Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 460: I want to become one with you

In one of the hallways of Raizen High, Wu Yan and Tokisaki Kurumi walked while maintaining silence as if they are complete strangers. That would be true if not for the fervent look Tokisaki Kurumi gave Wu Yan every now and then.


They kept walking in the hallway with that awkward silence. As time went on, the people around them decreased until they reached a place where there’s nobody around.


The two of them slowed down, Wu Yan yawned with his arms cushioning the back of his head, he asked Tokisaki Kurumi.


“So, why are you here?”


Tokisaki Kurumi laughed. She turned towards Wu Yan with a weird look.


“Ara ara, Shido-san, why are you asking that?”


Wu Yan stopped and Tokisaki Kurumi followed suit. Wu Yan grinned at Tokisaki Kurumi.


“Don’t tell me you’re here to go to school?”


Tokisaki Kurumi’s pretty eyes turned into eery crescent shapes. She stepped forward, pushing her body against Wu Yan’s torso, she kept drawing closer to Wu Yan’s head.


Frowning, Wu Yan subconsciously stepped back. This girl with screws loose in her head kept encroaching with no concept of personal space. Wu Yan helplessly backpedaled away from her.


When Wu Yan’s back touched something hard and cold, Tokisaki Kurumi pinned Wu Yan against the wall. From an angle, he looks like he’s embracing her. Her soft body and those great knockers are pressing against Wu Yan’s chest. Wu Yan felt very confused with this situation but Tokisaki Kurumi isn’t done just yet. She rubbed her head against his chest before revealing her flushed look to Wu Yan.


“That woman!”


Inside the control room, Kotori crushed the Chupa Chups in her mouth out of sheer anger. Everyone shivered from her brutality, they can also sense that she’s not in a very good mood.


It’s fine if it’s other spirits as long as that spirit isn’t someone named Tokisaki Kurumi.


Tokisaki Kurumi is a crazy lady for sure but she’s crazy hot as well. Wu Yan found himself responding to her flushed look and he wanted to scold himself for his lack of integrity.


Enduring his racing heart, Wu Yan turned his face the other way.


“I say, I still don’t understand what you want…”




Tokisaki Kurumi tilted her head and she smiled.


“Is this not to Shido-san’s liking?”


Wu Yan shook his head.


“Are you someone who would do stuff like this?”


Tokisaki Kurumi nodded without hesitation.


“Ah, that’s right. If it’s Shido-san I am more than happy to…”


Wu Yan choked on his words. He sighed and continued.


“I don’t think I am that much of a ladykiller, my charms probably wouldn’t work on a pretty girl like you, at least, I don’t think I can make you fall for me at first sight…”


“Ara ara, you’re selling yourself short Shido-san…”


Tokisaki Kurumi’s moist eyes had a charmed look.


“After laying my eyes upon you that day, I have been thinking about you day and night. Your figure kept stirring and dancing in my mind, I am on the verge of going insane just thinking about you!”


She embraced his neck and she purred.


“That’s why, I came for you. Only in this manner can we become one, yes, just like this, I feel so full of happiness…”


Listening to her confession, Wu Yan’s jaw dropped as he panicked. He has close to 10 wives, however, a passionate expression of emotion like this is something you won’t see coming out of Hinagiku or Mikoto’s mouth any time soon.


Technically, this is the first time someone confessed their feelings to him.


Wu Yan started fidgeting like an innocent boy. Just by looking at his expression, one wouldn’t be able to guess that this guy actually has 8 wives.


Tokisaki Kurumi never stopped caressing Wu Yan’s body, even a true gentleman would have a hard time resisting her charms much less a fake gentleman like Wu Yan.


Wu Yan tried to put a lid on the carnal flames burning within him, he is blushing hard like a maiden who is being teased by her crush. He’s so close to tearing up here.


While he is in a weird spot of pleasure, another tsundere twintails in the control room almost went on a rampage. She is also blushing very hard because she is enduring the emotion rampaging inside her.


Tokisaki Kurumi amused herself with Wu Yan’s reaction. She pressed forward as if she wanted to merge into Wu Yan’s body.


“Ne, Shido-san…”


Tokisaki Kurumi smiled.


“Can you please fulfill this little request of mine? Come with me…”


Tokisaki Kurumi’s smile turned into a nasty grin. Her passionate eyes remained the same as she spelled her request out.




Tokisaki Kurumi’s words are like cold water that shook Wu Yan back into his rational mind. Her words cooled him down considerably.


“Look, Tokisaki Kurumi…”


Wu Yan uttered in a low tone.


“Are you screwing with me?…”


“Ara, I am very serious, Shido-san…”


Still very amorous and captivated by Wu Yan, she continued.


“If Shido-san accepts me and becomes one with me, we can spend every day in each other’s company!”


Without further examination, it would sound like Tokisaki Kurumi’s inviting him for some potato mashing and if it’s anyone but Wu Yan, they would probably be drawn in by her charms. However, Wu Yan knew what she meant by “becoming one”, it ain’t pretty or raunchy.


She’s saying she wants to eat Wu Yan, again, not in a cheeky or adult’s playtime sense of the word.


Tokisaki Kurumi is saying that she had not forgotten about Wu Yan’s infinite time and the ability to materialize her wish.


She is in love with Wu Yan, too much even. Her feelings are so heavy that nobody can possibly be expected to accept it, including Wu Yan.


“Do you think I would say yes?”

Wu Yan told her off nonchalantly. Her fervent look disappeared without a trace.


Giggling, she let go of Wu Yan and she gestured for him to lead her.


“Now, Shido-san, let’s continue going around the school.”


Looking at Tokisaki Kurumi who gave up easier than expected, Wu Yan scratched his head in puzzlement but he still continued giving her a tour of the school.


Tokisaki Kurumi covered her mouth while laughing.


“I told you, no is not an answer…”

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