Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 480: Fate and destiny the contact that transcended time and space

This event is so improbable that it is statistically impossible. Time and space probably became jumbled up due to a lot of factors that Wu Yan can’t control. Moreover, even if he could materialize this anomaly, the anomaly can’t send him back to such a precise time in the past.


Wu Yan felt sympathy for little Kotori who is bawling her eyes out at the moment. She’s still a little girl. When somebody imbues her with such great power and all hell breaks lose, it’s only natural for her to freak out. It’s already amazing that her mind didn’t stop working from shock.


This little girl must be scared out of her wits right now.


Sighing, he mused before buying a pair of sealing bracelets from the shop.


“I see, I knew it happened like this…”


Wu Yan smiled as he confirmed his hypothesis.


This explains why Kotori had a sealing bracelet when they met for the first time. Kotori also recognized the sealing bracelet and she invited him into Ratatoskr. She also looked up to him as a big brother because of this event.


Without this miracle of an encounter, his story in this world would have gone down a different route.


He wore the white half of the bracelet. Now he had two white bracelets on each of his hand for a total of four bracelets. He flew down towards little Kotori and into the sea of fire. He parted the sea of flames with a wave of his hand.


Landing near little Kotori, he felt like he had the divine duty to protect this cute creature. Squatting down, he rubbed little Kotori on her head.


“It’s okay, come now, don’t cry…”


The warm sensation and voice seeped into little Kotori’s consciousness, she looked up and she saw a stranger she had never seen before. Yet, this stranger showed genuine love and concern for her.


Due to the flames around her, the blaze caused Wu Yan’s face to become fuzzy in her field of vision. She can’t make out the exact detail of his face but she could feel that this person is looking at her with warm eyes.


Still choking on her snot and tears, she stuttered.


“I-it’s dangerous here, please run away quickly…”


Wu Yan laughed out loud while rubbing her head.


“I can run, but what about you?…”




She started tearing up again, she didn’t know what is going to happen to her from now on. This is all too much to process for her. It all seemed so bleak and hopeless for her.


Wu Yan sighed and he wiped the tears away from her delicate face.


“I can’t find it in my heart to leave you like this…”


Little Kotori’s heart started trembling, he said the words she wanted to hear. Without even thinking about it, she dived into his embrace and she started crying out loud again.


He hugged her and he tidied up her ruffled hair. He also gave her a few solid pats on the back.


“It’s okay, don’t cry, it’s going to be okay…”




Little Kotori cried even louder. She wished to become stronger because she wanted her sister to like her more, she never wanted this…


That voice and the mysterious individual did this to her. She is now a completely different existence. She is terrified and extremely horrified by all this change. Wu Yan’s soothing voice is a godsend for her. Little Kotori just wanted to stay together with Wu Yan like this and cry her heart out.


The sea of flames let the two continue their embrace. The flames burned everything but them.


After a bit of time, little Kotori finally calmed down. Her sobbing figure is really an anguishing sight. Wu Yan patiently waited for her to get it out of her system before he took out the sealing bracelet he had prepared.


“Little Kotori, put this on…”


Her eyes are swelling from all the crying, she looked at the bracelet with confusion. She’s curious about its function so Wu Yan explained everything about the bracelet including the function and its restriction.


“If you wear this, you’re going to regain your status as a normal human…”




Little Kotori beamed up in joy. She hugged the bracelet like it’s her treasure.


Suddenly a tremendous attraction force descended from the sky. He almost lost his balance to the force. He steadied himself while violently resisting the attraction force.


“What’s wrong?”


Little Kotori said in a shocked manner. She could see that Wu Yan is doing his best to avoid getting pulled away by something. She grabbed Wu Yan’s sleeve.


“A-are you okay?”


Wu Yan gnashed his teeth, he knew what this force meant but he still had unfinished business.


“Little Kotori, remember to put on the sealing bracelet, I don’t have much time, I have to go soon…”




Kotori grabbed Wu Yan while bawling.


“Please don’t go, stay, I am very afraid right now. I don’t want to be alone, please uuu….”


“Little Kotori…”


Wu Yan continued while still doing his best to not get swept away by the force.


“You have nothing to be afraid of, you’re going to be just fine…”


“Where are you going? Please take Kotori with you, I don’t want to stay here, it’s so scary here…”


Kotori begged Wu Yan, he felt guilty that he had to reject her.


“Little Kotori, you must be strong…”


Wu Yan heaved, his energy almost depleted from resisting the force.


“I can’t take you but I promise you we will meet again.”


“Y-you promise?…”


She can’t see his face clearly but she continued mumbling anyway.


“Yeah, that’s a guarantee.”


He rubbed head while smiling.


“When that time comes, I will take you wherever you want to go!”




Kotori grabbed his shirt.


“Oh, you betcha!”


Wu Yan laughed.


“Yeah, that’s why I am going to need you to stay strong. Don’t cry, this will all be behind you very soon…”




Kotori clenched down on the sealing bracelet. She promised him with a resolved look.


“Nn! Kotori will become stronger!”


Wu Yan laughed. Finally, the force grew so strong that he can’t resist it anymore, he let go of Kotori and some unknown force pulled him into the air and dragged him into the sky.


“Wait, tell me your name…”


Wu Yan heard her, he wanted to shout his name out but his body had been disintegrated and he turned into glowing starlight before disappearing from sight.

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