Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 440: Let's continue where we left off on the punishment shall we?....

Ten seconds…


Thirty seconds…


One minute later…


“Why is there no reaction?!!!”


After 5 minutes, Kotori yelled out loud while holding her head with her hands. She shook her head making her white ribbon whip around.


“Don’t tell me Tohka doesn’t mind Onii-chan’s presence? The two of them are currently bathing together?”


This thought occurred to her and an image floated into her head.




Tohka barely covering the puppies with a bath towel, flushed bright red while talking to Wu Yan in a coquettish manner.


“Let’s go in together…”




Wu Yan with his best mimic of a shoujo manga’s male lead, stands up from the tub and he approaches Tohka in an enamored trance. He looked into her purplish eyes.






They called out to each other like sweet lovebirds. In their own world, the two of them got closer and closer together until…




Steam came out of Kotori’s head. her cute face turned cherry red. She slapped her cheeks while shaking her head.


“N-no… Tohka and Onii-chan aren’t like that, they won’t….”


Kotori can’t continue her sentence with confidence.


“No way…”


Kotori mumbled.


A faint voice came from behind her.


“No way what?”


“Tohka and Onii-chan won’t do steamy stuff in this house!”


Kotori subconsciously replied before freezing up.




Tears appeared at the corner of Kotori’s eyes. She’s not trying to console herself or talking about the bathroom situation. She’s referring to the voice behind her.


Gulping, she turned around slowly like her neck is rusty. He saw the figure grinning back at her and all the joy left her.


She tried to force a smile only to look really silly in the process. Tilted her head, she greeted him.


“O-Onii-chan, good morning…”


He looked outside to confirm that night is already here before he nodded. Smiling back, he greeted her as well.


“A fine morning to you too!”


Kotori started trembling when she saw his smiling face. She had a very amusing expression.




“Why am I here an not in the bathroom?”


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes at her. He pressed down on Kotori’s head.


“Don’t you know that the same move won’t work against the Phoenix Sain-er Onii-chan? Moreover…”


Wu Yan rubbed his chin before continuing.


“Moreover, this same trick didn’t work the first time, what made you think it would work this time?…”


Kotori started trembling. She remembered what her failure meant for her the last time she tried this.


She pleaded with him in a weak tone.


“O-onii-chan, I know I am wrong…”


Wu Yan gave her a cold look.


“Pretty sure you said the same thing last time. On what basis should I believe you?”




Kotori forced a smile onto her face.


“Onii-chan, please forgib Kotori, pwetty purisu? Kotori’s your super cute imouto…”


“Oh, my super cute imouto…”


He rubbed her flaring red hair before showing Kotori a grin that chilled her to the core.


“So, my dear cute Imouto, what do you think your punishment should be in order for your Onii-chan to forgive you?”




Kotori gasped. Is he referring to the same punishment as before?


A kiss?


Kotori started turning red from the neck up. Still red, she saw that Wu Yan’s not kidding around and she quickly turned around to run for it.


With her powers sealed, she can only ran as fast as a mortal can. It didn’t take much effort for Wu Yan to catch her.


Kotori felt someone grabbing her by the back of her collar. The next thing she knew, a grinning face is approaching her at a slow but steady pace.


An expression of panic met an expression of amusement, the two pair of lips joined together and…




Her eyes widened as she stared at Wu Yan’s face. She can’t believe her first kiss got stolen just like this…


He tightened his hold on her waist and drew her deeper into his embrace. He clamped down her figure and he pried open her mouth, slipping in his big fat tongue.


Her tiny tongue was easily subjugated by Wu Yan’s tongue. Kotori returned to her senses only to feel his tongue forcing her to dance in tune with it.




Mumbling, she put her hands against Wu Yan’s chest, she wanted to push him away but she didn’t have the strength to do that. She wanted to pound his chest but she couldn’t do that since Wu Yan’s hold on her was tighter. She can only watch as the man before her indulged himself with her supple lips. Her consciousness started fading…


Close to the stairs, the two figures joined together as one, their heads were moving around, they were so intimate that one could hear them exchanging saliva, giving the stairway a pinkish aura.


As they slapped tongues pleasure assaulted their brains. The male got more engrossed while the lady started losing grip on reality. This continued until the two of them parted lips. One of them looked like this is just another day while the other is flushed with glassy eyes. It took a while for Kotori to regain her breath.


Still grabbing Wu Yan’s shirt, she leaned against Wu Yan’s chest. The white ribbons on her head bobbed up and down along with her panting. She looked at Wu Yan with dazed eyes before she mumbled.




Wu Yan’s heart skipped a bit when he saw how she looked. With misty eyes, flushed cheeks, and flustered breathing, Wu Yan couldn’t resist and he found himself getting sucked in by her lips.




Wu Yan pried open her mouth and took her tongue hostage once more.


The pink aura stayed for quite some time…

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