Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 483: 4v1, a tough fight

Purple light, blue light, red light, the spirit girls lit up the battlefield with their own spirit aura. Their powers are so intense that the ground itself trembled while a strong gust blew away all the dust surrounding them.


“Princess, Hermit, and Ifrit…”


Mana is completely stunned by this sight. Mana knew Tohka and Yoshino are both spirits but she still couldn’t prepare herself for when they transformed into spirits.


It’s a priceless sight to behold, 3 spirits with their full-release astral dress and angels versus another spirit.


4 spirits in total and another deviant that stood on par with them.


Never before in this world’s history has there been another instance like this.


Kurumi’s face turned grave upon realizing what this meant for her. She started stepping back subconsciously, she’s rethinking her strategy at the moment.


As crazy as she is, even she’s aware that she can’t take on all 3 spirits at once. Not to mention, Wu Yan who destroyed a lot of her clones is still present.


Even the real Kurumi is afraid, what’s more to say about the only other clone remaining. She wanted nothing more than to escape with haste.


However, that is subject to a certain somebody’s approval.




A voice came from behind the clone, she turned around in horror only to see Kotori with her huge halberd waiting for her.


“Your present just now…”


She recalled Wu Yan tanking all those bullets for her and she swung her halberd down in a fierce manner.


“I am returning it all to you!”




The halberd and the flames that accompanied it turned clone Kurumi into ashes in mere seconds.


Kurumi’s expression turned even more grave after the death of her last clone. Her body started trembling with anger.



Mana mumbled after witnessing how she executed the clone. The lethal clone got done in easily while she had a hard time dealing with them.


She’s a veteran in AST and she has to admit that not even she can come out unscathed if her opponent is Kotori in her spirit form.


Tohka and Yoshino also marveled at Kotori’s power. Only Wu Yan didn’t find her ability surprising. He scanned her with his eyes.


Itsuka Kotori: Level 78


In terms of level, she is just as strong as Tohka and Ikaros.


Kotori descended to the ground like she just took out some garbage. Like a falling ember, she gracefully landed near Wu Yan & co.


She brandished her halberd and she continued in a confident tone.


“Now, let’s continue our date.”


The girls moved after Kurumi hesitated for just a moment.


Tohka swung her huge broadsword diagonally at Kurumi’s direction.


A giant sword beam came out from her sword and flew towards Kurumi in a fearful manner. The sword beam cracked the ground while splitting the air. It’s a wave of pure destructive power.


Kurumi knew she’s going to end up in the hospital or worse if she took this blow head-on. She made her move as well.


Zaphkiel, first bullet, Aleph!”


The giant clock appeared behind Kurumi and a dark stream of power entered her flintlock gun. She used the bullet on herself to accelerate and evade the incoming attack.


A stream of blue air threatened to engulf her. She used all her might to evade the attack. The cold air missed Kurumi narrowly and it hit the ground Kurumi stood on. The cold air manifested a thick layer of ice upon contact with the ground. Kurumi is sure that if this stream of icy power hit her, she would no doubt become an ice statue.


Yoshino threw this attack and she’s not done just yet.


The puppet she controlled opened its mouth and shot out another stream of frosty air.




Kurumi pointed her musket at the seventh digit on the clock and she fired the content at the incoming cold air.


Freezing the attack in time, she managed to stop the attack. Yoshino looked like she’s panicking because her attacks all didn’t land. Kurumi smiled at this sight. In the end, she’s just a kid even if she’s a spirit.


“I am going to have to ask you to take a time out!”


She fired another Seventh Bullet at Yoshino.




Tohka quickly positioned herself in front of Yoshino and she split the bullet in half with a deft swing of her broadsword.


“How annoying!”


Kurumi glared at Tohka. She raised her guns at them but an intense heat from above stopped her. She looked up and she’s shocked to see Kotori and Wu Yan charging up their attacks. Kotori’s halberd turned into a cannon while Wu Yan made his cannons with the iron sand and Nietono no Shana flame infusion combo.


She noticed them just as they finished charging up their attacks. They pointed their cannons at Kurumi, poised for a double cannon combo attack.

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