she invited you and only you, I am afraid if we tag along she’s not going to be happy..”




Shiori didn’t doubt Wu Yan’s words. There’s just something about how Wu Yan is looking at her that’s puzzling her.


It’s like he’s looking at someone who is going down a slippery road. He also looked like he’s happy he didn’t have to deal with whatever’s coming her way.

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