Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 505: Shido's my boyfriend, you're just his fiancee

Wu Yan is unaware of what is happening in Silvaria. Even if he somehow found out, he had more pressing issues to deal with.


He had never experienced a torment far more anguishing than this. He’s walking down the hallway with a twisted smile.


He glanced at Kurumi who is hugging his left arm like she’s the happiest wife on earth. Then, he glanced at Tohka who is in some kind of competition as she hugged Wu Yan’s right arm while leering at Kurumi. Wu Yan wanted to break down and bawl like a baby.


Shiori facepalmed. She didn’t need to see his expression to know that Wu Yan is very troubled right now. If they were alone and she’s in his shoes she would be happy. However, the other students are either jealous or critical of Wu Yan.


Shiori thanked god that she’s a girl. She also appreciated the fact that she does not have to deal with so many suitors. It would be nightmarish for her if people started spreading rumors and pointing fingers at her.


Shiori didn’t voice her thoughts out loud. If Wu Yan heard her, he would probably tell a tale about a certain universe where Shiori is a male and had similar luck with the ladies.


A few dozen meters felt like miles for Wu Yan, he released a sigh of relief when he somehow made it to class 2-4 without any major issues.


It might be Wu Yan’s imagination, however, the leering he received in this world is far more painful than the ones he got back in Academy City or Silvaria.


He forced a smile before asking Kurumi and Tohka to let go.


“Erm… We are already at the classroom door, maybe you girls should…”


“Ara ara, Shido, I never pegged you for a shy guy.”


Wu Yan got interrupted by Kurumi who is giggling.


“Come on, what’s the worst thing that would happen if we told everyone about us…?”


Wu Yan started sweating profusely. He’s fine if she wanted to announce it. The biggest problem, however, is that she’s probably not the only one who wants to do so…


“Hmm? Let everyone know about what?”


Tohka tightened her hold on Wu Yan’s arm. She yelled out loud.


“Don’t whisper to each other like that, I want in too!”


Tohka continued.


“Shido, what are you guys going to announce? I want to declare our relationship as well!”


Wu Yan pursed his lips.


“Tohka, do you know what we are talking about?”




Tohka tilted her head.


“I don’t care, don’t exclude me from it! If she wants to do it with you, I want to do it with you too!”


Wu Yan froze up. Shiori who is walking behind them while putting some distance between them also froze up. The other students in the hallway also turned silent. They are pretty sure she said she wanted to do it with him, echoes from her confirmed their thoughts.


It became very awkward for a few seconds. The other students peeked out from the doors and windows in the hallway. They wanted to see what is going on in the hallway.


Kurumi blinked her eyes a few times in surprise. Then, she covered her mouth while laughing. She didn’t understand why so many people are interested in what they are talking about. Shiori made the decision to split before anyone noticed her.


Wu Yan’s body trembled, sweat started pouring down the side of his head, the girls especially are looking at him with judging eyes. He wanted to run away but a mob is already forming.


“So bold, playing with a key and locks in school huh?”


“Wow, who’s that guy?! I will fight anybody who tries to stop me from burning him on a stake!”


“Oh my god, those two girls are so cute. Don’t tell me they are the ones who talked about getting some bam-bam in their ham?”


“Impossible! That guy is so average, fine, his eyes are charming but that’s it. What does he have that I dont?!”


“You’re missing the point dumbo, they want him inside their pink fortress!”




“Burn him!”


“Chop him up!”


A riot broke out. The mobs sounded serious about carrying out their version of divine punishment.


Two trails of tears flowed down his eyes, he looked like a hero from a tragic play. He slid out of Kurumi and Tohka’s arm grab with unprecedented speed and he fled into the classroom.


The classroom isn’t a haven, a fact he soon found out. The students are looking at him like he’s trash. There’s only so much mental punishment he can take before he cried even harder.


Wu Yan can now fully empathize with what Shido had to deal with when Origami and Tohka are fighting over him in the original work.


“Tokisaki-san and Tohka-san are apparently going out with him…”


“Itsuka-san is two-timing them?”


“That’s so gross…”


Wu Yan buried his head on the table and he decided to play dead.


The other students can’t tease Wu Yan when he’s like this. One of the boys spoke up.


“Tokisaki-san, Yatogami-san, are you both…with Itsuka-san…”


The guy didn’t ask his question properly but everybody knew what he wanted to ask except for Tohka.




Kurumi tilted her head, with an index finger on her lips, she laughed in a coy manner.


“That’s right, Shido’s my boyfriend…”


Kurumi’s sentence is like an arrow that pierced Wu Yan. He flinched when a lot of males howled like wolves.


Wu Yan can hear them clenching their teeth, they used their glares to bore holes in his body.


Kurumi, that’s my grave you’re digging.


Wu Yan yelled internally. Tohka said something that killed him twice.


Tohka pouted and she yelled at Kurumi.


“Shido’s not your boyfriend! Shido’s my boyfriend, you’re just his fiancee!”




The other students are all stunned by this.




Tohka frowned at them.


“Did I say anything wrong?…”


Tohka didn’t say anything wrong, she told the truth.

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