Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 492: Integrating the sealing bracelets

Gate of Babylon and Nietono no Shana’s upgrade made Wu Yan happier than after he managed to bed Kurumi. His equipment being upgraded means that he can fight much better than before even if he didn’t in levels or get any new abilities.


Nietono no Shana is already a deadly weapon in Wu Yan’s hands. Now that it is a gold armament, he can use this flame sword to a much higher extent than before. With Gate of Babylon, Nietono no Shana, and Meteor Shower which is his hidden trump card, he now has 3 gold armaments at his disposal.


If the elders and old ones in the world of Silvaria found out, they would probably die out of jealousy. Gold armaments are something tier 9 individuals would kill for. In a place crawling with talented monsters, only Sylph, the princess of an entire empire got her hands on a gold armament. Even then, she had to rely on daddy’s money and influence to get it.


Meanwhile, a tier 8 individual has 3 gold armaments that can give other gold armaments a run for its money.


If word ever got out, his fame would rise past the tier 9 old foggies. After all, nobody has heard news of anyone with two gold armaments and above, not even among tier 9 individuals.


With 3 gold armaments, Wu Yan who can challenge a tier 9 to a fight will absolutely end Jaafar if he came around asking for a rematch. He wouldn’t even get the chance to use his berserker beast mode.


Rare armaments might be common in Silvaria World Institute but Gold armaments are very rare. This is the reason why tier 9 individuals want them so badly. Moreover, gold armaments are also far better than rare armaments in terms of potency even if they are only one tier apart.


Needless to say, Wu Yan is a very happy man right now.


His happiness diminished the moment he saw the 50,000 item points on his screen.


He had bought 4 sealing bracelets and now he’s very close to being broke in this department.


He consoled himself.


“800,000 Item Points for the loyalty of 4 cute girls, totally worth it.”


Wu Yan glanced at his hand. One of his hand had 3 bracelets while the other hand had 2 bracelets, a few more bracelets and he could probably make a very tacky armguard from the sealing bracelets. He frowned at how messy they looked on his hand.


“System, is there any way to reduce the number of sealing bracelets but I get to keep their functions?”


Wu Yan asked and the System replied.


“User, as the bracelets perform similar functions, you can integrate the sealing bracelets.”


“Do you wish to integrate the sealing bracelets?”


Wu Yan flinched.




“Via a request to System.”


“Oh? Alright, I want to integrate my sealing bracelets.”


“Initiating integration process, please pay 50,000 Item Points, pay now?”


Wu Yan silently cursed the System with all the profanities he had learned up till now. He recited them one more time just in case he missed one.


Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame o- nevermind, Wu Yan should have expected this since it’s not the first time System had screwed him over.


He looked at his remaining 50,000 pts and he wondered if the System is doing this on purpose, it seemed like a simple enough task to integrate a few measly bracelets.


His nutsack is hurting for a different reason other than launching meat missiles into Kurumi.


Wu Yan rubbed his temples before answering yes.


Beginning integration, integration completed. Please note that the sealing bracelet integration function has been acquired and will no longer require item points in the future.


Wu Yan felt a bit better and he looked at his bracelets.


The bracelets merged 1 by 1 as white lines combined them. Soon, the 5 bracelets got merged into the first bracelet on his right hand. The rest of the sealing bracelets shattered into fragments.


The fragments were suspended in the air before they flew towards the remaining bracelet, merging with it.


The sealing bracelet had additional red motives added to them. It now had 5 bands of red motives donning the sealing bracelet.


The sealing bracelet looked like it was made by the heavens since the motives had a natural-looking pattern that would be hard to artificially mimic.


If he unleashed one of the girls, one of the red bands would disappear until they are sealed again.


He looked less tacky than before with only a bracelet on one of his hands.


Wu Yan pursed his lips.


“Looks like I have to find a way to earn some item points after returning to Silvaria.”


There are a lot of useful tools in the item shop, without item points to buy them, he would be screwed the next time he needed to use one of the tools.


With one of the items required to unseal the mysterious crystal, his objective in this world is mostly complete. Now he needed to find a way to finish quest 3 and get that level up.


“After returning to Silvaria, I am going to need a world to do some serious grinding. If I don’t take advantage of the time difference 1: 100 ratio between Silvaria and any transcript world, I would be wasting what the System has to offer.”


Wu Yan glanced at quest 3 before he sighed with a bitter smile.


“I don’t know if Kotori and the others would be okay with me taking the Fraxinus as one of my noble phantasms. I think it should be easy… probably…”


This matter could go both ways, if he fessed up his origins and properly explained to Kotori about his existence, she would probably agree without much fuss.


Fraxinus is meant to serve as a base of operation for planning and executing plans to save spirits. He had more or less pacified close to half of all spirits. Moreover, once he finished quest 3 and left this world for Silvaria, this world would enter a frozen state.


Since the universe would be essentially frozen, nobody would notice if Fraxinus is gone, no spirits would appear and nothing would happen. It’s a no brainer for Wu Yan but the decision isn’t his to make right now.


He pondered a bit more and he decided to just ignore the quest for now.


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