Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 446: Cute Little Yoshino

The moment Yoshinon left Yoshino’s hand, she blanked out as she fell limp onto the floor. She stared in silent horror at her bare left hand.

Her big eyes wavered as she revealed a flustered expression, she stood up in a panic.

She ran towards Wu Yan and she clenched Wu Yan’s clothes. She pleaded with him seeing as he’s holding Yoshinon.

“Pl-please return Yoshinon…”

Wu Yan is suffering mental damage, her sad look and helpless air made him feel guilty like he’s doing something unforgivable.

He rubbed her head.

“Don’t be afraid, relax, Yoshino, Yoshinon will never leave you…”

Yoshino somewhat calmed down. however, her eyes are telling him that she’s still worried. She didn’t know how to continue from this point on.

Wu Yan lowered himself so he can meet eye to eye with Yoshino. He tried to persuade her.

“Yoshino heard the conversation between Yoshinon and me right?”

She stared at him for a while before nodding, the rabbit hood nodded along with her, if one could turn the amount of moe she has and weaponize it, that person can dominate this world. Wu Yan’s nose started itching from how cute she is.

He scratched his nose, confirming that he can still endure the urge to glomp her, he released a sigh of relief.

“Then, you should know just how much Yoshinon wants you to become stronger and more outgoing. She chose to make the hardest choice of temporarily leaving you alone, if I gave you Yoshinon, won’t that disappoint Yoshinon, after all the trouble she went through?”

Yoshino flinched, she lowered her head. The rabbit-eared raincoat hood bobbed down along with her. The hood covered her expression but her resolute tone could be heard from underneath.

“I… I don’t want to disappoint Yoshinon…”

“That’s the attitude!”

Wu Yan patted her head.

“I am going to keep temporary custody of Yoshinon, let’s not make her effort go to waste okay?”

Yoshino still felt anxious and Wu Yan assured her.

“If you listen to me obediently, I am going to return Yoshinon tomorrow, how does that sound?”

“D-do you mean it?”

Yoshino clenched Wu Yan’s clothes tighter. Her eyes are beaming up with hope and anxiety.

Yoshino’s cute expression made Wu Yan smile.

“Of course, Yoshinon is Yoshino’s role model, Yoshinon’s your ideal no?”

Yoshino blinked before she blushed and nodded. As if confirming her resolve, she straightened her back and nodded one more time. Oh my god, it’s illegal for Yoshino to be so cute!

He rubbed her head while beaming widely. He continued.

“I am expecting you to work hard today…”

Yoshino felt worried again.

“Can… Can I do it by myself?”


Wu Yan shook his head before continuing in a soft tone.

“Even without Yoshinon, there’s another hero here, let me be your hero for the day!”

Yoshino’s eyes wavered for a moment but she nodded in the end.

“Well done!”

Kotori grinned when she saw Yoshino’s favorability bar hit two thirds of its full bar.

“As expected of the commander’s brother…”

Kannazuki Kyouhei revered Wu Yan like he’s some kind of saint. He almost knelt down and burned incense to honor the deity.

“He’s a fake brother but he’s certainly living up to the title as commander’s older brother…”

Kotori started grinning even wider when he heard this. However, Kyouhei said something that froze her.

“Luckily he’s commander’s brother so he won’t lay a hand on the commander. If he did, even commander might fall for his charms…”

Kyouhei patted his chest but Kotori’s face is darkening much to his ignorance.

“Maa, it is as it should be, even if he’s not a real brother, surely even if he tried some moves on the commander, the commander wouldn’t get drawn in, she’s not a pervert…”

When he said pervert, a foot hit Kyouhei’s face and he smashed up against the wall from the kick.


Kyouhei uttered his last word.

Kotori’s very angry right now, his comments irked Kotori.

Why? You still have the guts to ask why? He already pulled multiple moves on me, he even kissed me!

What was that pervert comment about? Are you trying to insinuate that I’m a pervert?…

Kotori forgot that Kyouhei said she’s not a pervert who would fall for his own brother so…

Kotori looked back at the screen, she blushed but Kyouhei didn’t see this because he had already passed out.

Everyone saw how Kyouhei merged with the wall and how Kotori reacted. They instantly connected the dots and they silently prayed for Kyouhei’s safe passing into the afterlife. Hopefully, in his next life, he wouldn’t touch this subject again.

Yatsuki still can’t believe Wu Yan did it.

“No way…”

Yatsuki’s lower lip twitched.

“You persuaded the spirit in under 15 minutes? How is that possible?!”

“Time cannot stop me from accomplishing what I set out to do!”

Wu Yan bragged, he didn’t hold back talking to Yatsuki like he’s one of the guys because he is.

Yatsuki didn’t mind being treated like this, he expressed admiration.

“Squad leader, how did you do it? You must teach me!”

Wu Yan pursed his lips. He pointed at Yoshino in a smug manner, he presented her and Yatsuki saw it. Specifically, he saw the lollipop in Yoshino’s hand, she kept licking it with an expressionless look but joy could be seen in her eyes.

Yatsuki’s mouth turned into an O-shape.

“Don’t tell me she really got done in by a lollipop?”

Yatsuki’s respect for his squad leader increased greatly.

As expected of the god of conquest, a title conferred by Ratatoskr organizational members.

Yatsuki secretly remembered this trick while glancing at the lollipop in Yoshino’s hand.

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