Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 468: Bargaining behind the scenes

Sisters are closer than brother-sister pairs. That is what Wu Yan surmised after comparing the situation between Shiori and Mana with Shido and Mana in the original work. Sure, Mana liked her brother but she hugged him at most, definitely not what he is seeing right now.


The two of them kept linking arms like they are trying to make up for lost time. If not for the fact that it’s not bath time, these two would be in the bath scrubbing each other and giggling.


Wu Yan can’t help but comment on their similarity in terms of appearance. They had the same smile.


“You two really are so similar…”


“Of course!”


Manna puffed out her chest in pride.


“That’s because I am Onee-sama’s sister.”


Yoshinon wriggled around on top of Yoshino’s hand.


“I wonder if you two are from the same mother or maybe fruits of different trees?”


If normal siblings heard her, they would grill Yoshinon but the two sisters looked at each other as if they are seriously this matter.


Even Yoshinon is started to waver.


“Erm, did I hit the mark? Yoshinon’s only joking though…”


“No, it’s not like that…”


Shiori flailed her arms, she still looked puzzled though. Mana also sighed.


“I want to say something but I don’t have my memories from before…”


“You mean you lost your memories?!”


Shiori gasped. She grabbed Mana’s hands.


“Mana, I lost memories too, I don’t even know I have a sister until today.”


Kotori frowned.


“Since you two are unsure, how are you so sure she’s your sister?”


Shiori looked at Kotori in a funny manner. Kotori noticed that she is not behaving like her usual bubbly self and she quickly reverted back to that persona. Meanwhile, Wu Yan amused himself with her antics.




Wu Yan’s twitching face started twitching again, not because he’s trying to endure to laugh out loud but because of pain caused by someone stepping on his feet. They all heard a sound and they looked at Wu Yan.


“What’s the matter, Shido?”


Tohka knew the sound came from Wu Yan’s direction but she didn’t know what made it.




Wu Yan shrugged as he tried to force a smile. The others all turned away from him in slight confusion.


A cheeky girl furtively removed her feet from Wu Yan’s feet. Luckily for Wu Yan, his regeneration power healed the slightly inflammed leg in a matter of seconds.


Wu Yan glared at Kotori who is smiling at him like she’s the one who just stomped his feet. She showed him an innocent smile. Wu Yan would have believed the culprit ins’t her if not for the black ribbons on her head.


Kotori, I am going to get you back for that. This is not how you abuse an immortal.


Due to his ridiculous regeneration, this small trauma had already healed up by the time he glared at Kotori. But, Wu Yan still gnashed his teeth at her.




It’s Kotori who got surprised this time. Wu Yan made sure to deliver his sweet vengeance much to Kotori’s embarrassment.




Kotori stuttered in anger.


The people other than the two fo them looked in their direction due to the noise.


“That sound, what just…”


Tohka crinkled her nose, she looked at the two of them.


“I am pretty sure the sound came from Kotori’s direction…”


Everyone waited for Kotori to say something, Kotori forced a smile.


“N-nothing happened…”


Tohka, Yoshino, Shiori, and Mana looked at each other. They knew something happened between the two of them given that Wu Yan looked smug as hell as he lited his head in triump whereas Kotori is blushing like mad.


“So weird…”


Yoshino mumbled and they all returned to the issue at hand, Mana and Shiori’s matter is more important right now.


Kotori rubbed her butt that felt like it is on fire. She is as angry as she is embarrassed. She searched for Wu Yan but the bastard had already taken refuge by Yoshino’s side.


That bastard!


Kotori cursed Wu Yan. If Shiori and the other girls aren’t here, Kotori wouldn’t sit tight after being wronged like this. For now, she can only rub her butt in silence.


Mana removed her locket and she showed them a picture of Shiori and Mana when they were still kids.


“I may have lost my memories but I won’t mistake my Onee-sama for someone else. I am pretty sure we are sisters born to our father and mother.”


Mana said in a resolute manner, her confidence is pretty apparent not that they had any doubts.


“I feel the same way, I feel very close with Mana, I firmly believe that we are sisters.”


Shiori said while hugging Mana. Mana felt moved that their feelings are mutual.


“It’s too bad we won’t know more about mom and dad…”


Shiori said in a dejected manner. She assumed that her younger sister lived with her mom and dad but it turns out she’s living without them just like Shiori.


Shiori suddenly remembered something. She smiled at Mana.


“Mana, where are you living right now? Are you living with a foster family? If so, I must visit them!”


Mana started panicking. She thought about her reply, will she have to reveal her circumstances? Will she divulge that she’s grown up all this years fighting and training without anyone to care for her? This is very hard for her to say but…


“Erm… About that…”




Wu Yan interrupted her.


“Mana lives very far from here, I saw her by chance and noticed the locket which rang a bell so I brought her here, if you really want to visit her, you’re going to have to make the necessary arrangement just not today because it will be very late by the time we get there.”


“Yea, Onee-sama, we should talk about this on a later date.”


Mana nodded in a frantic manner. She didn’t know what would happen when that later date arrived but for now, getting through this had more priority.


“I see…”


Shiori decided to delay this for now.


“Okay, we will visit Mana’s family on a later date…”


Mana silently sighed in relief. Now Mana had a bigger problem.


What is she going to do when Shiori wants to see her so called home.


Will she bring Shiori along to her company or AST?


Wu Yan more or less guessed the predicament Mana’s facing. He had other plans for her. He’s pretty sure the bastards at DEM would continue modifying her until she’s somekind of monster or irresponsibly shortening her life to enhance her. Rather than make her live in this house, he has a better plan in store for Mana.

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