Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 467: Your sister is waiting for you to come and have dinner.

Kurumi’s incapitation is not enough to convince Mana to stop. She drew out a large lightsaber and she approached the dying Kurumi in order to deal the final blow just in case she’s still alive.


She’s doing this for a good reason. No matter how many times Mana killed Kurumi, she would come back seemingly from the other side and continue her killing spree.


At this point, even when Mana saw the huge hole in her heart and the pool of blood beneath Kurumi’s body, Mana felt nothing, Kurumi’s blood-stained countenance also didn’t affect Mana in any manner. This just shows how many times Mana had already done this.


Mana decided to deal the final blow, a clean cut to her neck, hopefully the last time she will need to do this. Before she can deliver the coup de grâce, a hand stopped her by firmly grabbing her sword wielding arm.


Mana reflesively looked at the one who stopped her. Wu Yan’s expressionless face made her flinch in surprise, even the AST members hovering in the air are shocked.


“What are you doing?”


Mana questioned him. She knew he’s not a normal person but why is he trying to stop her from finishing off someone who tried to devour him.


He saw how confused she looked and Wu Yan sighed.


“Stop doing this to make yourself feel better. You and I both know this won’t work.”


Mana lowered her head.


“You don’t understand, Tokisaki Kurumi is a special spirit that would come back no matter how many times I kill her.”


“And you think killing her one more time is going to make a difference?”


Wu Yan interrupted Mana. She was rendered speechless and Wu Yan decided to stop for now. Tokisaki Kurumi who is barely alive at the moment tried her best to look at Wu Yan. She longed for him but she didn’t forget to shoot a sarcastic glance Mana’s way. She is also rather calmed even at death’s door as if she has expected this all along. There is just one last thing on her mind, confusion as to why Wu Yan did what he did.


Wu Yan crouched down, he wiped away the blood on her face much to everyone’s bewilderment.


“Abandoning your past is just another way of running. Without facing it and embracing it, one can never truly move forward. If you lack the courage to face your past self, how are you ever going to steadily face the future. At this point, you can’t even change the past even if you went back there.”


Kurumi is befuddled by the warmth Wu Yan showed her in her last moments. Her lips moved but due to her dying state, no words came out, the slow and insidious reach of death has taken a hold of her. She is too weak to do anything than to stare at Wu Yan with wide eyes.


After cleaning up the blood on her face, he caressed her.


“See? You look much better this way…”


Wu Yan stared intently at Kurumi before mumbling.


“I wanted to save you at least one time…”


Kurumi’s fading eyes had a strong will behind them for just a brief moment before death won the tussle once more, this time, in a more decisive manner.


During the last few seconds of her fading life, Kurumi showed regret and desire at the same time. She didn’t want to part with Wu Yan like this. Finally, the string of life broke as evidenced by the lack of life in her eyes.


Wu Yan stopped caressing her and he closed her eyes, giving her the final dignity of a dearly departed. He slowly stood up.


Everyone failed to notice a figure in red and black disappearing from a quiet vantage point, having bear witness to the events that transpired here.


After confirmig Tokisaki Kurumi’s death, Mana and the other AST members all let their guards down. They turned their attention towards the only male here.




Mana hesitated but she decided to let it go.


“Nevermind, you should get out of here. A word of advice, don’t go telling people what you saw here although I think you already know about this…”


The AST members hovering in the air exchanged looks, they are unsure if they should let this person off the hook.


They didn’t protest Mana’s judgment. They aren’t too worried that Wu Yan will talk since nobody would believe him anyway.


Wu Yan shrugged.


“That is my plan, except, you’re going to have to come with me.”


Mana stopped and she replied in an upset tone.


“You’re going to have to do better than that, are you threatening me?”


Wu Yan rolled his eyes.


“No, dummy, I don’t have anything to gain from threatening you.”


“Then, what?”


The displeasure in Mana’s voice is even more obvious now. If not for Wu Yan’s apparent connection to spirit matters, Mana would have ignored ramblings from a random guy.


Wu Yan said something she couldn’t ignore.


“Your Onee-san is waiting for you to come home and eat with her.”


Mana’s jaw dropped.



Mana stared at Shiori who looked 90% similar to her with the other 10% being Shiori’s maturity difference. Mana started trembling and she glomped Shiori.




Shiori who is having a hard time responding to Mana’s affectionate hug started laughing.


Meanwhile, Tohka and Yoshino are still processing the fact that Shiori had another sister. Kotori also felt slightly annoyed that a sister popped out from nowhere. She didn’t like the idea of sharing Shiori with another sister. Wu Yan felt slightly turned off.


He confirmed once more that this is Date A Live and the person rubbing her face all over Shiori is Mana. He had to do this because for a moment there, he thought Mana is Kuroko.




Shiori hugged Mana in a joyful manner. When she was cutting fruits, Wu Yan called her to tell her that he found her younger sister, she was so surprised she almost cut her finger. She didn’t even know she had a biologically related sister.


She waited for Wu Yan’s return in a doubtful manner. However, when she laid eyes on Mana, she was sure that she’s the real deal. Not only did she look way too similar, her instinct told her that this person is someone who is related to her.


This is probably the invisible ties between family members.


Everyone except the jealous Kotori smiled at this heartwarming reunion scene of two sisters.

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