Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 477: Unrelenting attacks and surprising combos

The railgun shot and flames that were time-stopped slowly regained their potency after the seventh bullet lost its effects. The orange laser completely missed its target by the time the effect of the Seventh bullet wore off. The flames also dissipated without doing much.


The two of them looked at each other, both sides suffered minor damage and they panted.


Kotori, Tohka, and Yoshino released a sigh of relief when they saw how unyielding Wu Yan looked despite being slightly battered up from their exchange of attacks.


The girls frowned when they saw Kurumi looked fine. They thought the restraints would loosen when Kurumi got hurt. She did get hurt but the restraints are still as tough as when she first started fighting. These arms are basically extensions of Kurumi so without completely exhausting the time remaining for Kurumi as indicated by her golden clock these arms are here to stay.


Fourth Bullet, Dalet!


She easily recovered using the power of the fourth bullet. She stood there unharmed in defiance of Wu Yan’s effort to hurt her.


Wu Yan didn’t have an angel to back him up in combat but his regenerative powers are on par if not superior to Kurumi’s ability to wound back time on objects. Just like that, the two of them recovered whatever damage they had sustained during the conflict.


The changes they caused on their surroundings are the only indicators that told anyone a fight happened here because they sure can’t guess that from how unharmed the two looked.


Kurumi sighed. She scanned Wu Yan for damage and lo and behold, he’s fine just like her.


“Shido, I thought you said you’re going to wake me up with a beating, you call that a beating?”


Kurumi laughed at him.


“If you can only do this much, I am afraid you’re not going to like what comes next. This is far from enough!”


“Oh shut it, just watch me.”


Wu Yan said in a nonchalant manner. Kurumi’s lithe figure made Wu Yan wonder about his options.


With Zaphkiel by her side, she can recover from almost any kind of damage, she can also speed up radically making her a very dangerous foe. She also had the annoying ability to stop an opponent in his track. As if those abilities aren’t annoying enough, she can also summon different versions of her past selves to aid her as clones. She can continue fighting indefinitely until she runs out of time.


To soundly defeat Kurumi, he has got two options: For one, she can suppress Kurumi with absolute power. Meanwhile, he can also adopt the same method Kotori used to defeat Kurumi in the original work.


He’s already having a hard time keeping up with Kurumi, so option one is out of the question. He has no choice but to destroy Zaphkiel with a big move. He has a lot of moves but there are only a few that can reliably destroy Zaphkiel. The lightning strike is one of the moves he had that can destroy Zaphkiel however that move takes too much time to activate. In front of the spirit of time, he might as well be telling her to shoot while he channels the ability.


Wu Yan still had other cards up his sleeves, the Meteor Shower is one of the ways he can destroy Zaphkiel as well. Due to its overwhelming power, he’s afraid that Kurumi will get destroyed along with Zaphkiel.


Wu Yan started making his brain go into overdrive thinking about how he can turn this situation around. Kurumi might not be the strongest spirit but in terms of crowd control and recovery, she is one of the best.


Wu Yan is stumped on how he should deal with Kurumi.


He narrowed his golden eyes. For now, the best course of action would be to constantly stay on his toes and utilize Eternal Arms Mastery along with all his abilities to look for a gap.


He raised his hand. While Kurumi looked at him with confusion, he snapped his fingers. Ripples in space formed and it’s like they got transported to a crimson world. The portals surrounded Kurumi and he fired his swords at Kurumi.


First bullet, Aleph!”


It’s a focused attack from all angles. She used the first bullet to quickly escape the encirclement. The place Kurumi stood at just now got decimated easily by the swords.


Kurumi can’t help but thank herself for getting out of the attack range. She would have been ripped to shreds if she stayed inside there even with her augmented speed she can’t say for sure she can escape unharmed if she didn’t evade in time.


She didn’t have much time to relax since countless portals opened up near the surface of the ground and they shot swords out from below and towards the sky.




The swords kept grazing her despite her best attempts to dodge. Her porcelain skin is now marred by a lot of shallow cuts. Again, she got away because she reacted in time, otherwise, she would turn into a human-sized pin cushion.


Enduring the searing pain, she raised her gun to load up on Dalet, the fourth bullet. She wanted to recover from the damage but a flash of crimson light told her Wu Yan wasn’t having any of that.


With the portals behind him, he didn’t fire any swords this time. Instead, he formed cannons with the iron sand. The cannons peeked out from the portals and he used his electricity-generating power to charge the cannons up. Each of the cannons lit up with an eerie bluish-white glow. The more he charged, the brighter the cannons looked.


Maximum impact!


Like the captain of a ship giving the orders to fire, Wu Yan waved his hands. Bluish white lasers shot out from the cannons and they are all aimed at Kurumi.




Explosions covered the land.

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