Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 458: Tokisaki Kurumi comes...

The second morning, the girls had their breakfast while grumbling about how Wu Yan didn’t make breakfast because he liked sleeping in. Other than that, it’s business as usual.


Kotori is still in her commander mode even when she went to sleep. This is an unthinkable scenario for Wu Yan mainly because now he has to suffer at the rough waking methods commander mode Kotori devised.


She’s not as nice as imouto mode Kotori. She won’t call him Onii-chan nor will she nudge him awake. She preferred a more efficient method like kicking him and pulling his blanket away so he would wake up on the cold floor instead of the warm bed.


If not because Shiori is still here, she might have ordered Wu Yan to make breakfast. Mean or not, she’s still a fan of his cooking.


After sending Yoshino to Fraxinus for daycare under Reine, they departed towards the school.


Tengu city, Raizen High school…


The cute teacher in charge of the class looked at everyone and she nodded in a satisfied manner. She then opened her arms wide, still looking cute as a hamster, she announced something.


“Good morning everyone! Today, a transfer student will be joining us…”


The students looked at each other in a speechless manner. Itsuka Shido was the first transfer student, then came Tohka and now there’s another transfer student. Is this transfer student Grand Central station?


Shiori, Tohka, and Tobiichi Origami are as confused as Wu Yan is. He woke up from his morning slumber supplement after hearing the words transfer student.


A transfer student? Around this time?


He recalled the identity of this newcomer even before she made her appearance. After Tohka, the next transfer student is none other than her.


“Come, introduce yourself…”


Everyone turned their attention toward the classroom entrance. She casually walked her way over to the front of the classroom before revealing her face to everyone. A lot of the students widened their eyes when they saw her.


Two long braids of black hair resting in front of her chest, bangs so long it covered her left eye revealing only her right eye which is red in color, her smooth and white skin reminded them of pearls, she wore the Raizen High black school uniform like a star. This coupled with the pair of black stockings she had on made her look out of this world in terms of appearance.


She wrote down her name on the blackboard and she gave everyone an amiable smile.


“My name’s Tokisaki Kurumi, pleased to meet you all.”


It’s the spirit of time, Tokisaki Kurumi. The very same spirit that tried to eat Wu Yan, not in a fun way.


The students regained rational senses when Tokisaki Kurumi finished her sentence. They are too smitten by her to do anything but gasp in shock at her beauty.


Tokisaki Kurumi didn’t mind the reaction, she scanned the room until she located Wu Yan who is looking at her with a poker face. Her eyes lit up and she revealed a seemingly sweet smile that got her a lot of howling from the boys.


Wu Yan bitterly smiled at everyone’s reaction. Sure, she looked elegant standing there like that but what would happen if they find out she’s a mass murderer who killed more than 10,000 humans? He had a hard time believing she’s a crazy spirit until he actually fought her.


Tokisaki Kurumi hid her sneer with a perfect smile.


“Oh, I should mention this but I am a spirit…”


Everyone who was cheering stared at her in a dumbfounded manner. It’s like she said something ridiculous.


Wu Yan bitterly laughed while Tohka and Tobiichi Origami’s mouth turned into an O-shape.


The homeroom teacher started dripping cold sweat as she tried to keep the class going. She awkwardly laughed.


“That’s erm… quite an introduction isn’t it?…”


The homeroom teacher wiped away the sweat on her forehead as she wondered why her transfer students are all so quirky?


In order to prevent Tokisaki Kurumi from saying ridiculous things again, the homeroom teacher continued in a panicky manner.


“Well then, please take a seat…”


“Before that, can we sort something out?”


Tokisaki Kurumi requested after interrupting the homeroom teacher. The teacher could do nothing but smile even if the smile look forced.




“I am still unfamiliar with many places and processes in this school. If possible, I would like someone to show me the ropes around here…”




Wu Yan cursed the moment she said this. He knew the outcome of this after reading about it in the original work. She’s probably going to pick him. Why though? Does she really think Wu Yan would say yes?


She didn’t know about Wu Yan’s internal turmoil, she also ignored the amorous response from the boys. She approached Wu Yan who is covering his face with his hands like an ostrich hiding its head in the ground.


“Can I look forward to your help? Shido-san…”


She beamed at him like an elegant noble lady, it’s like she can’t get the message what with Wu Yan hiding his face and all. Tohka and Shiori are just as surprised as the boys who got turned down.


It’s like time stood still, the boys all looked at Wu Yan like he’s public enemy no.1 while the other girls gossiped.


They didn’t expect this average-looking guy to attract the attention of a goddess like her.


“This girl…”


Tohka glared at Tokisaki Kurumi with a bit of hostility, she gnashed her teeth at her.


“Why Shido? Could it be that…”




Shiori speculated while rubbing her chin. She saw how jealous Tohka looked and she commented.


“Oops, trouble inbound…”


Wu Yan is so annoyed by all this attention he is getting. He almost yelled out loud that they really should be careful with what they wish since Tokisaki Kurumi is a very dangerous individual.


Tokisaki Kurumi leaned down and she whispered something into his ears.


“I said it before, you can’t reject me…”


Tokisaki Kurumi’s red eyes shined when she scanned everyone in the room. The implication here is very clear without having her spell it out for him.


Wu Yan sighed after staring back at Tokisaki Kurumi.




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