Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 454: The curious splashes in the hot spring

Inside the fitting room of the hot springs, Wu Yan helped Yoshino out of her clothes while she blushed, revealing her petite figure which he had seen yesterday.


Wu Yan turned his head the other way not because he’s a gentleman but because he’s afraid he might lose control.


“Shido-san, Shido-san, you’re acting so bashful…”


Yoshinon teased Wu Yan who replied by rolling his eyes. He picked up a towel and he wrapped it around Yoshino’s torso.


Wu Yan also got out of his clothes, he picked up a towel and wrapped it around his waist, his firm chest and smoking abs are now in full view. His lustrous skin and strong heartbeat signaled his strong vitality.


Examining his own body, Wu Yan silently laughed, his original otaku body would need a lot of gym and discipline to reach the state his body is currently in.


Maybe this is one of the side effects of True Ancestor.


“Yoshino, don’t forget to tie your hair up…”




She’s already reducing the frequency of stuttering mid-sentence after just a few days together. However, she still needed work in terms of speaking up in a louder tone since she still spoke in a timid tone.


When Yoshinon came back, she was surprised at the advancement Yoshino had made in just a day. She didn’t expect such huge improvements in such a short time.


While Yoshino is busy tying her hair up, Wu Yan chose three towels and he folded them up in rectangular shapes. It’s a pain in the butt to do this and put a towel on top of his head when in the bath but since it looks like a custom here, he reckoned that he would do as the Romans do when in Rome.


Wu Yan brought Yoshino along with him as they finally entered the hot springs. Opening the door, they found two other figures there.




Tohka waved at Wu Yan with a look of satisfaction.


“Come here quickly! This is so great, it feels way better than bathing at home…”


Wu Yan didn’t reply because he’s taken hostage by the scenery here.


Kotori sat in front of Tohka and she did her best to hide her body from Wu Yan’s view while clutching her bath towel. She looked very much like a chaste maiden with her flushed face that might be from the heat of the hot springs or because she’s embarrassed.


Tohka didn’t cover up with her bath towel, she leaned against the sides of the hot springs. She closed her eyes as she basked in the comfortable experience the hot springs offered. Her bountiful twin mountains are mostly shielded from view by the water of the hot springs but her opulent chest could still be seen.


Wu Yan gulped when he saw how delightful the both of them looked. He silently scolded himself for building up so little resistance after having been around his other 8 wives for such a long time.


Wu Yan lowered his posture and he tried to cover the area where he’s pitching a tent from the girls’ view. He had achieved tumescence having failed in resisting their beauty.


“It does look enticing doesn’t it?”


Yoshinon danced around on top of Yoshino’s hand.


“Yoshinon wants a go at it as well!”


Yoshino also couldn’t resist after hearing YOshinon, she approached the hot spring and she soaked her little feet in the body of water. She closed her eyes as her cheeks started turning red. It seems like the hot spring is also working its magic on Yoshino.


She got into the hot spring and she swam over to Tohka’s side before sitting down.


Wu Yan approached the hot spring in an ecstatic manner. He looked at Yoshino and Tohka who are enjoying their bath. He looked at Kotori who is by herself and he had a fiendish idea.


He sat at Kotori’s side without any hesitation.


Kotori got timider when Wu Yan sat down beside her, she blushed even harder while clenching her bath towel. However, she didn’t distance herself from Wu Yan.


The hot spring got quiet when Wu Yan entered.


Tohka and Yoshino looked like they are dozing off from how comfortable the hot spring is. Kotori is so jealous of them, she wanted nothing more than to let herself go but with Wu Yan by her side, she couldn’t calm down enough to enjoy the bath.


Wu Yan used a volume that only Kotori can hear.


“Kotori, is it safe to say you didn’t bring the black ribbons into the hot springs?…”


Kotori flinched in surprise, she tilted her head at this sudden question but she still replied earnestly.


“I didn’t, if I brought them here they would get wet…”


Wu Yan grinned at her as a dangerous glint appeared in his eyes.


Kotori knew she had screwed up. Her heart started racing but before she can do anything, a hand had already found its way on top of her porcelain thigh.


Kotori froze up, she muttered a yelp in the form of a cough as disbelief spread across her face. She turned around mechanically, she had to confirm that it’s not Wu Yan but alas it’s him, it’s pretty evident what with his nasty sneer and all.


“Onii-chan, you…”


Dyed deep red, Kotori wanted to yell at Wu Yan but he dispelled her thought with a simple line.


“Tohka and Yoshino are still nearby you know…”


Kotori pouted in protest but she still swallowed her complaint.


Wu Yan started moving his hand.


Kotori can feel the warmth from Wu Yan’s hand seeping into her body. Her heart started pounding hard from Wu Yan’s hot hand which seems enchanted with magic. A moan almost leaked out from Kotori.


She bit down on her lips before that happened. She looked at both Tohka and Yoshino with shameful tears at the corners of her eyes.


She’s afraid that they might open their eyes and see her embarrassing display. She’s going to be so embarrassed she won’t be able to look at people in the eyes for quite some time.


Kotori pressed down on Wu Yan’s brutish hand. She pleaded with him.


“Onii-chan, please don’t…”


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow, he glanced at Tohka and Yoshino. He grinned at Kotori and he continued rubbing without heeding Kotori’s resistance.


Kotori flinched and she used two hands to try and stop Wu Yan’s advance without any success, it’s like he had unparalleled strength, he kept rubbing her thigh as he pleased.


“O-onii-chan…No… They are going to find out…”


Kotori said with a trembling voice. She didn’t raise her voice because the two might wake up.


Will Wu Yan listen to her? Of course not…

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