Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 470: The figure in black and red sneaking about in the night

In the kitchen, Shiori hummed while cooking. She placed the ladle down after witnessing the bountiful feast she cooked up.


“Dinner is served!”


Shiori announced to everyone in the living room. Wu Yan, Kotori, Tohka, Yoshino, and Mana are busy talking about something. The sight of them getting along made her smile.


“Okay, Onee-sama!”


Mana stood up in a chirpy manner.


“Onee-sama’s home cooking, I am looking forward to this…”


“I am quite confident in my own cooking.”


Shiori felt dejected after remembering something.


“Although, compared to Shido, my food is barely passable…”


“No! I am sure Onee-sama’s food will be very tasty!”


Mana tried to cheer her up and Shiori giggled in ersponse.


“It’s fine, don’t console me, Shido’s cooking is on another level altogether. Comparing myself to him is unfair…”


Shiori rolled her eyes at Wu Yan while he awkwardly laughed.


“Alright, let’s dig in!”


Tohka is the first one to respond. She quickly charged towards a seat at the table while Mana tried catching up with her.


Shiori sighed.


“I didn’t know I too had a long-lost sister…”


Wu Yan and Kotori both flinched in surprise when they heard this. They both awkwardly laughed while pretending like they didn’t hear anything. With Yoshino in tow, they made their way over to the dining table. Shiori laughed at their awkward behavior.


Shiori can’t help but feel warm inside when she saw all these people eating at the table. It’s one of those small things in life that brings joy.


Shiori didn’t know that these people were talking about some pretty incredible stuff while she’s stuck in the kitchen.


Wu Yan silently sighed in relief when he saw how Mana ate Shiori’s food.


When he asked her to join Ratatoskr, Mana’s reaction was intense to say the least. She knew Ratatoskr is about the same level as DEM in terms of technology.


She didn’t expect two of her family members are a part of an organization like that. Moreover, what Wu Yan told her is an eye-opener.


Ratatoskr’s dogma of saving spirits almost caused Mana to fall to her knees.


She has been taught and ordered to eradicate every single spirit she encounters without hesitating. She also killed Kurumi for god knows how many times, at this point, she feels nothing at killing Kurumi. Now that Wu Yan wants her to join an organization that saves spirits, is there any development more interesting than this?”


Wu Yan’s invitation is something that she wanted to turn down. This is after she learned about DEM’s inhumane modification, she was this close to swearing off on anything related to spirits until…


She met Tohka the glutton and Yoshino the shy little girl. These two are spirits and from the short time she has spent with them, she knew that Tohka and Yoshino are very kind and friendly girls. She can’t fathom that they are the same type of entity as Tokisaki Kurumi the crazy spirit.


She started questioning if the belief that all spirit brings nothing but calamity is true.


Her attitude towards spirit started to change, can she really muster the will to draw her blade against spirits like them? Can she really let herself live in inaction after learning more about spirits?


Wu Yan said something that caused Mana to stop hesitating.


“Spirits can potentially bring about a lot of calamity when not properly hanlded. Ask yourself, are you ready to see Shiori get dragged into all this mess?”


Mana immediately said yes. This is not about saving or killing spirits anymore, it’s about protecting her sister’s safety. For that she is willing to pick up the blade to fight for Ratatoskr.


DEM’s betrayal caused her to have serious trust issues. The only other person she can rely on now is her dearest sister. Kotori and Wu Yan also look like people who are easier to hang out with than the cold anddisagreeable people in DEM.


She joined Ratatoskr under Wu Yan’s command as one of his personal aide.


Mana is so strong that she can easily deal with weaker spirits. By her combat prowess alone, she is easily one of the top fighters in Ratatoskr. It would be wise to use her strength to their advantage.


The advanced CR unit is now property of Ratatoskr, screw returning it to DEM.


After solving Mana’s affiliation issue, Wu Yan felt a huge load lifted off his back. As for Mana’s physical damage, Wu Yan still had some of that gene recovery infusion from when he healed the sisters in Toaru no Majutsu.


After Mana officially joined their household, the itsuka residence is rowdier than before when only Shiori and Kotori lived here. Now they have got Wu Yan the elder brother, Mana the younger sister, Tohka, and Yoshino the spirits. Their family situation just got a lot more interesting that’s for sure.


Of course, Kotori and Shiori didn’t have anything to complaina bout.


After eating, Wu Yan and Kotori used escorting Mana as an excuse to bring Mana up to Fraxinus. Reine is the one put in charge of monitoring Mana. He also used this chance to introduce her to Yatsuki Tatsuwa and the rest of the gang. Then, he used the gene recovery infusion to heal Mana.


Now that he checked Mana into Fraxinus, Mana has got something to say about living here. Mana preferred living in the Itsuka residence rather than on board of Fraxinus.


Too bad for her, the Itsuka residence can’t handle another resident since Wu Yan, Tohka, and Yoshino moved into the residence. It’s pretty much full house at this point so Mana can only give up on the thought.


At this point, it’s all well that ends well for them.


At least, on the surface…


At night, in Shiori’s room, she’s busy drying her hair and preparing to put on her pyjama when something struck her from behind causing her to lose consciousness.


Tohka and Yoshino who slept in their own beds peacefully didn’t know about the intruder who had entered with a weird gust of wind. They disappeared from their beds through the sinister machination of the intruder.


In Kotori’s room.


A figure in red and black appeared before Kotori’s bed. Kotori heard some noise and she opened her eyes in shock only to find someone standing there looking at her.




The figure in red appeared with a sinister smile. She stepped out from shadow and Kotori can see that this assailant had red and golden eyes.

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