Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 489: We haven’t even seen other more than 10 times

A surge of dopamine hit Wu Yan’s brain, this pleasure is too much for him. His heart wavered, he didn’t think anyone would do this for him.


The dependable Kaichou-sama, tsundere Railgun, seemingly audacious Joou-sama, and even Ikaros who is very obedient wouldn’t touch his pickle with their oral orifice. Wu Yan also didn’t want to force them if they don’t want to give him head.


To think Kurumi who he had just met would do this for him. Heck, they haven’t even seen other more than 10 times, counting every encounter they had. Honestly, Wu Yan is touched by her assertiveness.


It’s quite obvious to Wu Yan that Kurumi didn’t have much experience doing this. Her teeth almost nicked his meat stick a few times, he’s both happy and anxious that she might mess up.


She’s a quick learner though, after a few minutes, she grasped the basics of holding his mini-me in her mouth. She even started venturing deeper, or rather his painter’s brush got even deeper. She gagged from time to time but she’s got her hands on the steering wheel now.


The sound she’s making her the throbbing sensation coming from a certain extremity caused him to heave in a very satisfied manner. At last, she finished her job and she gulped down the turbid liquid that came gushing out of his little Wayne.


Wu Yan’s lust got re-ignited after she finished her job in such a spectacular way. He panted like a brute and his eyes shone bright with passion.


He hoisted Kurumi up by her knees and he fastened his hold onto her waist. He ignored her surprised look and he stabbed her kitten with his magic wand.


He could hear the sound of something tearing with his superhuman hearing. Kurumi’s expression turned pale as she threw her head back in an anguished manner. She quickly recovered with renewed vigor and joy.


Truly a beast, she found pleasure in pain, she had the talent to become a magnificent masochist. Although, with her personality, she could also be an amazing sadist.


He resisted the urge to hump away. He decided that it would be better to let Kurumi accustom herself to this part before he continued. He’s not in a rush anyway.


They embraced each other in a very intimate manner. They didn’t say anything, they didn’t need to. After the pain faded, Kurumi looked at Wu Yan with a feverish look.


“Shido… that’s so mean off you… You didn’t ask for my permission.”


“I thought you said everything you own belonged to me?”


Wu Yan grinned at her but Kurumi had a plan up her sleeve to get back at him.


She smiled before she pressed those bountiful jugs against his chest. She started rocking herself up and down, forward and backward, it’s like she wanted to fan his lust further. Well, objective achieved.


She didn’t stop there, she slowly inched herself up along his torso, her body trembling from the pain of penetration and weakness caused by the jolts of pleasure shooting through her. She still managed to move up enough to plunge herself down again.




She moaned but she kept working her routine even though the pain didn’t completely fade away just yet. Slowly, she adjusted her rhythm until the pain was replaced completely with pleasure. Her face started flushing red with renewed passion. She rode him with such force that Wu Yan had a hard time choosing where to look as her cans mesmerized him like an exotic dance.


He joined her dance by stretching out his hands to mold those magnificent hooters into his desired shapes. The stimulation he provided fed her lust and she whimpered in a very erotic manner.


Kurumi started losing herself in the pits of carnal pleasure. Her vision blurred from all this stimulation and only one thought remained, to keep moving.


It’s like she’s draped in a fine pinkish silk fabric since her skin is so flushed from their intense battle. Wu Yan almost passed out from lack of oxygen since he is practically hyperventilating.


The burst of pleasure almost sent her to heaven a few times now. She feels like she’s standing at the edge of a cliff where a tsunami is brewing. While panting like someone made her run laps, she knew she won’t last long like this.


Sure enough, she came after she slammed her pumpkin down onto his holy spear. Her muscles tensed up as she arched her back before she fell onto Wu Yan’s bare chest. Still moaning in a low voice, her lips trembled on Wu Yan’s chest like she’s giving him kisses on his chest. Her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath.


“Did you feel good?”


He tidied her ruffled hair and he gave her a peck on the cheek. Kurumi wanted to punch this guy but she didn’t have the energy. He grinned like he did all the work whereas Kurumi’s the one who actually worked to get to where she is.


Kurumi opened her mouth in protest but she couldn’t talk as she is still tired and exhausted.


Wu Yan smiled before he stood up while supporting Kurumi by her waist, he positioned her for some multi-directional drilling. After the piston is in place, he started smashing her, causing her to whimper out loud.


He bounced her up and down with ease, although he tried to be gentle, the impact still sent shockwaves into Kurumi’s mind. Beads of sweat started forming while she moaned out loud.


Wu Yan plowed her through and through. She didn’t even bother lowering her tone, she’s practically screaming in pleasure right now. Her mind’s going blank, she subconsciously held onto Wu Yan by wrapping her arms around his neck. She closed her eyes in bliss as she let him do all the work this time. She sent what little energy she had into restraining her vocal cords from vocalizing her thoughts.


It didn’t take long for Wu Yan to drive her to Cummingway alley. Her moan lasted a full ten seconds and she fell like a doll with its strings cut onto Wu Yan’s body.


A certain beast still wouldn’t let Kurumi go when the girl obviously needed some time to refresh herself. After coming to the world of Date A Live, Wu Yan can only reach third base at most with Kotori, including the hot spring trip. He never got to the fourth base so it’s safe to say his balls were as blue as a blue hole.


Wu Yan’s wives are already at over 10 and counting. However, his partners didn’t come here with him. Moreover, he can’t get Kotori to roll around with him in the sheets because Shiori is at home most of the time. Plus, Imouto mode who is easier to work with hasn’t made an appearance for a long time now. He would have to prepare his will if he approached Kotori in order to get his wick dipped.


Tohka looks like an easy conquest but Wu Yan didn’t want to take advantage of her innocent side. Yoshino is too moe so she’s off the menu.


Wu Yan can only watch as cute girls dashed and jumped around him. Repeat this for days in front of Wu Yan who can barely live a week without some action in bed is how you get a beast of pure lust walking around with a short fuse.


Since Kurumi served herself upon such a shiny silver platter, if he didn’t make good use of this opportunity, he would probably get smite by the various gods that made this happen for him.


He laid her onto the bed. He made her turn around and get into a balasana yoga pose with her hips raised towards him while she faced the headboard of the bed. What better way to get rid of his horndog horniness than to pin her hand against the bed and slam into her booty from behind in a good old doggy-style?


Kurumi started whimpering as Wu Yan continued ramming her.

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