Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 442: The advent of Hermit.

Shiori endured being force-fed her lunch by Tobiichi Origami. Wu Yan found no amusement in this, he felt only sympathy for Shiori.


Tobiichi Origami is a cute girl without a doubt but her lack of expression can be troubling for people. He can’t handle her, of course, this meant that Shiori would find her harder to deal with.


Tobiichi Origami’s glare and her behavior confirmed Wu Yan’s suspicion.


Tobiichi Origami is a yuri girl for sure.


Wu Yan’s curiosity got the better of him, he wanted to know what happened between Tobiichi Origami and Shiori for her to be so obsessed with Shiori. In the original work, Tobiichi Origami wanted to get in Shido’s pants whenever possible. Now that the original main character turned into a girl, she became a yuri girl.


There must be some kind of history here.


Wu Yan let them go about their business, he ignored Shiori’s silent call for help, he regained his composure.


“Shido, this girl is so weird…”


Tohka ate her lunch while complaining about Tobiichi Origami.


“She’s got Shiori behaving in an odd manner as well…”


“Well, let’s just leave her be, she’s in no immediate danger…”


Wu Yan said but he thought differently, Shiori is in grave danger.


She’s at risk of being introduced to a new world.


At this point…


Wee woo


“Spacequake imminent, all residents should proceed to the closest shelter to take refuge. This is not a drill, repeat, this is not a drill. All residents should proceed to the closest shelter to take refuge. Proceed to the closest shelter to take refuge.”


“Repeat, spacequake imminent…”


Everybody stopped whatever they were doing except for Tohka, they all looked outside including Wu Yan and Tobiichi Origami.


“Spacequake alarm!”


Shiori stood up in shock.


Tobiichi Origami stood up without saying anything, she ran out the classroom without any farewell greeting. Shiori grumbled about her odd movements.


“Tobiichi-san sure is a funny one, her actions are so mysterious, she didn’t say anything the last time she didn’t say anything this time, I thought she wanted to join our group…”


Oh, I am sure she wants to join up with you in another way…


Wu Yan looked at Tohka who is still enjoying her lunch. He pulled her up with a helpless look.


“Shiori, take Tohka to the shelter!”




Tohka tilted her head in befuddlement. Shiori gasped.


“What about you?”


“I have more important things to attend to!”


Wu Yan patted Shiori’s shoulder.


“Tohka, be obedient and don’t run around okay? Follow Shiori and listen to her, capiche?”




Tohka protested.


“But I want to go with Shido!”


Wu Yan bitterly laughed. It’s not that he didn’t want Tohka to go with him. It’s different than the original work where her sealed powers can return to her if she’s emotionally unstable. Wu Yan can control when Tohka can use her power, he can instantly return her powers to her or seal it.


If he brought Tohka with him, she would no doubt be a great assistant.


Tohka saw the original protagonist interacting intimately with other spirits and that didn’t end well for the original main character. But, Wu Yan didn’t want to get battered up like that.


To prevent any unforeseen accidents, Tohka should sit this one out.


“Tohka, have you forgotten?”


Wu Yan smiled.


“I am very strong!”


Tohka recalled that this man blocked her attack the first time they met and fought. NO mere mortal could do such a thing.


Tohka mumbled.




Wu Yan nodded in a satisfied manner. He turned towards Shiori.


“Shiori, I am leaving Tohka in your care!”


“Take care…”


Shiori said. She had things to say about this situation like how irrational this is and how worried she is for him.


Wu Yan ran out of the classroom while the girls watched him.


Nobody noticed a brilliant flash of light the moment Wu Yan turned a corner. He disappeared past that corner.


Tengu city, Fraxinus…


The control center’s main door opened and Wu Yan entered. He’s a critical asset for all spirit related operations so naturally all eyes are on him.


Kotori has her black ribbons on, she saw Wu Yan’s arrival. Her eyes are leering at him like she’s going to kill him any minute now. The price she would pay to cut this guy.


It’s only to be expected, her commander mode isn’t as soft as her imouto mode. This guy kissed her without asking her permission so Kotori is holding a grudge against him.


He saw her in her birthday suit the last time and now he took her first kiss. What will happen the next time? Will he push her down on the bed?


Kotori wants this guy shot if it meant a bit of protection for her chastity.


However, she’s helpless because her imouto mode is too easy for Wu Yan. She found herself being drawn in by Wu Yan’s charm.


Could it be that this guy is the god of conquest for all spirits? Even I can’t help getting pulled in by his gravity.


Kotori sighed, she looked at the sealing bracelet at her wrist. Perhaps her fate was sealed when she put on the sealing bracelet.


Wu Yan didn’t know about the complex thoughts Kotori had. He paid more attention to the screen, specifically, the spirit he is going to have to deal with this time…


“Squad leader, you’re here!”


Yatsuki Tatsuwa stood beside Wu Yan. As his right hand man, it’s his job to assist Wu Yan with whatever he needs to be done.


Looking at the petite figure in green, Wu Yan narrowed his eyes.


“So she’s the spirit this time huh?”


“Yes, squad leader…”


“Code name Hermit, her danger rating is way lower than Tohka and Tokisaki Kurumi…”


Tatsuwa asked his squad leader.


“Do you feel confident?”




Wu Yan laughed.


“Sit back and watch…”


“Sir yes sir!”


Tatsuwa continued.


“Can I be of service in any way?”


Wu Yan nodded. He used a serious expression on Tatsuwa.


“Get me a lollipop!”




Tatsuwa said nothing.




The others said nothing as well.



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