Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 471: Disappearance, someone kidnapped the girls.

The next morning, Wu Yan opened his eyes before dawn, a rare feat for him. Wu Yan woke up from his pleasant slumber rather abruptly.



Anyone familiar with Wu Yan would know that he likes to sleep in as much as he likes to eat good food. If nobody woke him up he would probably sleep until he woke up naturally. Unless something is wrong, Wu Yan would sleep like nobody’s business.


However, something does feel wrong today.


He sat up and he looked out the window only to find that the darkness outside is slowly giving way to the light of the dawn. He rubbed his chest while frowning.


Normally, Wu Yan would be so deep in sleep you would have to attack him to wake him up. Without sufficient sleep, he would probably go back to sleep even if somebody woke him up. Right now, however, he’s wide awake.


An ominous feeling hit him when he was traveling within the land of dreams. When he woke up, the bad feeling stayed with him. He can’t quite describe it but it feels like he is missing something very important here.


His deep red eyes had hints of confusion and anxiety. He’s very sure that what he’s feeling right now is not without a due cause.


Something happened…


He figured he might as well get up and walk around since he’s not going to figure this out on the bed. The moment he opened the door, it struck him. His pupil shrank.


A purplish dark veil enveloped his room from ceiling to the floor as if to isolate him from the rest of the house.


Even a fool would know somebody did this out of ill intent.


Wu Yan destroyed the veil easily with a mini-explosion. The fragments of the veil scattered into nothingness as the fire engulfed it.


He scanned the house and to his dismay, the residents of Itsuka residence had disappeared. He can’t sense their presence at all. He’s the only one here.


He dashed towards Kotori’s room.




He kicked her door open and sure enough, she’s not there. Her stuff wasn’t touched so the assailant probably came with the intent to kidnap her.


Wu Yan’s expression turned dark. He quickly searched Tohka, Yoshino, and Shiori’s room. They were all kidnapped as well.


The veil and the disappearance of Kotori, Tohka, Yoshino, and Shiori meant someone had planned this out and did this while he was asleep.


The whole house is eerily quiet. If someone stood here, they would probably faint from the immense pressure being exerted in this house. It’s the pressure from the abyssal rage surging outwards from Wu Yan.


The very air shook with fear, killing intent suffused the house. His deep red eyes had turned into a very threatening shade of gold. His eyes are as dazzling as they are steely cold.


Wu Yan heaved in anger, he forced himself to calm down but the wrath within threatened to overwhelm him.


Suddenly, a voice came through the communication device which he didn’t turn off. He reined in his anger to listen to the speaker.


“Shido! Do you copy? Shido!”




Wu Yan flinched in surprise, he pressed the device against his ear.


“Reine, I’m here, I want updates.”


Reine released a sigh of relief.


“Finally, a reply.”


“Reine, what’s going on?! I assume you have been contacting me non-stop to tell me about the disappearance of Kotori, Tohka, Yoshino, and Shiori. Tell me everything you know right now!”


“First, you need to calm down.”


Reine told him in a poised manner. Strangely enough, Wu Yan somewhat calmed down from her cool voice.


“Reine, what happened?”


“Tokisaki Kurumi.”


Wu Yan’s expression changed again.


“Last night, Tokisaki Kurumi took Kotori, Tohka, Yoshino, and Shiori with her. We received an emergency signal from Kotori but we were too late to intercept before the signal cut off. The last message we heard from her was the name of Tokisaki Kurumi. We thought you fell to Tokisaki Kurumi’s hands since we couldn’t reach you no matter how hard we tried or searched.”




His anger started boiling up again. So she’s the assailant who did this, she had the ability, that’s for sure.


She probably used her ability to hinder his senses. The veil probably also blocked communications from reaching him.


“I’ve been had…”


Wu Yan laughed in a cold manner. He lowered his tone and Reine almost got a chill from him.


“You could have continued making a ruckus trying to devour me and all but you just had to cross the line. It’s on…”


“I will make you rue the day you tried to harm the people I love.”


Wu Yan sounded calm but Reine can feel the thinly veiled anger in his tone. His calm fury is very terrifying even for someone like Reine.


“Reine, please give me Tokisaki Kurumi’s location.”


Wu Yan politely asked.


She’s probably doing this to get to him. In the original work, Tokisaki Kurumi also used Raizen High’s student body as hostages to threaten Shido. This is all a game for her.


But, this is where Wu Yan drew the line.


Inside Fraxinus, Reine lifted her head and she looked at the marker on the display screen.


“Ah yes, we have located her just a while ago. Because we couldn’t reach you, Mana and Yatsuki got dispatched.”




He understands Kurumi’s power more than anyone here. With Yatsuki and Mana’s ability, they are just going to get slaughtered, much less save Kotori and the girls.


Kurumi isn’t the type to show her opponents any mercy.


“Reine, I need Tokisaki Kurumi’s location now.”


“She’s over at the zoo where you guys went on a date together just the other day.”

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