Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 488: Kurumi on the offensive?

Her twin-tails got undone after her goth attire disappeared with her ribbons. Her flowing jet-black hair fell down along her back making her look like she’s a frail princess.


Her bangs covered her left eye which is a miniature golden clock. She’s shocked at this sudden turn of events.


It didn’t take long for her gothic attire to fade into nothingness. Wu Yan made sure to keep his eyes on her the whole time.


Witnessing her in all her glory, his mouth slowly turned into a giant ‘o’ shape. He also involuntary stored a detailed copy of her frontal torso’s unique topology. His nose started itching and he started getting riled up.


How can he forget about this when he just got kicked in the guts for doing this to ther other ladies. With his impeccable memory, forgetting the fact that Astral dresses disappear after sealing should be impossible.


Kurumi recovered from her surprised state and she grinned at Wu Yan like she knew what this horndog is thinking about.


“Ara ara, Shido-san, I am starting to doubt if you really forgot or you’re doing this on purpose. Not that I have any way of proving it…”


Wu Yan shook his hands vigorously in denial, even if Kurumi herself didn’t seem to mind.


“No no, I really forgot…”


Wu Yan tried to explain himself but his wondering eyes betrayed him.


“I see…”


Kurumi narrowed her eyes at him. She didn’t hide her glorious body from his view, she got up and she placed her hands on the bed while facing him.


“Actually, you didn’t have to explain anything. I am up for it anytime Shido-san wants to do it…”


Wu Yan’s body flinched. He turned his head the other way, fearing that he would lose control against her flushed look and her porcelain-like skin.


“I think you should put on something…”


He said, cursing himself for saying something so blasphemous. Tears started flowing out of his eyes making wavy-shaped trails.


“Ara, Shido-san seriously…”


Kurumi touched her lower lip with her index finger.


“I didn’t peg you for someone with such a cute side to you…”




He’s slightly angered that Kurumi called him cute but he replied in a helpless manner anyway.


“Okay, stop teasing me, find something to cover yourself now.”


Kurumi stared with wide eyes at his flustered look. Suddenly, she had an impish impulse. She crawled out of her blanket and towards Wu Yan in a sensual manner.


Wu Yan froze up when he saw this. Before he can respond, Kurumi had already reached him. She turned his head until he’s facing her. Even if he didn’t want to look, he had front-row, nay, he had VIP seat to the sight of Kurumi in her birthday suit.


He examined her twin mountains and her equally smooth lanky arms. The cherries on her peaks practically sucked him in with how alluring they looked.


It didn’t take long before Wu Yan got engulfed in carnal flames.


Kurumi grinned, not knowing how deep a trouble she’s in. She smiled like a spirit that got its way with her victim. She grabbed his hand and she perked up her hooters.


“Wanna touch them?”


Wu Yan got done in by these 3 words. He gulped so loud that Kurumi who heard it giggled.


Still pushing her luck, she moved his hand on top of her cans. The next instant, a divine sensation started suffusing his hand.


Wu Yan is utterly speechless. There is no going back now, they are in the end-game of the first-half. His already weak tolerance for this kind of stuff immediately broke.




He gave her a nice squeeze and she moaned while her muscles tensed up, lifting her up from the bed.


Wu Yan unleashed his kung fu fury on her hooters, kneading them into many shapes. Instead of shaping clay with unchained melody playing in the background, he’s doing his job as a federal boobie inspector to inspect the quality, bounciness, volume, and other relevant matters like a trained professional. Of course, he closed his eyes due to how good this felt.


With her back arching up, she tried to silence herself by biting down on her finger to no meaningful end. Her sweet voice still leaked out. Kurumi started having misty eyes, the pleasure threatened to consume her. Her sweet voice also gave the room a pinkish and salacious mood.


“Nhh~~~ Shido-san…”


Her sensual lament is like concentrated alcohol to Wu Yan’s ears. While trying to catch her breath, Kurumi glanced at Wu Yan who is busy tinkering with her jugs.


At this moment, their eyes met and sparks ignited inside their hearts. Like opposite poles of the magnet, their faces slowly drew closer.


When their lips touched, the two finally realized what they are doing but their tongues are already dancing in a very venereal manner.


His hands never stopped moving. He used more and more force until Kurumi’s skin flushed in a deeper shade of red. Wu Yan gagged her with his tongue so he can personally feel her moan, or rather the oral vibrations she’s making.


When they removed their kissers, one of them had a victorious grin while the other looked like she’s too drunk on passion to react. One of them is still doing okay while the other one is heaving and panting like she’s been through something intense.


Wu Yan started sliding one of his hands down towards her garden where the sun don’t shine.


As his hand made its way down, Kurumi’s body quivered with anticipation and anxiety. He had supernatural power in this department, it’s like somebody is assaulting her body with bolts of pleasure that coursed through her spinal cord and up into her brain. She can barely catch her breath while Wu Yan played with her pumpkin and kitten.


Her moans started growing larger in volume until she let out a long drawn-out wail. Wu Yan had sent another girl up to cloud nine with his hands.


Wu Yan stopped with shock.


That was easy, what about me?


Wu Yan’s boredom might have been revealed inadvertently to Kurumi. She got up and she positioned herself in front of Wu Yan.


Just as Wu Yan wondered what she’s going to do…


She lowered her head and greeted Lil’ johnny with her mouth. This is the first BJ he received so he decided to close his eyes and let her do her thing. Judging from how he inhaled with excitement, she’s probably doing a beautiful job.

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