Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 462: You can't go without dates in this world.

The next day, Tenguu City…


Wu Yan stood at a busy pedestrian junction. The people coming and going made Wu Yan sigh. He looked up at the sky in a daze before he returned his attention to the street.


For the sake of going through a normal date with Kurumi, Wu Yan had to meticulously plan out the itinerary for today. He had to consider more than just places to go, he had to look out for Tohka.


In the original work, the protagonist also went on a date with Kurumi but it would be more accurate to say that the date is more like tortore for the original protagonist. Tohka and Tobiichi Origami came along with the original protagonist and he had to time his exit and entry properly in order to make sure the schedule doesn’t clash. In other words, the original protagonist had to date 3 people at the same time.


Sure, it sounds nice at first glance. However, those who think it is easy should try juggling between meeting 3 different girls at 3 different time and place in perfect synchrony while not getting busted for triple timing.


The date in the original work displayed the trope of “what a small world we live in” perfectly. The 3 girls almost met with each other much to the protagonist’s dismay. He endured the Herculean labor only for it to fall apart at the end when they met.


Since Tobiichi Origami isn’t involved with him at the moment, he didn’t have to worry about her. The issue here is that Tohka had to be managed somehow. Wu Yan played with her the whole night and he had to act as a personal chef for her. She almost caused his True Ancestor body to disintegrate in fatigue.


Luckily for him, Tohka is pretty satisfied so she didn’t wrap herself around Wu Yan. He successfully got away from her. If she followed him, he might have ended up in a very tiring position like the original protagonist did.


Kotori also contributed greatly by explaining Wu Yan’s role in Ratatoskr’s cause of saving spirits. Kotori wasted no small amount of effort in doing so. The purpose of doing this is so that when the situation arises where Tohka’s power will be required, she can be deployed without delay.


Tohka was very moved when she heard about Wu Yan’s role and effort. She probably remembered how Wu Yan dragged her out from her old life. Tohka also wanted to help by bringing Kurumi out of this vicious cycle of malice and fear. When Kotori requested Tohka to be on standby she immediately agreed without any hesitation.


Wu Yan is very happy that Tohka would go the distance to help him out. Of course, he planned to make this beautiful girl help him with other more raunchy favors but for now he rejoiced in how reliable Tohka is as a comrade.


Considering the affection Tohka has for Wu Yan, even if she is jealous she wouldn’t watch Wu Yan get cut or hurt without responding in kind. It’s only natural for her to say yes after she heard about his situation.


Meanwhile, Yoshino said she would do as Shido-niisan told her to do.


Wu Yan continued waiting for Kurumi. At this point, he felt luckier than the original protagonist.


“Shido, you sure you don’t want our help? We have a lot of experts here at Ratatoskr who can…”


Kotori kept asking Wu Yan the same question. It’s like she’s very confident in the exprts who are actually quite terrible at giving advice. He replied in the negative.


“No need.”


Wu Yan firmly refused her offer of support. He just can’t believe she can trust those experts to give sound advice, she is a very smart girl so he wondered where her confidence in the experts came from as it certainly didn’t come from them.


“Then you better watch yourself.”


Kotori continued in a helpless manner. She felt a bit of relief considering that Wu Yan is the one who successfully sealed two spirits. Technically, he sealed three spirits but that’s for a later time.


After some time, Kurumi finally appeared from the other direction. She made her way over to Wu Yan in a slow manner. Wu Yan looked at her and he observed her clothing.


She had her hair tied in twintails that covered her chest. Her ribbons are replaced with flower ornaments and her bangs covered her left eye. She wore an elegant black onepiece with black boots. She looked like a black rose which is as graceful as she is noble. Her porcelain skin also made her look like someone who was born into the high society.


Kurumi’s presence drew the attention of almost every single person in the street. They just can’t help but find themselves mesmerized by her appearance. Even other women stopped and checked her out, she looked that stunning.


When Kurumi saw Wu Yan with her deep red right eye, she donned a brilliant smile that almost caused everyone to go into a daze. The person concerned didn’t concern herself with what the other pedestrians thought, she walked up to him.


“I am sorry for making you wait…”


Kurumi bowed in an apologetic manner.


“It’s okay, I just arrived.”


Wu Yan shrugged.


“More like, it’s only natural for the guy to wait patiently for the girl, is it not?”


“Ara, Shido is a warm person just like I thought!”


Kurumi smiled in a satisfied manner.


“Well then, where are we going?”


Kurumi’s hopeful eyes caused Wu Yan to feel embarrassed and helpless at the same time.


If only Kurumi is this docile…


Wu Yan scratched his cheek. He awkwardly laughed.


“If you don’t mind, I think we should go to the zoo.”


“That idiot!”


Kotori yelled out loud in the control room. She then proceeded to yell at him through the communication earpiece.


“Are you a kid? It’s a date so why did you have to choose the zoo!”


Wu Yan ignored her, he waited for Kurumi to come up with a reply.


Reine and Kyouhei shook their heads in disagreement. They thought Wu Yan had made a terrible mistake. When you talk about dates, it usually involves a combination of going to the cinema or amusement park. If the guy is feeling rich, he can also go to a concert or opera. The zoo seems like a poor choice in compariso. Isn’t that where you take kids?


The situation developed in a manner that the people in the control room didn’t foresee. Their jaws almost hit the floor.


Kurumi lit up in excitement, she responded in the similar manner Mikoto would when she sees Gekota related items. She’s definitely up for this trip much to the surprise of the people in the control room. They exchanged looks with wide eyes.


“Ahaha, are you troubled?”


Wu Yan acted like this is his first rodeo. He apologize with the most sincere tone he can muster.


“I am sorry, I like animals but if you don’t like them we can try other places…”


“Dismiss that thought at once.”


Kurumi interrupted Wu Yan. It’s like she’s worried Wu Yan might really call off the trip to the zoo.


“The zoo sounds terrific, by all means, we must visit the zoo!”


The people in the control room needed to close their mouths because everyone is making an ‘O’ shape with their mouths.


Are they looking at the same insane spirit known as Tokisaki Kurumi?…

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