Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 499: The troubles come after the bonus?

Breakfast is easy to make. Feeling lazy? Peanut butter jelly coupled with a few slices of bread and you’re good to go. Shiori prepared breakfast in no time at all by preparing simple dishes.


After setting down the dishes on the table, Shiori removed her apron. Yoshino also helped by helping her carry some stuff. She also didn’t forget her cheerful sunshine of a smile.


Yoshino would always help out like this in the morning. she also helped Wu Yan during the afternoon or in the evening. She’s only got the strength of a minor but it’s her pleasure to help in any manner she can.


Yoshino likes it simple, she used to worry about when she’s going to get killed in armed conflicts. She also worried about accidentally hurting her pursuers with her powers. If Yoshinon wasn’t by her side, she would not have been able to hang on until now.


But, that’s all in the past. She didn’t have powers that can harm others anymore. Moreover, nobody is hunting her down like a dog anymore. Every day is like heaven here.


Yoshino appreciated what they all did for her and she would do her best to help when the chance arises. Wu Yan knew about this and he let her help much to her delight. Shiori objected at first but she acquiesced soon enough.


Yoshino’s genuine laughter made Shiori happy as well. She didn’t want to deny her this so she agreed to let Yoshino do some light chores. Shiori did all the other chores lest Yoshino did them as well.


In a way, the one who dotes on Yoshino the most isn’t Wu Yan, it’s Shiori…


The living room door opened and the two girls turned their attention towards the door. Tohka came through, she wore her giant butterfly hair accessory like she always does but she seemed awfully red for some reason.


“What’s the matter? Tohka, you look very flushed…”


Shiori asked in a concerned manner.


“Are you sick? Tell me if you are, there’s no need to hide it.”


“I’m not…”


Tohka waved her hands, her reply still didn’t explain why she looked so red.


Tohka looked around the living room and she tried to ask nonchalantly.


“Wh-where’s Shido?”


Her forced tone made Shiori even more confused. Tohka never asked about Shido like this. She would also utter his name in a very excited manner, definitely not like this. Something’s going on here and Tohka isn’t being entirely honest with her.


Shiori rubbed her chin before she realized something.


This must have something to do with Kurumi!


It’s natural for Shiori to come to this conclusion. Tohka is Wu Yan’s girlfriend, she would be concerned if a girl just pops out from nowhere claiming to be her boyfriend’s fiancee. It’s not hard to imagine that she would be upset.


Shiori looked at Tohka with a sad look. She sighed, she would be like this too if the person she liked had a fiancee as gorgeous as Kurumi, she would be hard-pressed to step up to the competition.


Tohka’s on par with Kurumi in terms of figure and appearance but she’s still a very formidable foe.


However, if we compared personalities, one of them is a bottomless pit with a ditzy streak while the other one was a noble-looking lady with elegance and grace. Normally, the elegant one would be preferable right?


Shiori grabbed Tohka’s hands and she assured her.


“Don’t worry, Tohka-chan, I will always support you!”


Shiro puffed out her chest while nodding confidently. If Tohka was upset about this, she would probably be very moved by Shiori’s words.


But, that never occurred in Tohka’s mind. Kurumi did make her feel anxious but she’s just self-conscious after having her area 51, 52, and 53 seen by Wu Yan. Tohka is confused that Shiori said that to her but she couldn’t understand no matter how hard she raked her brains so she just tilted her head with a finger to her lower lip.


In the end, Tohka decided to just nod.


Yoshino is still very puzzled, she asked Yoshinon.


“What do you think happened with Shiori-nee-san? She became so strange…”


“No nono…”


Yoshinon replied.


“This is love!”




Yoshino blinked her eyes, she imagined something and then she blushed.


The living room door opened. Wu Yan and Kurumi entered.


Tohka turned bashful the moment she saw Wu Yan. She lowered her head and she kept shoving food into her mouth, Shiori is very frustrated by her behavior.


Shiori thought that she just wasted a very nice chance to say good morning.


Shiori glanced at Kurumi who is hugging Wu Yan’s arm like an intimate lover. She’s a bit irked by this, she’s in Tohka’s camp so she’s not happy about what she’s seeing right now.


Wu Yan turned his head the other way in an awkward manner. It’s not like he asked her to do this.


Kotori also entered the living room. She had black ribbons but since Shiori’s present, she used her imouto mode.


Her face turned grim when Wu Yan and only Wu Yan is looking at her. She still remembered how someone took a gander at her garden and didn’t apologize for it.


Wu Yan smiled although anyone can see he’s clearly forcing it.


“Now, Shido, open wide…”


Kurumi picked up a piece of bread and she turned her intimacy up to eleven as she tried to feed Wu Yan.


“Erm, I can eat just fine…”


Wu Yan laughed in a wry manner. He wanted to cry, why is all this happening to him?


“Say ahh…”


Kurumi kept smiling, her gestures suggest that she’s not going to quit it until he ate it. Wu Yan’s lips twitched and he ate the food.


Tohka’s ribbon trembled and she looked at the bread in her hands. Suddenly, she had a brilliant idea and she shoved the bread into Wu Yan’s face with a very quick move. She looked at him with an ecstatic expression.


“Shido! Say ahh…”


Looking at that gigantic piece of bread, Wu Yan cried when he saw how excited Tohka is at the thought of shoving that amount of food into his mouth.

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