Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 496: Night and spilling the beans

“And, here I am again…”


Wu Yan laid on the couch in the living room of the Itsuka residence. He somehow knew he’s going to end up here.


“Well, this is better than worrying about when someone might bust my door open because Kurumi is in the room with me…”


Sighing, he shifted his body and he laid his head on the armrest. Staring at the ceiling, he started wondering about what’s happening in the other world.


“I wonder what Hinagiku and the other girls are doing?”


It’s been a little over a month since he arrived in the world of Date of Live.


This past month seemed both fleeting and eternal to him. A month isn’t a very long time, yet, he has gathered quite a few comrades already.


“Based on the time difference, it’s almost half a day in Silvaria since the girls last saw me. I wonder if Hinagiku and the others are already missing me?…”


Wu Yan mumbled, his lip twitched when he recalled something.


“They probably can’t even remember where I went…”


The girls are reliable when the situation calls for it but they can be extremely off-tune when they are not actively doing anything. Astrea is especially prone to being forgetful or ditzy.


He heard a creaking sound coming from the entrance of the living room. Wu Yan looked in the direction of the sound on reflex.


A small head peeked into the living room. Her red twintails looked glossy in the glow of the night. Her ribbons fluttered as if she’s a thieving cat here to steal some food.


Kotori can’t see properly due to how dark the living room is. She can only see that Wu Yan is laying on the couch but she can’t ascertain if he’s awake or asleep. Unknown to her, he’s watching her every move. She tiptoed her way over to the couch.


Wu Yan heard her movements and he quickly placed a hand on his forehead and he shut his eyes. Regulating his breathing, he acted like he’s fast asleep.


Kotori’s vision only allowed her to make out vague figures in the living room. When she confirmed that it’s Wu Yan on the couch she’s already very close to Wu Yan.


Kotori pat her chest and she grumbled.


“Seriously, you should know better than to sleep without properly covering herself.”


Kotori utilized the object she had been carrying up till now. She brought him a blanket.


She covered Wu Yan with the blanket, making sure that Wu Yan wouldn’t fall prey to the cold, she covered him until only his head is exposed. She stood back up and she blushed for some reason when she saw Wu Yan’s sleeping expression. She’s acting very awkward around Wu Yan, she’s nervous being around him but she still wanted to stay near him.


She braced herself and she lowered herself so she can give Wu Yan a light peck on the cheek. After quickly distancing her face from his, her face grew redder and her heart started racing.


She glanced at Wu Yan to make sure she didn’t wake him up. She released a sigh of relief and she mumbled in a small voice.


“Good night, Onii-chan…”


“Yes, it is going to be a good night alright…”


Wu Yan said out of nowhere which made Kotori jump in surprise. Wu Yan gave her a smug grin.


“Is what I would like to say but this sofa isn’t as comfortable as a bed, I am having a hard time sleeping…”




Kotori’s mouth widened as she pointed a trembling finger at Wu Yan. Her head exploded with steam coming out of it.


“You aren’t asleep yet?”




Wu Yan sat up with a weird smile.


“Luckily for me, otherwise, I might miss the scene of my cute little sister showing her loving side.”




Kotori blushed really hard. Her head started turning after she figured out she had been played.


Recalling how she kissed him goodnight, her body trembled with embarrassment, she wanted to find a hole and bury herself in it.


She lowered her head while trembling like she’s out in the cold with no coat on.


“Just now, you were awake…”


Kotori’s words was enough for Wu Yan to figure out what she’s referring to.


“Aw, it’s just a kiss on the cheeks, we have done way more risque stuff than that, there’s no need for you to be so bashful!”


Kotori resisted the urge to kick Wu Yan in the face, she turned around to leave the room.


Wu Yan stopped her.


“Kotori, wait.”


“What now?!


She yelled in an annoyed manner. Kotori planned on stomping his stomach if he joked around, even if it meant that the whole residence would wake up from the ruckus.


Wu Yan didn’t tease her contrary to her expectations. He opened his mouth but he closed them before he said anything, it’s like he’s not sure if he should say it now.


Kotori frowned.


“Stop wasting time and just say what you have to say…”


Wu Yan made up his mind and he waved at Kotori.


“Kotori, you should take a seat, I have something to say to you…”


Kotori flinched from his serious tone but she nodded and she sat at Wu Yan’s side on the couch. It must be serious for him to adopt this tone.


For Wu Yan, this is nothing shocking but what he’s going to say is going to shake Kotori’s view on reality.


Wu Yan wanted to find a more appropriate time to reveal it to her but since he can’t just let mission 3 sit around unfinished like that he decided it’s time for him to finish up his business in this world. Moreover, with the majority of his quests completed, there aren’t many chances to increase his strength further.


The others are still asleep, with just the two of them here, they could have a nice long chat.


When he first arrived, Ratatoskr picked up his signal and they figured out that he’s not a denizen of this world. It should be easy explaining it to her.


Wu Yan started talking…

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