Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 469: Truth...

Mana who is still busy catching up with Shiori didn’t know that Wu Yan had already planned out her future for her. She’s still contemplating Shiori’s offer.


“Mana, since you live very far from here, why don’t you stay here for the night?”


Shiori lost her memories of Mana but since she’s her sister, she has to catch up with her, getting to know what she’s been up to these past few years. She had a ton of questions to ask Mana.


Mana wanted to stay but since she’s still part of AST, she needs to report back to her base in time or there could be trouble. Just like the military, there are rules and orders to follow or the army is going to be disorganized. Mana has to reject Shiori no matter how she feels.


But, Wu Yan interrupted Mana before she can say anything.


“Shiori, you shouldn’t trouble Mana like this, if she doesn’t return by night, her family is going to be worried sick. She is still 14 need I remind you…”


“I see, I-it can’t be helped then…”


Shiori sighed.


“However, I insist that you stay for dinner, I think we have enough time for that right?”


“Okay, nee-san!”


Mana didn’t turn her down this time. She knew her sister loved her dearly from how she tried to get her to stay no matter how. She also felt bad about not revealing much to her.


Shiori nodded her head in satisfaction.


“I would recommend Shido’s cooking but I want to make dinner today, is that okay with you, Shido?”


Wu Yan nodded. He is getting a free pass to laze off, of course he’s not stupid enough to turn this offer down. But, there are people who cared very much who is the chef for dinner.




Tohka and Kotori made long sounds of protest. Even Yoshino looked a bit dejected. It’s very clear that if they could choose, they would prefer Wu Yan’s cooking over Shiori’s.


Shiori grumbled with arms akimbo.


“What’s this? You girls got something to say about my culinary skills?”


“It’s not like that, Onee-chan can cook but…”


Kotori fidgeted while Tohka finished her sentence with moist eyes.


“Shido can make better food…”


Shiori rolled her eyes at the girls. She stomped towards the kitchen in a childish huff.


“Since you girls got a lot to say about my cooking I assume there won’t be any problem if I only made food for Mana and Shido.”




Tohka, Kotori, and Yoshino cried out with puppy eyes. Shiori rolled her eyes at her own inability to handle them.


Wu Yan called out to Mana after confirming that Shiori is in the kitchen.


“Mana, I’ve got something to tell you.”


4 pair of eyes fell on Wu Yan the moment he said this. Their stares pricked him.


“What are you doing…”


Kotori narrowed her eyes at him. Her doubt of his integrity is pretty apparent at this point.


“Hey hey hey, stop looking at me like that!”


Wu Yan protested.


“I just want to talk with Mana about some serious stuff. Stop looking at me like I am some lewd wolf.”


“Is that right?”


Wu Yan’s words failed to persuade Kotori. It is unclear if she’s pouting at Wu Yan or Mana or both of them.


Kotori’s not treating Mana like the other spirits. She is probably feeling threatened that Mana might takeover her role as the dominant younger sister. As for Wu Yan, well, she’s going to need a paper to write down all the inappropriate stuff he did to her. For a start, she can still the lingering pain from his mighty smack on her rump.


Wu Yan smacked the table.


“Do I look like someone who would lay a hand on a girl he just met?”




Kotori sneered at him.


“I wonder who kissed his sister who he just met for a day?”


Wu Yan choked on his own words. She’s got him on the ropes now.


“Please, I really am trying to talk about serious stuff…”


Wu Yan tapped out by raising his arms. His appeal only earned hima cold snort from Kotori.




Mana lowered her head while fidgeting with her index fingers. She didn’t want to get into this weird topic so she decided to interrupt them.


“Onii-sama, is there anything you want to say to me?…”




Being called in a respectful manner like this made everyone take on a different look. They looked at Mana who is unaware of the impact her words had.


Wu Yan coughed and he put on his business look. He is secretly happy that he got called Onii-sama but that’s for a later time.




Wu Yan continued in a serious tone.


“If I am not wrong, after losing your memories, you have been living over at DEM’s quarters right…?”


Mana gasped in surprise.


“H-how did you know?”


“DEM is the only supplier other than Ratatoskr to deal in CR realizer units, are you talking about that company?”


Kotori is also surprised.


Mana got shocked a second time when Kotori chimed in.


“Are you aware of this as well?”




Wu Yan told Mana in a straightforward and grave manner.


“I want you to leave DEM as soon as possible.”




Mana shook her head without hesitation.


“I can’t do that.”


Kotori frowned.


“Why are you staying with that company, you know they don’t treat their employees well right?”


“I know…”


Mana wavered.


“But that heartless company took me in and gave me a purpose in life after I lost my memory.”


Wu Yan stared at Mana and he revealed his thoughts.


“Are you aware that they have modified your body without your express consent in an inhumane manner? Do you know that your life span has been shorted until you only have about 10 or so more years left to live?!”




Mana is stunned by this reveal. She shook her head in denial.


“No, you’re lying!”


“Do you think I have any reason to lie to you?”


Wu Yan called Mana out.


“I think it should be obvious after you undergo some test, I have nothing to lie about something that can be tested so easily.”


Mana stepped back in disbelief. She started trembling like she has been fed lies her whole life.


“Ten years…”


Being told this after a reunion with her family member is too much. Kotori, Tohka, and Yoshino looked the other way because this is just oo sad.


Wu Yan continued.


“Well, Mana, you don’t have to worry about your lifespan, I know how you can slowly recover…”


Mana’s expression looked better but she still had that look of someone who got betrayed. She can’t believe the company she’s working so hard for actually did this to her.


Wu Yan placed his hands on Mana’s shoulder.


“Mana, join Ratatoskr!”




Mana is astonished again.

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