Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 439: Cheeky Kotori strikes again

“Squad leader, this is the communication device…”


Yatsuki Tatsuwa passed a bluetooth device to Wu Yan.


“If you have any orders, issue it through this device…”


Wu Yan nodded. He kept the device before sighing at Tatsuwa.


He patted Tatsuwa on the shoulders. Wu Yan continued in a serious tone.


“I didn’t believe in boys who looked prettier than girls, you have shattered my belief…”


Tatsuwa grinned as if it’s a compliment. He replied in a polite and coy tone.


“Squad leader you can call me Tatsuwa-chan if you’d like…”


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow, surely, he must be seeing things, Tatsuwa is acting shy in front of him. Wu Yan clenched his fist. He must endure the urge. The urge to punch his subordinate is so great right now he’s barely holding on.


Heaving he forced a smile.


“I am going home, if anything happens, make sure to report to me!”


Tatsuwa replied in the affirmative.


“Sir yes sir!”


Is this okay?…


He glanced at Tatsuwa. Storing away his thoughts he waved at his subordinate to send him home via the teleport circle.




Tengu city, Itsuka residence…


He took out the groceries from Gate of Babylon, he also took out Tohka’s clothes before entering the Itsuka residence. Wu Yan didn’t say Tadaima because he didn’t want to make a habit of this.


Entering the living room, he tossed all the clothes onto the table before shrugging. He wanted nothing more than to kick back and rest in his room but something caught his attention.


A very beautiful girl with dark purple hair is right there by the dining table. She looks very desolate with moist eyes while emitting what appears to be whimpering sound. She’s slumped down at the table like she has no energy…




Wu Yan gasped.


“What happened to you?…”


Tohka struggled to get up when she heard him. Her eyes lit up when she confirmed that it’s Wu Yan. She reached out to him like he’s the savior.




Wu Yan frowned when he heard how weak she sounded. He examined her with an anxious look.


Don’t tell me she got sick?


He pulled her hand and checked her vitals. He shot her a barrage of questions.


“Tohka, what’s wrong? Are you feeling pain somewhere?”


“Shido, Shido…”


A drop of tear flowed down the side of her face and Wu Yan panicked. Tohka said something that made Wu Yan 囧.


“I-I am hun-hungry…”


Tohka closed her eyes like she used up all her strength. She fell back onto the table like a ragdoll.




He looked at Tohka, she looks like she’s been starved for days and Wu Yan isn’t sure what to make of this situation. This is just not his day, snipers tried to make his head go boom, a crazy chick showed up and fought him, he got a subordinate who is a trap and now this bottomless pit wants him to cook.


“Where’s Shiori? Why didn’t you get her to cook for you first?”


He rubbed Tohka’s head while sighing in a helpless tone.


Tohka didn’t move her head, she replied while still facing down on the table.


“Shiori said there are no materials for food so she can’t make anything…”


Tohka struggled to get up once more. She used her puppy eyes on him while pleading Wu Yan.


“Shido, the dinner…”


“I know, I am on the case…”


He waved his hand while heading into the kitchen. Tohka beamed widely while looking at Wu Yan with hopeful eyes. She’s expecting great dishes from him.


Shiori caught the scent coming from the kitchen and she moved into the living room so fast it’s like she teleported. Kotori followed soon after, they sat at the table while Wu Yan did his business in the kitchen. They are too smitten with the scent coming from the kitchen to do anything else.


Naturally, the girls had their fill of Wu Yan’s bountiful dishes.


As Shiori cleaned up the table, Kotori unwrapped another Chupa Chups to chew on. The person herself looked happy enough.


She licked the Chupa chups while scanning the living room. She saw Tohka who’s rubbing her stomach in bliss and Wu Yan who is minding his own business. She grinned.


“Onii-chan, time to wash up…”


Kotori said in a plain tone. She used her best effort to not tip off Wu Yan’s alarm.


“Oh, yeah…”


Wu Yan stood up from the table. He told Tohka about her clothes.


“I bought your clothes, they are right there near the sofa so you should go and try them out.”




Tohka flew over to the sofa much to Wu Yan’s amusement. Then, he made his way towards the bathroom.


When Wu Yan disappeared, Kotori’s poker face collapsed and she grinned at ignorant Tohka who didn’t know she’s about to be involved in her nefarious plans.


“Hmph, Meanie Onii-chan, Kotori shall have her revenge this time!”


Kotori’s still hung up on what happened last time.


She destroyed the candy in her mouth and she monitored the time until it’s just about right before she turned towards Tohka.


“Tohka, I think Onii-chan just got out of the bath, I think you should go in right now!”




Tohka didn’t suspect anything. She also didn’t notice that Wu Yan only got in the bathroom for like 5 minutes. There’s no way he would be finished washing up in there. She grabbed her change of clothes and she ran towards the bathroom


Kotori grinned. She stood up and she sneaked over to the bathroom area. She’s not there to join in the fun, she’s there to watch her brilliant plan unfold.


Besides getting back at Wu Yan, she also wanted to use this chance to train Wu Yan.


Firstly, she wanted to train his ability to deal with lucky pervert situations. Judging from how he reacted and turned the tide back on her the last time, Wu Yan’s agility in dealing with this kind of situation is no longer in doubt. But, Tokisaki Kurumi’s matter has got Wu Yan in a bind. She also couldn’t think of anything that might help with the situation. This is Kotori’s idea to give Wu Yan a surprise, who knows, an idea might dawn on him.


Her train of thoughts is what got Itsuka Shido in so many troubles in the original work.


Tailing Tohka, she hid behind the stairs as Tohka entered the bathroom. She sighed in relief after confirming that the target has been inserted into the play zone. Now, she just has to wait for the music to play. The music here refers to Tohka’s shriek or yell.

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