Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 481: At last, the seal comes off...

The intense light faded away as if it has done its job. Finally, everyone can see the battleground.


Kotori, Tohka, Yoshino, Mana, and Shiori are still restrained against the ground by pale arms that came out of the ground. Kurumi also couldn’t do anything other than block against the light with her hand and guns, not that it helped.


Wu Yan with a knee to the ground is the only one who experienced any change in posture. He is panting like he had run laps around the field. He is pale and a bit disoriented like he had been through something intense.


“I-I am back?…”


He calmed down his breathing and he examined his surroundings. This familiar scene is just like when he had last seen it. It would appear he wasn’t gone for long.


He confirmed the addition of one more sealing bracelet on his wrist and he released a sigh of relief. This meant that he didn’t hallucinate about going back in the past.


“Ara ara, Shido-san, why didn’t you attack when you had the chance?”


Kurumi grinned at Wu Yan.


“I would find it hard to believe if you said you got blinded by your own schemes. That would be so unlike you.”


Wu Yan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Kurumi misinterpreted the light just now as one of his tricks.


He stood up and he smiled back at her.


“Well, whatever…”


Kurumi frowned, this is the first time Wu Yan smiled with such confidence during battle.


“You seem to be in an awfully good mood. I thought you are still mad I forcefully invited some guests to our reception?”


Kurumi continued in a snarky tone.


“Could it be that Shido-san’s wrath has been pacified?”


“Well, it’s whatever you want it to be…”


Kurumi’s smile slowly diminished, her intuition is telling her that Wu Yan’s not bluffing. Something about his expression and tone didn’t sit well with her.


Wu Yan took one last glance at Kurumi before turning around towards Kotori who is still restrained. He looked at her sealing bracelet and he mumbled in a small voice.


“We met again, little Kotori…”


No one else but Kotori who is closest to Wu Yan heard his voice. She quickly lifted her head.


Kotori looked at Wu Yan with a stunned look. She recalled the blurry figure that looked after her and saved her when the great fire started. She remembered only one thing when the blurry figure got sucked into the sky, he had the other half of the sealing bracelet which was red in color.


The blurry face that hugged her when the world fell apart slowly merged with the face of the one standing before her.


Her eyes are moist with tears but she replied with a sweet smile anyway.


“Yes, we meet again…”


She wanted to call out to him ever since she laid eyes on his sealing bracelets. However, Wu Yan genuinely didn’t remember her so she dismissed this thought each and every time it arose.


She told herself that the person who brought her back from the depths of despair must have some kind of special fate, the time just wasn’t right yet. That’s how she consoled herself.


She didn’t know what happened but at least she got to say what she had been saving for the last 5 years.


Kotori felt like it was worthed it to wait this long.


Wu Yan smiled when he saw the black ribbons on her head.


“I see you kept your promise to become stronger…”


She had a nonchalant expression but her eyes blew her cover, she’s over the moon that Wu Yan praised her effort.


Everyone else is confused about what the two of them are talking about. Kurumi also patiently waited for them to wrap it up.


Wu Yan didn’t bother explaining, he told Kurumi.


“Kurumi, it’s about time we finish this fight.”


Kurumi flinched before smiling back at Wu Yan.


“Ara ara, running away again? I still got guests here, you know…”


Kurumi concluded that Wu Yan is trying to run away because he can’t beat her. Unknown to her, the less likely conclusion was actually the correct one. Wu Yan is telling her that this match is in the bags.


“I said, this is over!”


He raised an arm. Everyone turned their attention to him.




Wu Yan shouted out loud. Astonished by his sudden shout, Kotori knew what he is trying to do and she smiled with elation.


“Seal, release!”


Wu Yan’s white sealing bracelet shined and the red motive on his white bracelet faded away.


Kotori’s red bracelet resonated with the light by shining brightly as well.


A dormant power started surging up from within Kotori’s body. A foreign power came out of her body and into the body while her power returned with the absence of this power. Waves of spiritual power emanated from her.


“Spiritual power…”


Kurumi gasped, she didn’t think this little human girl is actually a spirit in disguise.


More importantly, Wu Yan unsealed her power.


“Shido, you…”


Kurumi questioned Wu Yan.


“You returned her spirit power?”


Wu Yan ignored her. Intense heat started seeping out from Kotori, her hair also fluttered without any wind around her.


“Finally, I am free from these annoying hands…”


Kotori lifted her head and a red glint flashed in her eyes.




Kurumi snorted.


“Shido, I didn’t think you would actually break the rules of this banquet. Now that you have gone and done this, I must make her pay!”


Kurumi’s statement is like an order that the arms obeyed. The arms sensed that Kotori is rapidly regaining her power so the hands pierced into Kotori’s body in waves.


The sound of flesh being ripped apart could be heard and blood started spewing forth…




Tohka, Yoshino, and Mana cried out…

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