Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 441: Tobiichi Origami is on the move?...

It’s another overcast morning, the grey clouds hid the otherwise beautiful blue sky from everyone’s view. The earth seemed a bit dimmer with less life. Everything looked dull as well.


The skies rumbled and the birds flew away in terror. It made people feel less productive as a whole, anyone who has lived here long enough would recognize this as a precursor to rain.


Wu Yan, Kotori, Tohka, And Shiori walked on a street in Tengu city. They are currently heading towards the school. Tohka stayed by Wu Yan’s side while munching away blissfully at a piece of bread. Wu Yan yawned as if he didn’t get any good sleep. Kotori walked at the front of this group, she didn’t look back once. Her usually cheerful demeanor is gone, instead, she looked awfully shy today, she kept blushing for some reason.


The four of them continued in this awkward manner, Shiori had her qualms about this situation but she didn’t say anything.


When they are about to part ways, Shiori got close to Wu Yan’s ear in order to whisper something.


“Shido, doesn’t Kotori look a bit off today?”


“Does she?”


Wu Yan batted his eyes which are teary after he yawned. He replied with a question that did little to alleviate Shiori’s confusion.


Shiori didn’t mind. Shido is always sleepy in the morning, she continued mumbling.


“Normally, Kotori would be all happy and cheerful, skipping while she walked is common for her too. Look at her, she’s not even speaking let alone giggling. She’s keeping mum and that’s not like her.”


Shiori continued.


“Moreover, she didn’t talk much or laugh at home too…”


Wu Yan examined Kotori and he saw how red she looked and he almost laughed out loud.


Kotori is probably acting like this because of what happened last night.


Last night, after Kotori recovered from her stupor, she blushed like mad and ran into her room to hide. She came out of her room in the morning only after Shiori pleaded for her to come out. She’s too embarrassed to look at him in the eyes.


Kotori’s imouto mode is very cute and innocent, this is going to be fun…


He needed to thank Shiori, if not for her presence in the house, Kotori would have used her black ribbons. In her commander mode, what he did last night would have cost him a literal arm or leg.


He thanked Shiori silently before replying.


“Well, she’s a budding young lady so I think she would have her bad days as well.”


Shiori almost fell face first. She gnashed her teeth at Wu Yan for joking around. Wu Yan scratched his head before giving her an apologetic smile.


Shiori continued in a worried tone as she looked at Kotori.


“I hope she didn’t get taken advantage of by guys at her school.”


Wu Yan panicked for a brief moment, however, his poker face got him through without a hitch. His admiration for Shiori increased yet again.


It didn’t happen in school but somebody did get to second base with Kotori…


As expected of a woman’s intuition, the original main character who got turned into a girl possessed this skill as well.




The classes in the morning finished just like that, it’s currently raining outside Raizen High second year’s fourth class.




Tohka joined her table with Wu Yan’s table.


“Let’s eat together!”


Wu Yan nodded with a smile. He called Shiori.


“Shiori, come eat with us!”


“Oh, sure…”


Shiori flinched but she moved her table anyway. Before she can join her table with Wu Yan’s, a desk blocked her from joining up with Wu Yan.


They looked at the owner of the desk and it’s a very familiar expressionless face.


“Tobiichi Origami-san…”


Shiori gasped at Tobiichi Origami who interrupted them. Tohka frowned at her.


“You, what are you doing?…”


“I want to eat together as well.”


Tobiichi Origami replied in a plain tone. She sounded adamant, her blue eyes gave Wu Yan chills.


Tohka curled her lips at Tobiichi Origami. Towards Tobiichi Origami who would come slashing at her every time Tohka arrived in this world, Tohka had no good feelings for her. She told Tobiichi Origami off.


“You’re being a bother!”


Tobiichi Origami protested.


“The feeling is mutual!”


Tohka and Tobiichi Origami stared at each other so hard one could see sparks between them. Shiori tried to calm them down.


“E-erm, I think we should just eat together…”


“Fine with me.”


Tobiichi Origami answered first. She sat down before Tohka can say anything, Tohka sat down while grumbling. Shiori sat in a very formal posture like she’s sitting for her high school final exam. She nervously opened her lunchbox. It’s a weird scene where Tohka kept glared at Tobiichi Origami while Tobiichi Origami kept her eyes on Wu Yan. Wu Yan can feel the cold sweat running down the side of his head.


He can’t move his chopsticks due to Tobiichi Origami’s constant staring. He’s feeling very pressured, he could feel the hostility in her eyes.


Her hostility is different from Tohka’s, she’s looking at him like he’s a rival in love.


He picked up a piece of meat and he started chowing down. He didn’t care about what Tobiichi Origami wanted, he figured she would go away if he kept his head low and just ate his lunch.


Tobiichi Origami turned her head the other way. She picked up a bit of her lunch and she tried to feed Shiori much to Shiori’s surprise.


“Here you go!”


The mood froze.


Shiori’s too shocked to react to this sudden offer by Tobiichi Origami. She looked at the chopsticks and she gulped before laughing in an awkward manner.


“Erm, Tobiichi Origami-san…”


“Call me Origami.”




Shiori flinched in surprise but she complied anyway.


“Erm, Origami-san, I already have my own lunch so…”


“Go ahead!”


Ignoring what she said, Tobiichi Origami forced the chopsticks closer.


Shiori hesitated for a bit before eating what Tobiichi Origami offered. She chewed on the food in confusion. Tobiichi Origami gave her mode food when she finished.


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