Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 452: Sneaky peeky young ladies...



Yoshino looked at the sealing bracelet on her wrist. Her eyes are beaming with curiosity and astonishment. She felt her powers being suppressed until she can feel them no more.


She could feel the moisture and water in the air before but now she cannot feel them anymore. She also can’t manipulate the temperature and state of water anymore.


She can still feel her spiritual powers within her but she can’t use them.


Aside from mutual agreement between Yoshino and Wu Yan who is now an integral part of her life, she can’t use her spirit powers.


Yoshino didn’t perceive this situation as being undesirable, if anything, she even wanted this. Now she does not have to worry about hurting people accidentally with her powers.


Wu Yan released a sigh of relief. He smiled before looking at the flashy array of white bracelets on his wrist.


He now has three bracelets, one for Tohka, one for Yoshino, and another for Flandre-chan. The bracelets took up about half of his right forearm.


This is just the start, he still has to account for Tokisaki Kurumi and Kotori’s bracelet. He might just have an armguard made of sealing bracelets when he’s done with this world.


He’s going to look so tacky at the end of this.


Sighing, he decided to ignore this.


Screw it, they are armguards now.


With the bracelets dangling at his wrist, it’s like he had his own mini-forearm guard.


“How do you feel? Getting used to it?”


He grinned. Now, Yoshino won’t have to worry about losing control of her powers.


Yoshino nodded slowly but she quickly shook her head. She kept opening and closing her mouth like she’s not sure how to vocalize her own feelings at the moment. Wu Yan amused himself with her cute antics.


He pulled her closer and he smiled at her.


“Maa, take your time. I am going to make sure nobody can come after you from today onwards.”


“Come closer, let me wash your hair…”


Wu Yan sounded a bit lewd but Yoshino still let him touch her hair anyway. She also lowered her head while blushing like mad.


The two of them are so engrossed in their own world that they failed to notice somebody opening the translucent partition separating the fitting room and the rest of the house opening ever so slowly.


A girl with deep purple hair peeked inside the fitting room. She scanned the room before entering on tiptoes. Silently, she closed the door.


She’s Tohka.


Looking at the door to the bathroom not far away, she looked around and she spotted Wu Yan’s clothes in a laundry bin much to her anger.


“What is Shido doing taking a bath with Yoshino?”


Tohka stomped while clenching her fists.


Luckily for Wu Yan, she had her powers sealed with the sealing bracelet. If she wasn’t sealed with that, her spirit powers may have somewhat returned to her.


The probable result of that would be the utter destruction of the bathroom, at least.


When Tohka is about to peek and look at the situation inside the bathroom, she noticed somebody that caught her eyes. She gasped and…




Tohka wanted to yell her name out loud but a hand stopped her before she could.




Kotori signaled for her to remain quiet. She pointed at the door to the bathroom and it’s clear what she meant by this.


Tohka blinked and she got the gist of the situation so Kotori released her while sighing in relief. They exchanged looks and they had different expressions.


Tohka wondered why Kotori’s here. Tohka came here because she wasn’t cool with the idea of Wu Yan taking a bath with Yoshino. Maybe Kotori’s here for the same reason?


Kotori’s feeling awkward. She’s embarrassed that somebody caught her red-handed. But, truth be told, she also felt a bit uncomfortable with the idea of Wu Yan taking a bath with Yoshino.


They exchanged a silent vow not to utter a word as they approached the door to the bathroom.


“E-erm, Shido-niisan…”


“What’s wrong?”


“Pl-please not there…”


“Hmm? Where? Where? You mean here?…”


“Nn… N-no you can’t…”




“I-it’s going to hurt…”


“Endure it, the pain will be gone before you know it…”


“I-I see…”


Kotori and Tohka’s eyes went wide. Kotori felt a surge of anger welling up within her. Meanwhile, Tohka bit down on her lips, she is so irate she can’t think straight. The two of them can’t believe their ears.


Tohka slammed the door to the bathroom open, Kotori who couldn’t react in time fell onto the floor with a yelp.


Tohka yelled at them with tears at the corners of her eyes.


“Shido, what are you doing?!”


Tohka is stunned by what she saw. In fact, they were all stunned including Wu Yan and Yoshino.


“You girls…”


Wu Yan’s hand is still on top of Yoshino’s head. He looked at the uninvited guests with a surprised look.


Yoshino dove down into the water, she yelped in pain because her hair is still entangled with Wu Yan’s hand. She’s probably referring to this when Yoshino said it’s going to hurt.


Kotori blushed really hard when she thought about what she was imagining and the real situation inside here.


Tohka, on the other hand, is still angry when she saw Yoshino and Wu Yan bathing together in the same bathtub. She stomped and yelled.






Wu Yan gulped. She’s not going to bury him right?…


What Tohka said next really shocked Wu Yan.


Tohka stared at Yoshino before turning towards Wu Yan with a bit of a frustrated look.


“I want to take a bath with you too.”




Wu Yan’s mouth turned into an ‘O’ shape. He stared back at Tohka with wide eyes.


Kotori who struggled to get back up fell back onto the floor when she heard Tohka’s line.


Wu Yan felt dizzy but he is sure of one thing.


I’ve hit the mother lode.



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