Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 445: Yoshinon's choice...

“Don’t you want to see her converse normally with other people?”


Yoshinon fell into silent contemplation.


Yoshinon understands fully what is going on between both of them.


Yoshino is very introvert and easily intimidated. She’s too scared to talk to other people, she’s afraid of humans in general. Just a touch and she would curl up like a snail. Yoshinon’s existence helped her.


Yoshinon did all the interaction with the external environment, she did her job so well that Yoshino didn’t get the chance to improve her communication abilities. Now, she can only communicate through her doll.


Yoshinon knows what kind of position it had in Yoshino’s heart. Yoshino treated Yoshinon as the model she aspires to be. Yoshinon’s the pillar of support for Yoshino who is timid and who perceives herself as weak.


Without Yoshinon around, Yoshino would flip out and enter a state of panic, losing control of her power, she would lash out with her power at any stimuli.


Yoshino is very gentle, she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She hates pain and hates being afraid. She doesn’t want to see others be hurt or afraid as well.


Yoshino cannot break free of Yoshinon, she would get scared and lash out at her surroundings. Yoshino relied on Yoshinon, whenever Yoshinon gets separated from Yoshino, this persona would go into slumber and Yoshino wouldn’t be able to draw out this persona. These two are in an intricate and delicate relationship.


Yoshinon knows that Yoshino regarded it highly because of Yoshinon’s outgoing personality. Yoshino wants to someday live just like Yoshinon, strong and not easily frightened.


However, the problem remains, how will Yoshino improve if she never gets her chance to shine?


Wu Yan’s question struck a chord with Yoshinon.


Yoshinon wants all the best for Yoshino, much more when it’s one of her dearest wishes!


Yoshinon raised its head.


“You, why do you know so much about Yoshinon?”


Wu Yan shrugged.


“Don’t worry too much about that, I am just asking you if you want to see some change in the little spirit you’re protecting…”


“I will worry about Yoshino, thank you!”


Yoshinon lashed out at Wu Yan.


“You humans always try and hurt Yoshino, on what basis should I believe you humans?!”


Wu Yan sighed.


“I have no such basis, unfortunately. However, I believe in you girls!”


“You believe in us?”


Yoshinon parroted.




Wu Yan nodded resolutely.


“I believe Yoshino is a good spirit, you girls are no villains!”


“Therefore, I want to help you girls…”


The whole place fell silent again.


Wu Yan felt like Yoshinon is examining him despite it being supposedly inanimate.


Yoshinon finally said something.


“Why do you have so much faith in Yoshinon?”


Wu Yan smiled, he looked at the ceiling.


“You see, I have a very cute, innocent, and kind spirit at home as well…”


“You have another spirit living at your home?”


Yoshinon gasped.


“Impossible! Humans hate spirits don’t they? I assumed that’s why they kept attacking spirits, spirits don’t take kindly to this and they fought back. How can a human and spirit possible live together in harmony?”


“True, at first, she treated humans like enemies…”


Wu Yan shook his head while bitterly smiling.


“But, she saw that this world had its own warmth and she became a precious part of my family.”


“The warm part of this world…”




Wu Yan continued.


“There are warm and benevolent spirits like Tohka, Yoshinon, and Yoshino among the spirits. Surely the same applied to humans, it’s just bad luck that you girls never found people like that. I am here to tell you to leave the world of fear and come with me.”


“If you believe in me, I am going to make sure no one can harm or cause you further anguish!”


Yoshinon lowered its head, his genuine smile caused it to go into deep contemplation once more.


Only the faint sound of people breathing could be heard in this dark place.


Finally, Yoshinon raised her voice.


“Yoshino wants to become strong and Yoshinon wants to help her accomplish that…”


Yoshinon looked at Wu Yan.


“Can you please help Yoshino?”


“You betcha!”


Wu Yan beamed at Yoshinon.


Yoshinon mused out loud.


“But, how are you going to help Yoshino make the change?”


“That’s why I asked you if I can talk to her!”


Wu Yan turned his attention towards Yoshino, he’s not sure if she understood their conversation. She quietly listened and observed their interaction.


“I want to let her learn that interacting with other people can be a very fun thing.”


“Fun… thing…”


Yoshinon repeated, it looked at Wu Yan.


“What should I do?”


Scratching his cheek, Wu Yan continued.


“If possible, I want you to leave Yoshino for just a brief moment!”




“Calm down, let me explain!”


“Look, if you’re here, Yoshino won’t actively strike up a conversation with other people, she’s just going to let you deal with it right? If you’re gone, Yoshino has to do the talking herself, in this manner, she will slowly change.”




Yoshinon hesitated. If Yoshinon parted with Yoshino, she’s going to be very afraid a wrong move could turn this building into an icy hell.


Yoshinon and Yoshino don’t want this to happen. Naturally, Yoshinon felt anxious leaving Yoshino by herself.


As if Wu Yan saw through its thoughts, he assured it.


“Relax, leave it to me. You girls will reunite shortly and just maybe, you won’t be the only one talking to me, Yoshino will be talking together with us!”


Yoshinon looked into Wu Yan’s eyes before it finally nodded.


Smiling, he silently sighed in relief. He took Yoshinon of Yoshino’s left hand.

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