Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 474: Defeat and big hero moment

When the blood sipped into the ground below, Kotori, Tohka, and Yoshino finally recovered from their shock. They felt rather complex since they are fellow spirits.


Kurumi, still bleeding from Yatsuki’s shot now had a new wound to deal with, the deep gash in her shoulder opened courtesy of Mana’s lightsaber.


Kurumi started bleeding profusely, her red and black goth lolita dress is more red than black now. The ground below her is also slowly turning into a puddle of blood.


Even a spirit would find their movements hindered by wounds this grievous. Meanwhile, Kurumi examined her wounds while exerting more strength than usual and she sniggered.


Her laughter is so loud it shook the air. Like a banshee, her voice made Mana frown. Mana still had her lightsaber stuck in Kurumi’s shoulder.


Kurumi touched the blood and she brought her blood-stained fingers closer to her face for a closer examination. Instead of freaking out, she laughed out loud like it’s the funniest joke in the world.


“Not bad, not bad at all..”


Kurumi praised Mana and Yatsuki.


“Ahaha, I never thought I would still be rendered into such a state after calling my angel out. Good job, you guys, simply splendid.”


Mana and Yatsuki grabbed their weapons tighter subconsciously. They knew that although she is beaten within an inch of her life, somehow, Kurumi still had a lot of fight left in her.




Kurumi raised her head and she revealed a pair of malicious eyes that would make a grown man shiver in fear. She fired a shot at Mana with her musket to knock her away.


“Sadly, this isn’t enough to come between Shido and I. You’re going to need much more than that if you want to stop us from getting together.”


Mana didn’t expect Kurumi to move so vigorously despite being inflicted with such terrible injuries. She landed near Yatsuki and they both saw Kurumi continuing the fight as if nothing happened.


Kurumi spread her arms wide and the clock behind her turned rapidly.


Fourth bullet, Dalet.”


The giant clock’s fourth digit shined and a stream of power entered her flintlock. Kurumi immediately fired it right between her eyes.


The wounds on her body recovered in a supernatural manner. Within seconds, she is at full strength like the previous wounds weren’t hers to begin with. Even her gothic lolita suit got repaired like someone had turned back time on her body.


The combatants bit down on their lips in frustration. They saw the fight between Wu Yan and Kurumi, now that they are facing the very same technique, they realized just how annoying this ability is.


First bullet, Aleph.”


Yatsuki and Mana’s expressions changed rapidly. Mana took a stance and a green barrier appeared, it’s a hexagon-pattern barrier that seemed rather robust.


Almost at the same time, a dark bullet struck the barrier and it made the barrier shake. Kurumi appeared by Mana’s side and she fired at her, shattering her barrier.


Mana used this moment to unleash a torrent of attacks on Kurumi.




Kurumi easily blocked her lightsaber with her flintlock gun. The sound of metal clashing continued until the two parted with one final clash of the weapons.




Kurumi chuckled.


The seventh digit on the giant clock shined bright and a surge of power entered her musket which she pointed at Mana.


Seventh bullet.


Mana recalled how she almost got done in with the seventh bullet. Without Yatsuki to support her, she might have been knocked out or worse. She struck at the seventh bullet with her lightsaber and she successfully destroyed the bullet.


However, another bullet hit her and the same black field bounded her, freezing her movements.




Yatsuki yelled out loud. He still had eyes on Kurumi but another voice interrupted him.


“Where are you looking at?”


He heard a gunshot and an intense pain spread through his body.




Yatsuki fell down on his knees. He had been shot in the back, blood started staining his shirt.


He turned around to see Kurumi smiling sarcastically at him with that annoying grin of hers.


He heaved while enduring the pain, cold sweat started flowing down the side of his head.


He ascertained that there are more than one Kurumi here and he asked her.




Mana also fell to the floor soon after Yatsuki heard several gunshots.


The two main combatants are now down for the count.


“Oh my, over already?…”


Kurumi pointed her guns at both Yatsuki and Mana. This time, her barrels are very close to their foreheads.


“Mana! Yatsuki!”


Tohka struggled and she squirmed but there is nothing she can do right now.




Kotori eyed the pale arms holding her back and she looked at the sealing bracelet at her wrist. If only she can use her spirit powers.


Kotori had full confidence she can defeat Kurumi if she used her spirit powers.


However, the reality is different and it is cruel. In the original work, Kotori would have regained her spirit powers but without the permission of the holder of the other sealing bracelet, she can’t use her powers.


There is another problem, the other half of the sealing bracelet isn’t here yet, it’s not the time yet.


“If Tohka and the others…”


Kotori looked at Tohka and Yoshino who are just as powerless as her.


Wu Yan can’t confirm their status so he didn’t release their seals. If he did, Kurumi might deem them a threat and deal with them first.


The arms can do more than just restraining people.


Can I only sit here and watch?


Kotori’s face turned grim. She looked at Mana and Yatsuki who are still struggling to get up and she yelled out loud for the only person that can save them.






An orange laser descended from the sky and it flew towards Kurumi who is about to execute Mana and Yatsuki.

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