Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 490: A mission that is easy and hard at the same time.

High in the skies of Tengu City, inside Fraxinus.


In a room that’s meant for the sick and wounded to recover, a stream of sounds ranging from the wet slapping of meat and haggard breathing kept pouring forth although the sound got stopped completely at the door. Even if someone wanted to eavesdrop by placing their ears against the door, they wouldn’t be able to hear anything since the soundproofing work done on the rooms are of ridiculous quality.


Even if someone broke into their room and found them screwing each other crazy, they would probably get mad at the healthy one for doing such a nasty business in a room meant for the patient to rest and recover.


An hour before this, Kurumi’s still unconscious and resting properly as a patient should. Fast-forward one hour later, she’s bumping uglies with Wu Yan like her wounds are mere scratches.


Of course, Wu Yan is to be blamed as well. He should have exercised restraints when dealing with someone who is recovering from her wounds.


Kurumi might have been wounded but she more or less recovered hours after their fight. Her stamina is still lacking but she can perform daily activities just fine in her present state. After all, she tempted Wu Yan while in her current state.


Kurumi didn’t plan on getting some lust-and-thrust her but Wu Yan’s reaction to her lost of Astral Dress caused Kurumi to flirt with Wu Yan. She wanted to tease him a little and if worse comes to worst, she expected him to let her off the hook if she cleaned up his pole.


Boy, did that backfire hard on her.


She’s okay with how things turned out. However, she wanted him to choose a better time and place next time although, at this point, it would sound like she’s crying over spilled milk.


After a long moan, the room started to quiet down. Only faint breathing sound could be heard. Wu Yan looked very refreshed. He narrowed his eyes after being completely satisfied with his latest accomplishment. He glanced at Kurumi who is still flushed from their intense pants-off dance-off session. Her heaving chest made her hooters rub against his chest, Wu Yan’s lust almost returned to him.


Kurumi, having sustained a lot of erotic damage lost any strength to continue their lecherous dance. She closed her eyes and her breathing calmed down. This is her way of telling him that she’s out of it.


“You did well…”


Running his fingers through her hair and down her back, Wu Yan mumbled. With Kurumi’s spirit constitution and physical abilities, they should have been able to keep at it for much longer, she wouldn’t be sleeping like a log after just a few sessions of aggressive cuddling.


But, Kurumi is still in the process of recovery and her powers are sealed so her regenerative abilities are severely impaired. Plus, Wu Yan didn’t exactly go easy on her either so it’s only natural that she would be this exhausted. Not to mention, Kurumi at her peak still couldn’t beat Wu Yan in terms of stamina so it’s her fate to lose in a battle of the sheets.


However, for her first time, she did surprisingly well. She exhibited tremendous talent for being able to keep up as they crushed buns together. Truly a terrifying spririt.


He traced his fingers along her smooth back as she fell into a deep sleep. He accidentally touched her sealing bracelet. With Kurumi sealed, his second mission in this world is completed with only the third and last mission stopping him from returning to his world.


The second quest required him to seal the first four spirits to make an appearance in the original work and he had done just that.


He opened his system control panel and he scrolled over to the quest tab and sure enough the third mission has been unlocked.



World: Date A Live

Theme: Gathering

Quest 1: Collect 10 spacequakes, progress: 10/10.
Reward: 50,000 x Equipment Points, Item Points, Ability Points, and Summoning Points.


Quest 2: Using the sealing bracelet, seal the powers of Yatogami Tohka, yoshino, Tokisaki Kurumi, and Itsuka Kotori, progress: completed.
Reward: Free upgrades on any chosen two pieces of equipment excluding any equipment with B rating and above, and Gate of Babylon.

Quest 3: Use Knight of Owner to turn the airship, Fraxinus into a Noble phantasm and store it in Gate of Babylon.
Reward: Level up one time.




While touching the control panel, his finger trembled with anger. If he wasn’t careful enough, he might accidentally stick his finger into Kurumi’s mouth.


This mission would get him in hot water if Kotori found out.


He confirmed one more time that this quest isn’t a trick on his eyes.


Fraxinus is like the base of operation for Ratatoskr, with technologies decades ahead of technologies that are cutting-edge and programs that can analyze spirits, the loss of Fraxinus would spell the end of Ratatoskr.


Turning such an important asset into a noble phantasm? That’s like asking him to make Ratatoskr his enemy.


Even if Kotori agreed to this, the other personnel in the organization probably wouldn’t agree.


Kotori’s authority would be challenged if she gave such a preposterous order to her subordinates. He could give them permission to use Fraxinus after turning it into a noble phantasm but that’s no assurance of their cooperation.


This quest looked very simple but it’s hard as well. It’s easy to get Kotori to cooperate with him but he had no clues where to begin negotiating with the other members of the organization.


Should I just rob the thing?


Kotori wouldn’t forgive him if he did.


Staring at the mission, Wu Yan sighed after realizing that he can only this matter for now since he didn’t know how the others would react to this.


He’s not in a rush to leave this world right now so he’s just going to chill and wing it. He needs to find a time to properly talk with Kotori about this.


The reward is the only thing providing Wu Yan with any real motivation to finish the quest. A level up for him is a very big thing for him because it would make him go into level 70 which is the start of his journey as a tier 8 super-powered individual. This would also save him a lot of grinding.


Beep, Quest 2 has been completed. Please choose 2 equipment below Grade B to upgrade, Gate of Babylon is excluded from this upgrade option.


Wu Yan flinched before he showed an expression of excitement.


He had been eyeing this reward for a long time now.

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