Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 459: Kotori's arrangement, Wu Yan's plan

Somewhere in Tengu city’s airspace, Fraxinus.


Everyone is busy in the control room. They didn’t predict Tokisaki Kurumi’s arrival, they looked at the screen in disbelief. Even Kyouhei, Reine, and Tatsuwa are surprised by Tokisaki Kurumi’s appearance in school.


The control room main entrance opened and Kotori walked in as everyone greeted her. Her presence settled the anxiety in everyone’s heart. Kotori commanded this much respect in her organization.




Kyouhei, Reine, and Tatsuwa released sighs of relief when they saw her walking in. With Kotori here, Ratatoskr will probably be around for a lot longer.


“Give me a sitrep.”


She sat down with a stern look. She stared at Tokisaki Kurumi without revealing her thoughts.


“Nothing yet as of now, it doesn’t look like Tokisaki Kurumi is planning on causing a ruckus.”


Kyouhei questioned why Tokisaki Kurumi would show up like this, it’s like she wants to get caught.


Kotori opened a Chupa Chups like a pro and she Gate of Babyloned it up before continuing.


“Tokisaki Kurumi is here for Shido.”


“That seems to be the case.”


Tatsuwa replied. Since he is in charge of supporting Wu Yan, he should be familiar with Wu Yan’s special properties as well.


“The spirit invited the squad leader to show her the ropes around the school and the squad leader agreed.”



Tatsuwa frowned in confusion.


“That’s Tokisaki Kurumi, she’s a very dangerous existence right? And it’s pretty clear that she came targeting the squad leader why did he agree to her request? Surely, he’s not trying to pull some moves on her? Won’t that put him in a very dangerous position?”


“I am afraid he can’t say no…”


Kotori narrowed her eyes.


“Knowing Tokisaki Kurumi, she probably held or is planning to hold the students of Raizen High hostage.”


Tatsuwa looked at the screen while clenching his fists.


“But the squad leader…”


Kotori stared at the screen and she shifted her attention to Wu Yan in the screen. She mumbled.


“Shido, what’s your plan…?”


Kotori looked at Tatsuwa.


“Have you contacted Shido?”


“I did…”


Tatsuwa gnashed his teeth.


“He told me to report that Tokisaki Kurumi probably won’t be starting a fight here. He told us not to take any reckless moves aside from observing the situation and taking action only when the need arises.”


Kotori nodded.


“Shido’s choice was correct.”


Kotori stood up and she gave the order.


“Everyone, get into your position. If anything happens, be prepared to go into combat mode.”




They replied in the affirmative even if they are shocked. The combat mode is never initiated aside from AST confrontation since Ratatoskr is an organization that aims to protect and save spirits. Right now, the order has been given to initiate combat mode at a moment’s notice, this is a first.


They didn’t hesitate though since they are dealing with Tokisaki Kurumi, a spirit that can kill without remorse. Against such a spirit, even the people in the control room are exposed to danger, combat mode being on standby seems appropriate.


Kotori looked a bit better after passing the order down. However, she still felt anxious so she sent Tatsuwa.


“Yatsuki, you’re to go to Raizen High and be on standby.”




Tatsuwa quickly ran out of the control room.


She looked at everyone around her who are busy with their own stuff and she rubbed the sealing bracelet on her wrist. She calmed down and she began observing how Wu Yan hanlded things.


“Shido, please don’t get hurt…”




Tokisaki Kurumi’s appearance is just another thing to talk about for the students of this school. She’s very beautiful and elegant that’s why the whole school is talking about her. But, anyone who is familiar with Tokisaki Kurumi would know that is only the surface of her true personality. She’s actually quite a crazy lady.


There is no telling what she’s going to do.


Everyone stared at Wu Yan who is with Tokisaki Kurumi in jealousy and admiration. They left the classroom to get lunch while Shiori persuaded Tohka to leave Wu Yan and Tokisaki Kurumi alone in the classroom.


“Squad leader, I am here at Raizen high.”


Tatsuwa’s voice came from his earpiece in his pocket. Wu Yan flinched before he replied.


“Yatsuki, you are to go to Shiori’s side and await orders for evacuation on the contigency that Tokisaki Kurumi goes on a rampage. Your job is to keep her safe!”




Tatsuwa gasped.


“But what about you…”


“Don’t worry about me!”


He tried to keep his voice low.


“If I can’t deal with it, you probably can’t help much too.”


Tatsuwa stayed silent for a brief moment before he replied.


“Understood, squad captain.”


The communication ended and Wu Yan stood up as he massaged his aching temples. Meanwhile, Tokisaki Kurumi stood there like she’s meant to be there.


“I will troubling you for a bit, please take care of me…”


Tokisaki Kurumi said while tilting her head. She’s talking with him like it’s their first time meeting, her tone is also composed.




Wu Yan sighed.


“Let’s go…”


Tokisaki Kurumi beamed at him. She nodded and she followed Wu Yan with a satisfied look.


Tohka peeked at the entrance of the classroom from the other entrance. She pouted at Wu Yan and Tokisaki Kurumi who are walking further and further away.


“What is that girl’s deal? She could have got anyone else but Shido yet she chose him.”


This anxiety is different from the one she felt when she’s with other girls, this girl felt dangerous.


“Let’s follow them…”


Tohka said, Shiori’s words stopped her before she can rush up to them.


“You see, you shouldn’t get too clingy or the other party will hate you…”


“Being hated by Shido…”


Tohka pursed her lips. She paced back and forth while ruminating about this before she stomped away in a huff, away from the two.

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