Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 457: The end to a long day...

The night slowly descend upon the land as the sun went down beyond the horizon. One could just faintly make out the stars dotting the night sky adding a bit of color to the black monotone. The moon, however, is nowhere to be seen.


A luxurious car parked itself outside of the Itsuka residence. When the door opened, 1 male and 3 females got down from the car.


They are Wu Yan & co who returned from their trip to the hot spring resort.


“Well, I am returning now…”


Murasame Reine who had baggy eyes bid her farewell. She is the one who did the most work during this trip. She drove them there but she didn’t bath with the gang. She did her own stuff while the others had fun in the hot spring. What a professional woman.


When she left, everyone turned their attention back towards the house. Meanwhile, Yoshino looked up at the starry skies with an entranced look.


The stars littering the sky like beautiful gems suspended in the sky. Her eyes are reflecting the stars making her eyes look stellar as well.


Wu Yan stopped and he asked Yoshino.


“What’s the matter?”


Surprised by the sudden question, she bashfully replied.


“Erm… it’s so pretty…”




Wu Yan raised his head and he took in the sight. True enough, the scenery above them is as beautiful as it gets but he is more or less used to this. For one, the scene of the sky and sea merging together during his trip with the girls to the beach in Hayate The Combat Butler’s world is much more gorgeous than this.


Of course, Wu Yan didn’t say anything since he knew why Yoshino is behaving like this.


He squatted down and he rubbed her head through her hoodie. He continued in a soft tone.


“Have you never seen this before?…”


Yoshino enjoyed being rubbed like this, she narrowed her eyes while blushing. She replied in a small voice.


“Nn, I have never seen anything like this…”


Tohka and commander mode Kotori turned around with sympathetic eyes.


Yoshino is a spirit of ice and water. Every time she descended, she would bring about rainclouds due to her spiritual powers. Every time she looks up at the sky, she would only see the same old grey clouds hanging overhead.


The crowd remembered how she woke up with a sunny face after looking at the bright blue sky.


She’s really pitiful in this way.


Wu Yan tickled her nose.


“Brace yourself, you have all the time in the world to enjoy sceneries like this…”


Yoshino nodded with a blissful expression. Her happiness is infectious as everybody smiled when they saw her smiling.


He rubbed her head one last time before standing up. He hesitated at the thought of entering this house. He turned towards Kotori.


“Kotori, maybe you should revert back to imouto mode?”


Wu Yan asked. In order to avoid dragging Shiori into Kotori’s operation, she’s hesitant in showing the commander persona in front of Shiori. This is also the reason Wu Yan can get away with bullying Kotori.


Kotori uttered a cold hmph and she mumbled.


“It’s all because of you…”


“What was that?”


Because her volume was too low, Wu Yan the pervert couldn’t catch that. He’s even more curious and confused now.


Kotori leered at Wu Yan before yelling out loud.


“I said It’s none of your business!”


She yelled right into Wu Yan’s ear and this resulted in Wu Yan being stunned like somebody had hit him with a stun grenade.


Pouting, Kotori flailed her twintails and she approached the door to their residence. She wanted to tell him that imouto mode Kotori’s bubbly and innocent personality can’t look Wu Yan in the eyes after what transpired between them in the hot spring.


“Kotori’s a strange girl…”


Tohka supported Wu Yan who is still recovering from the ringing in his ears. She pursed her lips at Kotori.


“It’s like she’s another person altogether…”


Well, her personality is completely different after all.


Wu Yan, Tohka, and Yoshino followed Kotori as they entered the house. The three girls announced their return with a tadaima while Shiori came down from the upper stairs to greet them.


Shiori smiled warmly at them.


“Was the hot spring trip fun?”


Yoshino and Tohka nodded energetically. The hot spring experience is a totally foreign one to them, they are accustomed to either fighting or running from people who are trying to kill them at every junction.


Shiori didn’t know but the fact that they had fun is all she needed to know. Shiori noticed Kotori’s different look, she asked her about the sudden change.


“Kotori, when did you switch the colors of your ribbon?”


I knew it…


Kotori silently sighed. She donned a bubbly smile as she hugged Shiori’s arm, she behaved exactly like when she’s wearing her white ribbons.


“Nee-chan, my ribbons got wet in the hot spring…”


“I see…”


Shiori didn’t doubt what she said. She nodded while Wu Yan suffered a massive bout of chills. He looked at the angelic smile on her face and the black ribbons on her head. She is, without a shred of doubt, in commander mode. Wu Yan’s lip twitched but he turned his head the other way.


She’s acting spoiled but Wu Yan can’t calm down nor can he believe that commander mode Kotori is capable of acting like this. Luckily for him, Kotori can’t read Wu Yan’s thoughts, if she could he would be executed by now.


Wu Yan laid on his bed, he sighed while thinking about something.


Aside from the trip to the beach in Hayate The Combat Butler’s world, he really didn’t let loose much since then.


But, it’s not like he didn’t get the chance to rest every now and then. He lived a student’s life in Hakuo Academy, he also went on numerous dates with the girls in Toaru No Majutsu world. Not to mention, he made a lot of fun memories in Silvaria as well.


Compared to the other Isekai MCs who are too busy training or doing quests, his life right now with the System is the best.


I wonder how Hinagiku and the others are doing? Is Flandre-chan being obedient? I kinda miss them right now…


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