Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 498: Not knocking is a good habit

The break of dawn scattered the darkness, ushering a new day for the land.


As the golden rays of sunshine blessed the earth with warmth and light, some of the light went into windows that aren’t covered by curtains like sneaky brats.


One of the buildings visited by the light is the Itsuka residence.


Wu Yan can feel his nose itching, his nostrils flared and somehow the itchiness didn’t go away. A small mosquito-like buzzing is also starting to get on his nerves, whos rump does he have to hump to get a good sleep around here.


His consciousness started taking control due to the constant annoyance. He can still hear the buzzing noise as his senses sharpened, it’s the sound of someone.


“Swiggity Swoot, watch me make him toot!”


The sharp and familiar voice dispelled his sleepiness. He slowly opened his eyes and he saw a peculiar looking rabbit muppet in front of him. It’s dancing around on top of the hand of its master in a weird manner.




Subconsciously calling out the name of the muppet, Wu Yan surprised the petite figure in blue next to him.


“Go-good morning…”


Yoshino said in a slightly stunned manner. When she saw Wu Yan turning towards her, she quickly hid Yoshinon behind her back as she ran away.


Or, at least, she was planning on running away, a strong pair of arms grabbed her and she flew back into a warm embrace from the perpetrator.


“You little rascal, pranking me like this.”


Wu Yan grabbed her cheeks and he pulled them slightly much to Yoshino’s embarrassment.


“Shiori-nee-san told me to wake Shido-nii-san.”


She mumbled while holding Wu Yan’s hands, trying in vain to get out of Wu Yan’s grip, she’s so cute Wu Yan is going to have a heart attack.


“Shiori told you to wake me up?”


He turned her around and he stared into her eyes.


“Wasn’t it Kotori’s job to wake me up?”


“She’s still in bed…”


Yoshino blinked.


“Kotori’s still in bed?”


Wu Yan laughed out loud.


“I guess I better get my shotgun, time to shoot the flying pigs…”


With Yoshino in his arms, he stood up from the couch. Since it’s the morning, the living room is not as dark as last night. This is the ideal room to sleep in, the sunlight is just right, and it’s currently autumn so the temperature is also just right.


In the kitchen, Shiori is busy preparing breakfast, this leaves Wu Yan and Yoshino in the living room with each other. Kotori, Kurumi, and Tohka are nowhere to be seen which is a surprise for Wu Yan.


Kurumi is a new resident so he’s not sure about the timing of her routine. Tohka has a habit to sleep in just like Wu Yan so it’s as surprising as the fact that Kotori isn’t here.


Other than Shiori, Kotori is the earliest one to wake up. Maybe she talked too long with him last night?


He rubbed Yoshino’s head before putting her down.


“Yoshino, go see if Shiori needs help, I am going to wake the three sleepy piglets…”


Yoshino nodded and she ran into the kitchen. Yoshinon didn’t forget to take one last jab at Wu Yan.


“Look at the kettle calling the pot black…”


Wu Yan scratched his cheek in an awkward manner before walking upstairs.


Itsuka residence is bigger than your average house. This house easily housed 6 people so it took Wu Yan 3 minutes to arrive at Tohka’s room, albeit, Wu Yan did take his time walking up here.


“Tohka, it’s already morning…”


Without the habit of knocking before entering, he entered the room without saying another word. He is yawning when a scene stopped him.




Tohka gasped when Wu Yan walked in. She had a shirt in her hand when she froze up from this sudden interruption. Now, the problematic part, Tohka’s in her birthday suit.


Wu Yan who still had his hands on the doorknob and mouth, Tohka who is still putting on some clothes, the two stared at each other in awkward silence.


“Wakey wakey, Shiori is almost done with breakfast…”


Wu Yan said what he wanted to say and he used his speed and astute mind to quickly scan Tohka’s figure before closing the door and walking away like nothing happened. Soon after, Tohka shrieked.


Wu Yan rubbed away the cold sweat on his forehead. If he didn’t close the door in time, her yelling would have reverberated around the Itsuka residence.


Wu Yan also thanked himself for being able to restrain himself after looking at Tohka’s bombshell body. The morning is a very dangerous time for a healthy male like him.


Because his mind is still occupied, he opened the door to Kotori’s room without knocking. His eyes widened in shock.


Just like Tohka, Kotori’s in the middle of changing out from her pajamas.






The two pairs of red eyes met, one of the pair started turning dark.


Wu Yan knew he stepped on a landmine. He quickly said what he wanted to say while he still can.


“It’s time to wake up, Shiori made breakfst…”


He slammed the door shut before sprinting away to the sound of stuff being thrown at the door.


He thanked himself and his quick thinking for getting him through another crisis. He also admired the speed at which he closed doors.


“So this is what they meant when they say the early bird gets the worm, sign me up for another!”


Wu Yan mumbled to himself and he arrived in front of his room. He grinned before cheering out loud.




Wu Yan opened the door and his smile turned into an amused expression. Then, his pupils contracted into beans from the divine scene in front of him.


Kurumi gasped but she quickly showed Wu Yan a mischievous girn.


“Ara ara, Shido, you could have asked if you wanted a peep show. Also, it’s not like you haven’t personally inspected them before…”


Wu Yan gawked at Kurumi’s figure, she’s got the lower half of her undergarment on at the moment. Wu Yan helplessly laughed.


“You girls had a pact to change at the same time or something?…”

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