Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 466: You cannot reject me...

Wu Yan and Kurmi looked at Mana who stood opposite to them. In the air, the AST members aimed their guns at them, preparing to shoot if the opportunity arises. They encircled them to make sure they won’t be able to run away easily.




Tobiichi Origami looked at Wu Yan in surprise after scanning the targets this time.


“Why is that guy here?…”


“What’s wrong, Origami?”


The AST squad leader heard Tobiichi Origami mumbling but she didn’t hear her question, seeing as Tobiichi Origami don’t want to elaborate, she looked at the direction Tobiichi Origami is looking at.


When the squad leader spotted Wu Yan, she frowned in confusion.


“That male looks eerily identical to the male spirit suspect that appeared once and disappeared soon after, he looks just like the red devil.”


The squad leader issued a command into her communication device and she shook her head.


“That can’t be, he’s not exhibiting any spiritual signature so he can’t be the red devil. But, why do they so alike?”


“Origami, you fought the Red Devil before, can you check and confirm the identity of this person?”


The squad leader asked of Tobiichi Origami.


Tobiichi Origami didn’t immediately respond, she looked the other way and the squad leader knew what she’s thinking about.


“So he’s not the Red Devil…”


The squad leader knows about Tobiichi Origami hatred of spirits in general. If he’s a spirit she would not protect him. Given her non-hostility, the squad leader surmised that he’s not the Red Devil she heard about.


The squad leader didn’t notice the complex look in Tobiichi Origami’s eyes.


“Hey you there! The male civilian!”


The AST squad leader flew down and she shouted at Wu Yan.


“Get away from here, this place is very dangerous!”


Wu Yan didn’t know he had obtained a new title after descending into this world. He is the very same individual dubbed the Red Devil. The person himself is too busy thinking about how to solve the circumstances surrounding Takamiya Mana.


Mana also only noticed Wu Yan now. She continued in a non-chalant manner.


“Are you on a diet, Nightmare? Your food this time looks rather meager in comparison to your usual diet of 3 to 4 persons.”


“Ara ara…”


Kurumi sneered at Mana.


“You’re awfully ignorant. Shido-san is entirely different from food.”




Mana is honestly shocked at her appraisal.


“This is the first time I have heard talking so highly of another human, I thought you like consuming humans?”



Kurumi laughed out loud. She looked at Wu Yan and she sighed in regret.


“Ah~~ Ah~~, looks like this is the end of our date, what a shame, what a shame…”


“A date?”


Mana raised an eyebrow. She looked at Wu Yan and she can faintly feel that this person is not a normal person.


For one, this guy is completely unfazed by the arrival of AST, he is also awfully used to the sight of Nightmare in her Astral Dress. Normally, a normal human being would be pissing themselves in fear if not outright fainting from the shock. It’s like he’s used to seeing stuff like this.


Synthesizing this piece of information from what Kurumi said, this person didn’t behave like your average scum of the street. He looked like he’s aware of spirits as opposed to some fool who got duped into a trap.


She took note of this guy before turning her attention back to Kurumi.


“Well, whatever, now that I am here, you’re going to stop doing whatever it is you’re planning to do.”


Two small cannons appeared out of the shoulder area of Mana’s CR unit. She shot lasers at Kurumi.


Kurumi tried to dodge but the lasers seem to have a tracking function attached to them as it honed in on Kurumi. Kurumi tried escaping into the sky but the AST members made sure she didn’t have much space to move.


The lasers slowly caught up to her and they pierced her heart with no mercy. Widening her eyes in shock, Kurumi fell to the ground with a thud.


Kurumi spat out a mouthful of blood. A pool of blood slowly spread out with her as the center.


The other AST members saw this scene and they can’t help but admire how easily she took down a spirit. The AST members had sortied multiple times in the past without actually being able to kill any spirit.


They are just so impressed by Mana’s performance.


They didn’t know that strictly speaking, she didn’t kill a spirit because this spirit had multiple copies of herself from different times that she can use to replace her. There are only a small number of ways to really kill Kurumi. Mana must either destroy all her copies or destroy the main body.


After AST circled them, Kurumi had already replaced herself with a disposable copy. Her real body is probably somewhere safe by now.




The Kurumi at death’s door lifted her hand in a slow and tired manner. She left him with a single statement as if she didn’t want to part with him, even as she is bleeding out fast at the moment.


“Y-you’re mine… I will make you mine… if it’s the last thing I do…”


“You can’t reject me!”


She used up all her energy and her hand fell back to the ground in a lifeless manner.


Looking at the vacant eyes of the now deceased clone of Kurumi, Wu Yan didn’t particularly express anything on his face but he still felt a bit sad.


This Kurumi is a clone but she’s like the real Kurumi except she was made to materialize in the here and now from somewhere in the past. In other words, she has feelings and thoughts just like the real Kurumi.


“Abandoning your own past… huh…”


Wu Yan raised his head and he mused about something while looking at the sky.



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