Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 484: Let the curtains fall...

Like twin spirits of flame, the siblings churned up a storm of embers and fire.


Nobody would find it hard to believe that they are siblings since they both commanded the flames like sovereigns. Shrouded by the fiery blaze, they looked like they mean business.


The cannon in Kotori’s hands sucked up all the fire supplied by Kotori. The more the cannon charged the brighter the cannon lit up.


Wu Yan’s cannon charged up internally as he supplied energy for the reaction inside his cannons. However, just like Kotori’s cannon, it became brighter the more he charged it.


Time stood still.




“Maximum impact: Embers!


The temperature of the battlefield rose even further when they unleashed their skills.


Kurumi looked at the cannons and something inside her told her to run away as soon as possible at the fastest speed she can run. Her face turned ghostly pale at the sight of this incoming attack.


But, it’s like she’s a deer in headlights, she can’t move even if she wanted to. She stood there as the attack fell on her.


“Be reduced to ashes…”


Two gigantic pillar of flames crashed down upon Kurumi.




The ground trembled from the shock and hot wind blew away all the light objects in the impact area. The hot flames incinerated the impact area like somebody manifested a miniature sun in the area. Not a single thing was spared amidst the flames.


Heavy smoke wafted up, the aftermath hit Wu Yan and Kotori but their flame shroud stopped the wind before it can even affect them.


Wu Yan released his cannon and the cannon broke apart like scrap metal, revealing Nietono no Shana which was acting as the core of the weapon. He used the iron sand which was enhanced by Knight of Owner. The augmented iron sand which is now a rank D Noble Phantasm still got destroyed after being the vessel used to control and focus Nietono no Shana’s power at Kurumi.


Wu Yan sighed in relief that his plan worked as he had hoped, it would have been bad if the cannon broke down before he attacked.


Normal iron dust would have been melted down into liquid metal in the charging process.


His improvised Maximum impact: embers had more power than his railgun even if it might not compare to Maximum impact or a lightning bolt conjured by his Electromaster ability. Kotori’s Megiddo Cannon did most of the damage.




Tohka who rode Yoshino’s giant puppet along with Yoshino landed near Wu Yan and Kotori.


They looked at the area charred beyond recognition by Wu Yan and Kotori and they continued.


“Did we win””


“I think so…”


Wu Yan looked at the decimated region and he continued.


“We made sure to focus our attack on Zaphkiel so Kurumi should still be alive. But, without Zaphkiel to support her, she poses no further threat to us.”


“I see…”


Tohka and Yoshino both released sighs of relief. They smiled knowing that they won’t have to keep fighting. They are both capable fighters in their own right but they wanted this fight over the sooner the better.


Kotori didn’t say anything which was odd. Then, she placed a palm to her forehead like she’s in anguishing pain.


“Kotori, what’s wrong?”


Wu Yan knew something is up, he hurriedly supported her with an arm.


“It’s nothing…”


Kotori replied but her trembling voice signified that the pain is still there.


Wu Yan frowned and he noticed her flames are starting to grow more intense.


“Kotori, is your power going out of control?”


“Out of control?!”


Tohka and Yoshino are both spirits so they know the consequences of letting her powers rage out of control.


Yoshino’s power would intensify out of her control if she feels terrified or threatened.


“So you know…”


Kotori forced a smile, Wu Yan frowned again when he saw her trying to endure the pain.


“Let’s land first…”


Kotori descended with Wu Yan supporting her. Tohka and Yoshino also followed them and they landed near Mana.


“You guys did it…”


Mana smiled. She didn’t want to aggravate her wounds so she stayed still. Mana noticed Kotori’s odd behavior.


“Is something wrong with her?”


“Nothing, she used more power than she should so we have a little problem on our hands…”


Wu Yan can just seal her power if she really can’t control them.


Letting go of Kotori, Wu Yan turned around after asking Tohka to support Kotori. He examined the impact area after the area cleared up.


After their attack, the battlefield got cracked like some magnitude 9 or 10 earthquake had hit the area. Boulders and debris are everywhere. In the middle of the crater, Kurumi laid with wounds all over her body. Her goth dress also got torn up.


Wu Yan sighed and he approached her. Standing near her, he looked down at her in silence.


Kurumi twitched and intense pain rocked her mind. She knew this bitter taste is the taste of defeat so she just gave up and laid there. She can’t move and she can’t fight, she didn’t have any energy left to spare at this point.


Her eyes lost their focus as she stared blankly at the sky. At that moment, she looked like a tragic heroine.

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