Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 501: The Sisters are here

Silvaria World Institute, villa area…


The students all wanted to know which villa housed 3 top 10 rankers who fought like true champions in the Grand Tournament.


More importantly, they wanted these newcomers to join their factions. Last time they checked, these newcomers aren’t officially in any faction.


Even the lesser-known factions are vying for these newcomers. If luck would have it and the newcomers joined, they would rise up and be on par with the 12 great factions, even surpassing them. Plus, they only needed to attract the attention of one of the newcomers.


Wu Yan’s mansion has been bombarded by all of these kiss-asses. His doormat is also all worn out from the number of guests they needed to entertain.


A lot of them came here and flew by the seat of their pants. It’s very annoying for Hinagiku, Mikoto, and the others who had to talk to them.


10 guests a day would be their limits. They are very close to freaking out at the number of people coming here to beg them to join their factions.


5 minutes a session seemed like an eternity when you don’t even want to talk.


In the end, Hinagiku and the others just bolted the doors shut. They used an excuse that Wu Yan who is the master of this villa needed some time to heal up and need to do so in silence. They finally got the peace they wanted, but, at a cost, they can’t go out as often as before.


Hinagiku and Mikoto drank the red tea Ikaros deftly prepared. They exchanged looks and they sighed.


“This feels like a hell of some sort…”


Mikoto bitterly laughed. Mikoto didn’t like this feeling of being confined inside the house, there are only so many topics she can share with the other girls before she gets bored.


“I think it should end soon…”


Hinagiku said in an uncertain manner. She put down the teacup on a nearby table and she continued.


“Those people are just trying their luck, they wanted to see if they can entice us into joining their factions. They should get the hint soon that we are not interested at all.”


“This ‘Soon’ needs to come faster!”


Mikoto yelled.


“Even if you say that, I am not sure if I can speed it up for you.”


Mikoto is on the verge of a mental meltdown but Hinagiku can only helplessly watch Mikoto pulling her hair out. Hinagiku is more patient than Mikoto, however, unless there is something special about a place, she’s going to lose interest pretty quickly as well.


Hinagiku’s words made Mikoto admire her with a sigh.


“I envy you, those people only extended light greetings with you. But, the same people are practically begging for me to join them.”


Hinagiku laughed.


“You only have yourself to blame for that, who told you to make a bet with princess Sylph? You shouldn’t have promised to join her faction if you lost, which you did. Luckily for you, the person herself is too busy training after her defeat with Astrea to make you fulfill your side of the bargain. Did you really think the other executive members from her faction is going to conveniently forget about this deal though?”


“I didn’t lose!”


Mikoto shrieked.


“I just got a bit careless. Oh, that’s right, when she comes back, I will duel her again and reclaim my victory!”


“I won’t lose next time!”


Mikoto clenched her fists. She’s so confident of herself.


“Then, I won’t have to join her stupid faction.”


“You and your…”


Hinagiku shook her head. She prayed for Sylph’s peace after attracting the attention of her friend.


Mikoto probably wouldn’t admit her defeat until she got her revenge. She’s probably going to keep challenging Princess Sylph with some lame excuse until she won. In addition to not fulfilling her promise, she’s going to keep bugging Sylph for a rematch until she wins.


When Sylph comes back from her training session, she’s going to realize how troubling making a bet with Mikoto is and it’s not going to end well for her. In short, Hinagiku pitied Sylph for making a foe out of Mikoto.


If Wu Yan is here and he could read minds, he would probably pat Hinagiku on the back and tell her a story about how in another universe, a certain Imagine Breaker with sea urchin hair got tangled up with Mikoto because he canceled her powers and she kept coming back for a rematch.


Ikaros observed Mikoto who is acting like a Shounen manga protagonist with hot-blooded aura oozing out of her. She also looked at Hinagiku who had a weird expression. A few questions marks appeared on top of her head, with her lacking emotional development, she couldn’t figure out what they are thinking about.


A small figure came down the stairs. She had a beret cap in one hand and is rubbing her eye with her other hand. Her messy blonde hair suggests that she just woke up.




Hinagiku greeted her with a smile.


“Finally awake, huh?”




Flandre yawned and she sat down on a chair.


“Flan’s hungry, could I get some cakes please?”


Hinagiku and Mikoto are both amused by Flan’s yawn and childish craving for cakes. This cutie pie really needed to tone down her cuteness or people are going to die from diabetes.


Hinagiku tidied up her hair and she asked Ikaros.


“Ikaros, do we still have cakes?”


Ikaros nodded and she pulled out a piece of cake from nowhere. Lil’ ol Flan immediately brightened up when she saw the cake.


Her cheeks flushed when the sweet and sour cake blended into perfect harmony inside her mouth. She remembered something and she got sad.


“I wanted onii-chan to feed me…”


The living room turned silent.


Hinagiku and Mikoto looked like they missed him as well. No doubt, Ikaros’ blank expression also suggested that she’s not emotionally here right now.


Mikoto is the first one to snort and respond with a snide comment.


“That guy is probably happily living out a wonderful life in his transcript world, probably laid his dirty hands on a few maidens as well, knowing him.”


Hinagiku rubbed her temple as she sighed.


“Then, why didn’t you go with him?”


“I didn’t know Sylph was going to shut herself up in some secluded area to train, okay?!”


Mikoto protested, she wanted to continue but she suddenly flinched.


“This sensation…”


Mikoto gasped.


“It’s the Sisters, why are they here?”


Soon, someone knocked on their door.


“Nee-sama, are you there? Misaka asks, politely knocking on the door…”

TL Note: Misaka Sisters refer to themselves as third persons when they talk.



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