Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 449: Odd Tohka...

Two voices came from the doorway.


“I’m home!”


Yoshino jumped in surprise. She started frantically looking left and right for places to hide. She’s panicking like an ant in a frying pan.


When the footsteps drew near, droplets of tears started appearing at the corners of Yoshino’s eyes. She lowered her head in a panic.


A stream of cold air poured forth and it suffused the room, bringing the temperature down in a rapid fashion. The sofa Yoshino is sitting on started freezing over.


Wu Yan silently cursed when he heard people returning home. With Yoshino’s personality, she’s already doing her best without Yoshinon by her side. If not for Yoshinon’s assurance, Yoshino would probably rampage as she did in the original work.


She’s very unstable without Yoshinon by her side. If other people came here when she’s like this there is a high chance that she’s going to lose control of her power.


Just as he predicted, Yoshino started losing control of her power after she panicked. Her fear diminished her control over her powers.


He hugged her and he could instantly feel all the heat in his body leaving him. He shivered due to how cold she is.


Yoshino was startled by this, she didn’t think someone would hug her. Yoshino raised her hand that is glistening with icy powers.


Her powers started calming down when Wu Yan continued to pet her head.


“Yoshino, calm down.”


Enduring the freezing power that is wreaking havoc in his body, Wu Yan gnashed his teeth. He wanted her to feel his warmth, he wanted her to know that it is okay, that she is not alone.


“These people are my family members, they will never hurt Yoshino. Be a good girl and calm down…”


Yoshino heard his shivering voice and she started regaining control, her mind also returned to a state of composure.


Yoshino finally realized what she did after seeing the frozen sofa and Wu Yan who is trembling from the cold temperature. Yoshino panicked in horror after realizing her actions.




Yoshino stuttered when she saw how pale Wu Yan looked.


“I-m sorry…”


Releasing a sigh of relief, the temperature in the room returned to normal. His damaged organs regenerated after the seeping cold retreated from his body, seconds later, Wu Yan returned to his usual unharmed state.


Yoshino looked guilty and jumpy so he rubbed her head.


“It’s okay, Yoshino needs time to get used to this but don’t be afraid I will be right here with you even if Yoshinon isn’t here.”


Yoshino raised her head, she is still feeling guilty for hurting him. Her fear and panic are more or less gone now, she examined him all over to make sure Wu Yan isn’t harmed. Finally, she sighed in relief.


Wu Yan also sighed in relief, he examined the icy living room and the frozen sofa. As the footsteps drew closer, Wu Yan waved his hand.


He took out Nietono no Shana and he used the flames to return the dining room to its usual state. Yoshino started trembling in fear. She’s afraid of the flames coming off Nietono no Shana, she clutched Wu Yan shirt.


The flames are like her nemesis since she is the spirit of ice and water. If Wu Yan isn’t holding on to her Yoshino would probably lose control again.


He used the blade to generate embers that melted away the ice sheets. He made sure that the embers won’t burn the structure or fittings by fine-tuning his output.


Wu Yan stored Nietono no Shana away after he melted all the ice and evaporated the water. He placed Yoshino who is still shaking a bit back onto the sofa.


The owner of the voices from the doorway finally made their appearances. Tohka and Shiori had returned.




Tohka chirped in joy. Shiori told her about the dangers of going outside of the shelter while the spacequake alarm is blaring. She had been worried sick about Wu Yan. If Wu Yan didn’t tell her to stick with Shiori or if Tohka didn’t believe in Wu Yan’s strength Tohka would have come running to Wu Yan’s aid.


“Shido, so you’re home…”


Shiori sounded like she’s sure he is home.


“When I entered the home and I smelled the food, I knew it had to be you…”


“Yeah, sorry for making you girls worried…”


Wu Yan scratched his cheek.


Tohka and Shiori finally noticed Yoshino who looks scared. They gasped in surprise. Wu Yan knew he had to say something here.


In the original work, Tohka’s reaction to the main character spending time with Yoshino is big, to say the least.


It’s almost the same scenario this time. Wu Yan wondered if Tohka is going to get angry with him.


“Why do you feel so familiar?”


Tohka blinked in shock but she’s not angry much to Wu Yan’s surprise.


“Are you a spiri…”




Seeing as Tohka guessed Yoshino’s identity, Wu Yan stopped Tohka from finishing her sentence.


“Are you hungry? I made a lot of food for you.”


Tohka’s eyes lit up. She nodded frantically and she immediately forgot about Yoshino’s presence. Wu Yan released a sigh of relief but he’s confused at the same time.


He didn’t understand why this is happening since Tohka got jealous in the original work when she saw the original protagonist and Yoshino together. Why isn’t she reacting to this?


Could it be that Tohka isn’t interested in me? I think I did pretty well compared to the original protagonist if not better…


Wu Yan got the scenario wrong. In the original work, Tohka became enraged because Yoshino tripped and kissed Shido in front of her.


Moreover, Yoshinon had a way of getting people angry with just a few cheeky sentences. That is why Tohka got angry that time.


The cliche lucky pervert moment didn’t happen so Tohka has no reason to be mad. Plus, Tohka doesn’t even know what love is, she’s still figuring that out.

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