Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 491: Equipment upgrading

Wu Yan was counting on this reward to upgrade his arsenal. If he succeeded, he would be able to increase the potency of Gate of Babylon.


He has been filling the Gate of Babylon with Iron sand constructs that he turned into noble phantasms with his Knight of Owner ability. The result has been largely disappointing since his Gate of Babylon is still at Grade C.


If he kept doing this, it would take years if not decades for there to be any real improvement.


He had an idea, what if he can upgrade the grade of his iron sand? What would that do?


The mountains of Iron sand noble phantasms stored in Gate of Babylon is the reason why his Gate of Babylon is at grade C instead of grade D. By this logic, without significantly increasing the quality of his iron sand, he wouldn’t be able to increase the grade of Gate of Babylon even if he poured an ocean’s worth of iron sand into Gate of Babylon.


If he used equipment he bought to increase Gate of Babylon’s grade, it would be feasible but it would cost a fortune, he can’t even imagine how much he would have to buy to do this.


Gate of Babylon’s potency has been Wu Yan’s concern for a while now. If he winged it, he wouldn’t be doing this equipment any justice. If he upgraded it with equipment, he would burn a giant hole through his wallet.


Hopefully, the System wouldn’t troll him by upgrading one grain of Iron Sand to Grade C.


Upgrading his Mainstream Armament Iron sand which is currently at Grade D to Grade C would most likely increase Gate of Babylon’s grade to grade B. Moreover, once this bet turns into reality, he would literally have mountains of Rare armament as his arsenal.


With such great power at his disposal, a rematch with Jaafar would end very quickly with Jaafar’s defeat. He can choose from making Jaafar a pin-cushion or chaining him up and whipping him into submission. He also wouldn’t need any special tricks to fight Kurumi if they ever fought again.


Wu Yan would laugh out loud but considering that Kurumi’s still asleep nearby, he decided to hold it in for now.


Even Gilgamesh’s Gate of Babylon had to rely on  EA and Enkidu, his two most powerful and trusted Noble Phantasms to boost his Gate of Babylon’s grade. Those noble phantasms are probably Gold Armaments with the rest of his arsenal being Rare armaments.


His Gate of Babylon is now approaching the original Gate of Babylon in terms of potency. But, though he lacked a bit in the gold armament department, his Meteor Shower could wreak havoc just like Gilgamesh’s EA.


Beep, Quest 2 completed, please choose 2 Grade C or below equipment to upgrade 1 time, excluding Gate of Babylon.


The System sent another notification because Wu Yan didn’t respond to the first one. Wu Yan inhaled and he silently gave his order to the System.


“System, upgrade Iron Sand.”


Wu Yan intentionally gave an ambiguous term to cover his equipment, he didn’t know if it would work but he’s going to find out in just a bit.


The System responded much to Wu Yan’s glee.


Beep, Iron Sand upgraded to Grade C.


The iron sand in storage glowed brightly as blood vessels-esque line spread among the iron sand store in Gate of Babylon.


That’s the sign that the iron sand are enhanced by Knight of Owner.  A mysterious power caused the lines to beat like blood is coursing through them pumped by an invisible heart. He can feel the iron sand growing stronger by the second.


Appearance-wise, not much changed, qualitatively, the iron-sand transformed drastically. The lines faded away after breaking through an invisible threshold.


The lines are now darker and more prominent but it’s still not readily seen without a closer examination.


Another notification came after he upgraded his iron sand.


Beep, Gate of Babylon’s grade has been increased to Grade B



Wu Yan
True Ancestor, Eternal Arms Mastery, Knight of Owner, Electromaster (Lv5)
Gate of Babylon (Rank B)
Misaka Mikoto, Katsura Hinagiku, Ikaros, Astrea, Flandre Scarlet, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Takitsubou Rikou, Misaka Sisters (all 20,000 of them)
Equipment Points
Item Points
Ability Points
Summoning Points


“Grade B, at last…”


He released a sigh of relief, the tension he’s been feeling got replaced with joy. He’s worried that System wouldn’t let him slip past that loophole but he made it so that’s that.


Now his Gate of Babylon is a bona fide Gold Armament. He’s going to make full use of the Rare Armament grade Iron sand in his arsenal the next he gets a chance to display its power.


Of course, he can still upgrade another equipment.


“System, upgrade Nietono no Shana.”


He silently ordered System.


Beep, Nietono no Shana upgraded to Grade B.


Nietono no Shana got augmented by a mysterious force, appearance-wise, Nietono no Shana is a flimsy blade so there aren’t any major light show or sparks but the quality of Nietono no Shana is obviously better than before. He can feel it just by running his finger along the blade.


Now that he has upgraded his weapon, he is stronger than ever before.

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