Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 497: An unexpected answer

Two figures sat in the quiet living room. One of them is calmly explaining something, in the dark, it looked rather creepy that two dark figures are murmuring and talking with each other in a low voice. However, one of the figures is rather shocked by what she is hearing.


As time went on, Wu Yan explained his origins, identity, the System, transcript worlds, and everything that Kotori needed to know. He also mentioned Hinagiku, Mikoto, and the other girls as well as his mysterious advent in the world of Silvaria. He omitted stuff like how he got the System and how he had ten wives and counting. He referred to the girls as very close friends although he didn’t go into details on how close they were. Wu Yan knew better than to dig his own grave like that.


The living room fell back into silence after Wu Yan finished his explanations. Kotori also looked like she’s still processing what he said.


Kotori looked at Wu Yan after she’s done processing the stuff Wu Yan said.


“So, to get the space gems or something, you came to this world and now in order to leave this world, you must complete 3 quests, you finished 2 and now you only have one more to go.”


“Yes, more or less…”


Wu Yan replied. It might be his imagination but Kotori looked a bit displeased with what Wu Yan said.


Kotori turned her head the other way and she continued.


“I am guessing you’re telling me all this because you need me to do something?”


“Well, yes but no…”


Wu Yan awkwardly laughed.


“You see, I need an object for my last quest.”


“That object is something related to me?”


She narrowed her eyes at him.


“Mind telling me what it is?”


Wu Yan struggled for a bit before he told her.






Kotori turned towards Wu Yan.




Wu Yan scratched his cheek.


“I need Fraxinus…”


Kotori stared at Wu Yan until he felt very uncomfortable.


“You want Fraxinus? The whole airship?”


Kotori questioned him.


Wu Yan decided to just tell her the contents of his quest.


“I need the airship so I can store it in Gate of Babylon. Yes, I need the whole airship.”


Kotori pursed her lips.


“Do you think that’s possible?”


“I know it sounds ridiculous. I also know that Fraxinus is an important asset to Ratatoskr in saving spirits but…”


Wu Yan bitterly laughed.


“I already told you, once I leave this world, the universe will be frozen in time. Even if I took possession of Fraxinus, nothing will happen in this world even if I stayed in other worlds for hundreds and even thousands of years. When I come back, only a split second would have passed.”


Wu Yan smiled at her.


“I am only asking you to borrow Fraxinus for just a second, is that too much to ask?”


Kotori turned her head the other way. Kotori grabbed her skirt so hard her fingers turned pale.


“True, Fraxinus would only be gone for less than a second, it won’t affect our operations.”


Wu Yan is glad that she got the point. But, her next sentence froze his smile.


“But, I have to refuse.”




Wu Yan is stunned, he can’t believe she just rejected him. He expected her to hesitate but not outright rejecting him like this.


“What do you mean no?”


Kotori donned an expressionless face. Wu Yan is too shocked for words.


“But why?”


Wu Yan asked in confusion.


“It’s just for a second, come on, or is there some other reason for this?”


“There’s no other reason, I just don’t want to lend it to you!”


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow.


“Why’s that?…”


Kotori lowered her head. She bit down on her lip so hard she almost injured herself. Her misty eyes came as a surprise to Wu Yan.




Kotori raised her head and she mewled.


“Do you really want to leave this world so much?”


Wu Yan flinched and he voiced the question in his mind.


“Kotori, you don’t want to borrow me Fraxinus because you don’t want me to leave?”


Wu Yan immediately hit the nail on its head.


“G-get over yourself!”


Kotori self-exploded. She’s panicking and protesting too much for her own good.


“I-I am just worried that if you’re gone, Tohka and the other girls are going to throw a fuss. Plus, Ratatoskr would lose a very capable employee, that’s all!”


Wu Yan squinted his eyes at her. He rubbed his chin while grinning like he’s heard something amusing.


“Kotori, are you being a tsundere right now?”


Kotori’s expression stiffened and she snapped back at him.


“No, you!”


Her childish retort only served to increase Wu Yan’s amusement. She got angrier and she stomped her feet.


“I am not going to lend you Fraxinus, period!”


Kotori made her escape after snorting at him.


“Ran away huh?”


Wu Yan shook his head after that little show by Kotori. At least, Kotori looks like she objected to this only because she didn’t want to see him go.


“This girl…”


“I already told her it’s only for a second, she can’t deal with being away from me for just a few seconds?…”

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