Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 461: An invitation to a date?...

After that, Tokisaki Kurumi started touring the school with Wu Yan in tow like a normal student. They talked about the places in the school and they would talk like the conversation from before never happened. If not for the golden eye she is hiding, one might not suspect she’s a spirit from how she behaved and talked.


Wu Yan didn’t say anything about her change in attitude. He just showed her the school like he was told to do. Any outside would be unaware of how their fates have entangled with each other.


The people over at Ratatoskr aren’t having a good day right now. They have to constantly monitor Tokisaki Kurumi’s action and her emotional state in addition to coming up with scenarios and alternatives to deal with said scenarios. Needless to say, they are probably going to sleep in on their next day off due to the accumulated fatigue.


Meanwhile, Kotori smashed countless Chupa Chups with her teeth. She feels like Tokisaki Kurumi is playing with her, she is touring the school while making Kotori sit on her edge which infuriates Kotori.


They kept looking around until sunset. As the golden sky started turning darker and darker, their day together is at an end.


Wu Yan felt speechless when he saw how composed Tokisaki Kurumi looked. She glistened in the sun’s twilight hour and she beamed at him while elegantly holding onto her school beg.


If possible, Wu Yan would like to ask Tokisaki Kurumi to stay docile like this.


“I am sorry for troubling you this whole afternoon, Shido-san…”


Tokisaki Kurumi smiled while tilted her head to one side.


“I had a very fun time…”


Wu Yan studied her expression and she didn’t mind it at all. She just kept smiling like a real doll. Wu Yan sighed before he tried to end the conversation.


“I see, well then, Tokisaki Kurumi-san…”


“Please, call me Kurumi.”


Tokisaki Kurumi got very close with him, the kind of distance where Wu Yan felt very pressured by her overly familiar attitude.


“Okay, Kurumi…”


Kurumi seemed genuinely happy that he called her by her first name. She continued.


“Shido-san, can you answer one request of mine?…”




Wu Yan’s lip twitched.


“Spare me on the offer to join as one with you, I don’t want any piece of that…”


“Ara ara, surely you jest…”


Kurumi tilted her head in a cute manner before she pleaded with puppy eyes.


“Actually, I am not familiar with this city. If possible, I would like to impose on you to accompany me while we check out the city?”


Wu Yan flinched.


“I-is this you asking me out on a date?”


“If you will grace me with that chance yes.”


Kurumi smiled. She’s not bashful or anything, it’s like she is asking him to join her for a dine and wine.


Wu Yan scanned Kurumi but he can’t find any weakness in that poker face. She looked earnest enough, if she is faking this she has got some serious acting skills.


Wu Yan is not sure if he should go ahead with her offer. He has to worry about Kurumi devouring him the first chance she gets.


Even if he rejected her, ignoring her reaction, he would have a hard time clearing his own quest, specifically, quest 2 that required him to associate with Kurumi or find some other way to seal her. She is a kind girl deep inside but her personality leaves much to be desired.


Kurumi noticed Wu Yan’s hesitation, she stood there patiently waiting for Wu Yan’s reply. She didn’t mind that they are looking at each other in silence.


“Shido, say yes.”


Kotori’s voice came from the earpiece, surprising Wu Yan who was seriously considering his options. He felt slightly confused but he listened to her anyway.


“Tokisaki Kurumi is our target so if we spent more time interacting with her, amybe we will get some useful information. Furthermore, it would be more beneficial for us to observe her like this than to let her go loose, given the danger she poses to other people.”


Kotori continued with her explanation while pouting.


“Plus, we have Tohka and Yoshino on our side, with the power of two spirits by your side and your own power to boot, we can easily take her down if we wanted to.”


Kotori isn’t hiding her displeasure for having to deal with Tokisaki Kurumi. The scenario that played out in this world is different from the original work. In the original work, Shido’s sealing ability is unreliable in that spirits who are emotionally unstable or have strong resolve can regain their spiritual powers despite being sealed.


However, since Kotori can’t use power after being sealed with the sealing bracelet, she has no other way to use her power other than from getting Wu Yan’s permission.


If she could use her power she would have gave Tokisaki Kurumi a piece of her mind for causing her so much trouble.


Kotori is very confident that she can beat Tokisaki Kurumi if given the chance, and she did kick Tokisaki Kurumi’s butt in the original work.


Kotori’s words dispelled the last shred of hesitation in Wu Yan. He nodded and he replied to Tokisaki Kurumi’s invitation.


“Okay, tomorrow right? I will be there.”



Tokisaki Kurumi smiled in a radiant manner. She stepped two steps back and she bade him farewell with a curtsy.


“Alright, I will be taking my leave now.”


She turned around and she walked away. She seemed to be in a jolly mood as she left Wu Yan’s sight.


When Tokisaki Kurumi finally walked so far away he can’t see her Wu Yan sighed in relief.


He might look cool as a cucumber but he had been holding his guard up against Kurumi for the whole day.


One wrong move and there would have been a serious fighting event that would draw many innocent sutdents and teacher into the crossfire.


He also had to stay on his toes because Tokisaki Kurumi might pull him into her City of Devouring time in order to absorb his time.


He didn’t want to admit it but with his present ability, he can only handle Tokisaki Kurumi if she didn’t pull out her angel on him. If she did he would be in serious trouble.


“Looks like I can’t skip out on my training, I still need to grow stronger.”


He massaged his forehead to alleviate some of the pent-up fatigue. He looked at the direction where Kurumi disappeared into. According to how it played out in the original work, this looks like the same time and place where some flirty good-for-nothings get done in for trying to pickup Kurumi. They don’t know they are about to get devoured in a gruesome manner.


Wu Yan decided not to go and meddle. If the victims-to-be are innocent people, he might have gone and persuaded Tokisaki Kurumi not to eat them but since they are a bunch of horny scumbags, Wu Yan thought it would be best for society as a whole if these people disappeared. He knew Tokisaki Kurumi wouldn’t risk offending him just for a few petty humans.


Just because his identity is Itsuka Shido didn’t mean he needed to act like the original protagonist. He’s not going to suddenly turn all saint-like and pity or spare villains. He had already killed a lot of people so the blood of a few more scumbags on his hand didn’t particularly bother him. If only those victims-to-be are innocent people…


“I should plan for tomorrow’s date.”

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