Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 495: I want to become a fiancee too?

Tengu city, Itsuka residence…


“And that’s my story, I hope you will all look after me if it’s not too much of an imposition.”


In the living room, Shiori, Tohka, Yoshino, and Kotori stood together. They exchanged looks after Kurumi respectfully bowed.


“Erm, Tokisaki-san…”


Shiori laughed in a careful manner.


“I might have heard wrong, could you please repeat what you said?”


Kurumi’s smiling expression didn’t change. She clasped her hands together and she explained while never forgetting to don that radiant smile of hers.


“Of course, there are some troubles at home and so I have to impose on you by living in this residence for the foreseeable future, I will be in your care…”


Shiori blinked her eyes in surprise and she looked at Tohka before she confirmed one more time as if she didn’t hear it the second time Kurumi said it.


“So you want to live here, with us?”


“Yes, if that’s not too much of trouble…”


Shiori felt at a loss of what to do.


They are just classmates, Wu Yan & co didn’t tell Shiori how Kurumi knocked her out and abducted her. They told Shiori that she fainted from anemia. However, that still doesn’t change the fact that they are just classmates who barely knew each other.


Luckily for Kurumi, she knocked Shiori out or they would be in an even more awkward situation right now.


It’s only natural for Shiori to feel confused and strange that a classmate she barely knew is counting on her to let her stay in Shiori’s house for a while.


She replied with a troubled tone.


“But, we don’t have any rooms left in this house…”


“Oh, don’t worry about that…”


Kurumi tilted her head and she laughed in a cheeky manner.


As Shiori, Yoshino, and Tohka gasped in shock, Kotori gnashed her teeth when they saw Kurumi grabbing someone by the arm. This certain someone had been trying hard to blend in with his surroundings, he wanted to turn into an unassuming electric pole but Kurumi still dragged him into this anyway. She’s so close to him she could probably rest her head on his shoulders if she wanted to. She repeated the shocking words she said in the control room onboard Fraxinus.


“I will just sleep in Shido’s room.”


Wu Yan covered his face with his hands, he didn’t want to deal with reality right now. He also understood the hell that is coming his way even if he used all his brainpower to somehow conjure up a reliable excuse.




Shiori and Tohka yelled in surprise.


They can’t believe what this girl is saying. By the way, this girl is currently using an expression that said: “What’s for dinner?”


“Staying together with Shido-san… In a room…”


Yoshino covered her open mouth, she’s stunned by what she heard. She looked at Wu Yan and Kurumi with shining eyes, she also blushed slightly at whatever she imagined inside her little head.


“Th-that’s bold…”


Kotori turned her head the other way in an angry puff. Nobody can see her expression but judging from her flexing arm, she’s probably not a happy camper right now.


The girls looked at Kurumi who is smiling in a coy manner. Someone broke the silence with a shout.


“You absolutely cannot do that!”


Tohka stomped, her yell was so loud their roof shook from the sheer volume. It’s like someone threw a flashbang at them, their ears are ringing from her shout.


Tohka glowered at Kurumi. She pointed a finger at her in an angry manner.


“Why must you stay in the same room as Shido?!”


“That’s the only logical outcome….”


Kurumi ignored Tohka’s wrath and she continued smiling in an affable manner.


“It’s not like you have any extra rooms…”


“Yo-you don’t have to stay with Shido!”


Tohka bit down on her lips.


“You can stay with me!”


“Ara ara, Tohka-san, what are you talking about?”


Kurumi covered her smile with her hand.


“If I stay with you, what about Yoshino?”


Tohka choked and she protested anyway.


“You still can’t stay with Shido, that’s that!”


“This is a bit problematic isn’t it?”


Kurumi pressed her forehead as if she is in terrible distress.


“Are you going to chase poor old me out onto the streets?”


“I-it’s not like that…”


Tohka’s voice weakened. Tohka’s too kind and good-natured to do something as cast a girl with nowhere to go out like this.


“Tokisaki-san, I think it would be inappropriate for you to stay together with Wu Yan…”


Shiori chimed in.


She looked at Wu Yan with a judging stare. It’s like she is changing her impression of him to that of a playboy. Wu Yan’s lower lip started twitching.


Wu Yan told Shiori that Tohka’s her girlfriend so she can stay at their house. But, another girl is saying that she wants to live with Wu Yan in the same room in front of his official girlfriend. It’s a miracle that she isn’t looking at Wu Yan like he is a despicable scum.


“Ara ara, Shiori-san, I appreciate the concern but…”


Kurumi tightened her hold on Wu Yan’s arm, she continued by saying something Wu Yan cannot ignore with a blissful face.


“I am his fiancee, it’s only natural that we move in together…”




Shiori’s mouth turned into a big O. Her mind went blank as she tried to process this.


Yoshino is similarly shocked by this revelation. Kotori’s body started trembling with anger.


Tohka is the only one who isn’t aware of the situation.


“What’s a fiancee?”


Kurumi froze up just for a short while before she explained it to Tohka in a way she would understand.


“Tohka-san, fiancee is someone special that you want to spend time with, you want to eat together with him, sleep together with him and basically be united as one with him…”


“United eternally?!”


Tohka’s eyes beamed up. Her cheeks dyed red in excitement, she yelled back.


“I want to be Shido’s fiancee too!”


Her declaration was followed by the sound of bodies collapsing to the floor. She gasped in confusion.


“What are you all doing on the ground? Must fiancees sleep on the ground together as well?”




Shiori moaned in a helpless manner. She just couldn’t get angry when Tohka is this innocent and cute. She probably couldn’t grasp the full scope of the meaning of the word fiancee.




Kurumi who is suffering a bit of a headache rubbed her temple before she continued.


“Anyway, as Shido’s fiancee, it’s perfectly reasonable for me to sleep with Shido in the same room~”


“That’s why I said-”


Tohka is red with frustration. She shouted out loud again.


‘I want to be Shido’s fiancee too!!!”


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