Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 448: Inscrutable Kotori

Tengu City, Itsuka Residence…


Opening the gates to his house, Wu Yan led Yoshino into the compound while looking left and right in a dodgy manner. He brought her into the living room.


At this moment, the Itsuka residence is very quiet because Shiori and Tohka had already taken shelter after hearing the spacequake alarm. The situation is already resolved but it will be some time before those two make it back home.


Kotori is also busy talking to Wu Yan through the earpiece.


“Shido, is it possible to seal Yoshino’s power?”


Kotori asked. According to what she knows, the sealing bracelet isn’t as restrictive as Shiori’s ability. Shiori’s ability required raising the spirits affection until a sufficiently high level before sealing of ability is possible.


Wu Yan shook his head in a helpless manner.


“In a way, the sealing bracelet is more problematic than Shiori’s ability.”


“In a way?”




Wu Yan nodded. He lowered his volume so that Yoshino wouldn’t hear him, he also distanced himself.


“To use the sealing bracelet, I must first communicate the ability of the sealing bracelet. Then, I would need to make her put on the sealing bracelet on her own volition. Otherwise, the sealing bracelet won’t work no matter how strong you are.”


Wu Yan looked at Yoshino, she ran over to grab Wu Yan’s hand because she noticed his disappearance. She looked very anxious so Wu Yan sighed before replying.


“Yoshino’s not very confident if I don’t establish a good emotional basis before telling her about the sealing bracelet, she’s probably going to freak out and her spirit power will rampage out of control…”


“Well, that is problematic…”


Kotori’s head started aching. She can see what Wu Yan is doing and she noticed from Wu Yan and Yoshino’s interaction that she really is quite timid. What Wu Yan speculated might happen.


“What do we do now?”


Kotori’s word elicited a laughter from Wu Yan.


“Maa, Don’t worry about it, she’s a good girl. Yoshino isn’t as hard to deal with as Tokisaki Kurumi.”


Kotori thought about the berserker spirit. Reine looked intently at Kotori until she felt bashful.


As if predicting her thoughts. Wu Yan laughed.


“Feeling better?…”


“I am going to make her put the sealing bracelet on by tomorrow.”


Kotori felt strangely assured after Wu Yan’s confident statement.


Maybe her Onii-san is really as reliable as he sounds…


Kotori can’t help but think about this. She is normally assisted by Reine and Kyouhei in regards to Ratatoskr’s operation but most of the time she needs to take charge of a lot of things by herself.


She needs to save spirit while handling an organization such as the AST. She is fourteen years old and all the fortitude and composure her commander mode offers her can’t prevent the fatigue from building up.


Kotori can’t help but want to lean on Wu Yan.


He effortlessly conquered a spirit in under 10 minutes. He is also a good cook that makes food like you wouldn’t believe. Moreover, he knows his way around the battlefield, he’s sufficiently powerful to fight evenly against spirits. However, his personality leaves much to be desired. Despite that, Kotori found herself slowly accepting her Onii-chan.


She is already relying on him and she kinda likes how things are going right now.


When she realized this, Kotori is surprised at herself. Is Wu Yan really that important to her after living together for less than a month?


She blushed hard, she wanted to deny this but she knows the truth. In short, she’s a tsundere through and through…


“Hmph, I can’t lower my guard around a scum like you.”


Kotori blurted out loud.


Wu Yan’s smile froze and he replied in a slightly angered tone.


“Kotori, even if you don’t trust me, you shouldn’t call me a scum.”


Kotori continued teasing him.


“Hmm, you aren’t a scum? Yesterday night, yo-you did that kind of thing…”


Kotori became red once more when she recalled what they did together last night. Wu Yan can’t see her face but he is still too stumped to reply.


Well, he got a lot of benefits so he is going to her slide with that line.


Wu Yan turned his attention back towards Yoshino after ending the communication.


“Hey, Yoshino, stay here okay?”


Wu Yan led Yoshino to the sofa and he told her to sit quietly there.


“I am going to cook something up, you must be hungry right?”


Yoshino wanted to shake her head but her stomach emitted a loud rumble. Ashamed by her involuntary nod, she pulled down her hood and tried to hide from Wu Yan’s view.


Wu Yan is amused with her cute antics, he poked her nose.


“Wait here, the food will be done in a jiffy…”


Yoshino, still red from embarrassment, nodded while Wu Yan made his way to the kitchen. After a few minutes, a good smell wafted outwards from the kitchen.


Like a child, Yoshino’s patience ran dry and she can’t help but peek at the kitchen.


Wu Yan detected Yoshino sneaking behind him and he laughed out loud.


Wu Yan isn’t aware of the impact his culinary product has on people. Hinagiku, Mikoto, Tohka, and the others all fell prey to Wu Yan’s cooking.


In a way, Master Chef is Wu Yan’s strongest ability because he won without fighting with it.


Even the people in the control room aboard Fraxinus can’t help but gulp when they see the dishes Wu Yan is cooking up. Kotori who knew how tasty Wu Yan’s food is started wavering as can be seen from her eyes.


Wu Yan heard them and he knew what’s up. He teased her.


“If you want some just come back home, it’s not like I am not letting you have some…”


Kotori instantly dashed towards the exit having succumbed to the devil’s temptation.


The other people in the control room exchanged looks.

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