Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 464: There are other ways...

After amusing himself with the scene of Kurumi playing with the sheperd dog, Wu Yan came up with an idea he thought he might try out on Kurumi. He narrowed his eyes before crouching down to rub the sheperd dog.


Wu Yan suddenly turned grim.




Kurumi who was still busy playing with the dog flinched in surprise.


“What’s wrong?”


Wu Yan examined the dog and he raised a disturbing statement.


“There is a problem with this dog.”


“A problem?”


Kurumi stood up while examining the dog in a frantic manner.


“What’s wrong with it? Is it sick?”




Wu Yan shook his head.


“This dog has been poisoned by someone with a type of virus.”




Kurumi’s face turned into one of shock.


“Those AST bastards must be the culprit…”


Wu Yan guessed with a grim look.


“I have seen this type of virus before, I don’t think it has been named but the effects are terrible.”


“Wh-what should we do?”


Kurumi frowned, she hugged the dog tighter. It’s hard to imagine this is the same berserker spirit when she’s behaving like a flustered person. This is mainly due to her love for animals.


“The dog looks fine…”


Kurumi said in an anxious manner.


“It’s okay now but the trouble comes after this…”


Wu Yan bitterly smiled.


“The infected patient won’t exhibit any obvious symptoms but the patient will release a type of gas.”






Wu Yan continued in a grave tone.


“It’s a type of lethal gas that can cause death in nearby living animals.”


“Death to surrounding animals?!”


Kurumi casted an expression of disbelief. She looked at the animal who is still rubbing against her.


“You mean, even us?”


“I am afraid even we will be affected.”


Wu Yan pulled out all his acting talent. He stood up and he stared at the dog with a hint of killing intent.


“I have to end this dog’s life.”




Kurumi turned hostile.


“You’re going to kil lthe dog?”


Kurumi growled.




Wu Yan raised his hand which is now sparkling with electricity.


“Killing it is the only way to make sure the lethal gas does not spread.”


The mood turned tense and the people around them had already been directed away so there are only a few sheeps and dogs here and the two of them.


Kurumi laughed before standing up. She showed him a vicious smile.


“Ara ara, Shido-san, we are on a date so what’s all this talk about killing. You’re making me sad, you’re making me very sad…”


“You and I both know there’s no other way…”


Wu Yan looked back at her without a hint of fear.


“If I don’t this the lethal gas would be released.”


“So what.


Kurumi laughed like she couldn’t care less.


“You and I both won’t die from this right?”


The lethal gas won’t do anything more than to stop Wu Yan for a brief moment and it definitely won’t be able to kill all of Kurumi’s clone spread out in the time continuum.


Wu Yan predicted this, he responded with another question.


“Yea, we won’t die but what about the sheeps and dogs here? What about the other animals?”


Kurumi’s smile froze. Her cold eyes are now glistening with panic. She tried to hide this chink in her armor but Wu Yan picked it up anyway.


“In order to save the other innocent animals, this dog…”


Wu Yan turned his frosty eyes toward the dog.


“Must die!”


Kurumi wanted to rebuff but the feelings of hesitation and sympathy are more overwhelming. She looked at the dog which is still energetically wagging its tail at Kurumi and she gnashed her teeth.


“Is there no other way?…”


“I am open to any suggestion…”


Wu Yan continued.


“Aside from ending this problem at the source, is there any other method to save this dog?”


She looked around and she saw the other animals in the zoo, she turned pale and even her hands are cold. If the patient was a human she might be able to do it since she treated humans as food.


But she likes animals too much to do it.


She has to make the choice, kill the dog to spare the other animals or let it live at the peril of the other animals.


It’s a choice that she thinks is too cruel to be made…




The dog suddenly barked, Kurumi snapped back into reality.


“No no no! Killing the source might not solve this issue, there has to be some other way we can do this.”


Wu Yan dispelled the lightning arcing around him.


“Oh, looks like killing the source isn’t the only solution, if you look for another way you might just find it…”


Kurumi is stunned by this sudden change in attitude. She look confused but she knew Wu Yan is taking a jab at her.


“You understood this logic but you are still hellbent on going back in time to kill the original spirit and wipe the effects it has on the future?”




Kurumi backpedaled away in shock.


“How did you know…”


Wu Yan sighed.


“Kurumi, just because you kill the original spirit, it does not mean you can solve the problem. Not to mention, there are ways to solve your problem that does not involve killing the original spirit.”


Kurumi flinched and she yelled back in a hysteric manner.


“What do you know?! You don’t understand anything!”


“You’re wrong, I know.”


Wu Yan corrected her by interrupting. He asked her.


“If you changed the past, are you sure spirits won’t exist? Are you sure there won’t be another first spirit? You probably know there’s a chance your method might not work, if you continued doing this you’re just telling yourself that it will be okay.”


“No, no, it’s not like that!”


Kurumi stepped back while retorting.


“Only by killing the first spirit will everything return to the way it was. Humans and spirits aren’t meant to co-exist, the spirit’s advent spelled only tragedy and sadness. If I changed this, if everything turned out differently…”


“Yes, that’s right!”


Kurumi lifted her head, her red eyes are brimming with intoxication and passion. She started looking at Wu Yan like he’s a big treasure chest. She laughed like a psychopath.


“That’s why, Shido-san, in order to change everything, I came looking for you, this is all so we can become one. You are just perfect. Perfect!!!”


The air turned tense.




She extended an arm towards Wu Yan while laughing.


“Let us be united!”

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