Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 450: Unpredictable Yoshino

“What’s your name?”


Shiori asked Yoshino who still looked as cute as a doll. Shiori is very fascinated with this personification of the word cute.


Yoshino glanced at Shiori with her blue eyes before quickly lowering her head. She mumbled in a small tone.


“I-I’m Yoshino…”


“Yoshino? Oh my gosh, that’s such a cute name.”


Shiori beamed at her.


“Say, Yoshino-chan, where’s your family? Where’s your dad and mom?”




Yoshino raised her head while blinking. She looked so cute Shiori almost glomped her.


“I don’t-don’t have a family…”


Shiori’s smile faded, she assumed something and she frowned in sadness. She turned towards Wu Yan.


“Shido, is Yoshino an orphan?”


Wu Yan bitterly laughed. According to Wu Yan’s knowledge, spirits aren’t naturally born from parents.


“In a way…”


Shiori looked at Yoshino with warm and moist eyes. Her maternal instinct has awakened.


“This child…”


Shiori hesitated to use the word orphan but if that’s the case that would mean she has nowhere to go right?


She understood why Wu Yan brought Yoshino back with him. If it was her, she would not forgive herself if she left this cute lonely girl out on the streets. It’s not just pity that motivated her, she’s worried that human traffickers would aim her if they found someone cute like this walking around without adult supervision.


Unknown to Shiori, if Yoshino got targeted by human traffickers the human trafficker would probably become an ice stick, provided Yoshino didn’t run like she always did.


Seeing as Shiori already expressed so much concern, Kotori chimed in with a worried look.


“Onee-chan, she’s so pitiful, can we let her stay with us?…”


Wu Yan should be the one calling the shots but Wu Yan isn’t the owner of this house since he’s also living together with the true owners of this house, Shiori and Kotori. A big decision like this should be made by the head of this residence.


Shiori agreed without objection. Wu Yan had something to say so he tugged Kotori’s sleeve and he whispered something into her ears.


“Kotori, is your plan to gather all the spirits and let them stay at this house?>..”


His warm breath made her body shiver. Her ears also turned red like her face, she looked at Wu Yan’s face which is mere inches away from hers and she endured the urge to run away in a bashful manner.


He robbed her of her first kiss yesterday night, her imouto mode can’t handle being so close with Wu Yan.


She stuttered.


“W-we don’t have a choice, the residence for spirits aren’t done yet so they have to stay here since it will be easier to monitor them this wa-way…”


Wu Yan rolled his eyes at her. If Tohka and Yoshino stayed here Wu Yan has only to gain and nothing to lose.


Yoshino examined them, this is the first time she’s talking with this many people all at once.


Yoshino felt like these girls aren’t scary at all, they are just as warm as Shido.


“Hey, aren’t you eating? Shido’s dishes are the bomb!”


Tohka kept wolfing down the food like there’s no tomorrow but she didn’t forget about the guest they are having tonight. Tohka instantly familiarized herself with Yoshino the moment she figured out her identity. They are spirits and spirits should look out for each other.


Yoshino replied in a small voice.


“I-I’m full…”


“But I didn’t see you eat a lot…”


Tohka gasped in astonishment. She engulfed another large meat bun. Wu Yan wanted to retort.


Do you think everybody is a bottomless pit like you?


“Since you’re done with dinner, wanna take a bath with me?”


Shiori looked at Yoshino with hopeful eyes. Wu Yan wondered if Shiori is really treating her like a doll.


Yoshino shook her head frantically much to Shiori’s disappointment. However, this is understandable, timid Yoshino would have to be in a high fever to accept Shiori’s offer.


Yoshino’s next sentence caused a lot of attention to turn towards Wu Yan.


“I-I want to take a bath with Shido-san…”




Tohka and Kotori spat out whatever they were eating. Shiori didn’t suffer this disgraceful fate because she didn’t have any food in her mouth. Meanwhile, Wu Yan choked on his food.


Wu Yan drummed his chest to get the food down his stomach. Heaving like a dog on a hot day, Wu Yan didn’t mind that he almost choked, he cared more about what he heard.


Yoshino wants to take a bath with me?




Tohka and Kotori stood up first and they slammed their hands down on the table.


“You can’t!”


Their shouting jumbled Shiori’s thoughts once more. Shiori didn’t know why they are so concerned about this.


Kotori and Tohka noticed how riled up they were and they blushed. Kotori pursed her lips after glancing at Yoshino.


“Onii-chan can’t bath with Yoshino because Yoshino’s a girl…”


Kotori looked at Wu Yan like she’s looking at a sleazy predator, Wu Yan wanted to flip the table on her.


Yoshino said it, why are you looking at me?


Tohka is more upfront about this.


“No means no!”


Looking at Tohka who appeared furious and Kotori who is blushing red with embarrassment, Shiori shook her head in disapproval after seeing the panicked expression of Yoshino and Wu Yan who is putting on his best poker face.


“Yoshino’s just a kid, why are you girls getting so worked up about?”




Kotori wanted to protest but she couldn’t get the words out of her mouth. She noticed Shiori’s confusion because her cover story for Wu Yan is still the premise that he’s her long lost brother.


With such a big reaction from her, it’s only normal that Shiori is befuddled.


Kotori endured her frustration and she decided to distance herself from this setting.


“Anyway, I am done eating.”


Tohka wanted to take the same action as Kotori but she couldn’t say she’s done eating.


Tohka decided to increase the speed and she engulfed more food. Wu Yan is still considering his course of action.


Do I really have to take a bath with Yoshino?



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