Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 438: I am so done with this...

When Kotori passed the order, her subordinates immediately began executing the order. A situation like what happened today where Tokisaki Kurumi suddenly appeared won’t happen again.


The control room fell into silence again. Only Tokisaki Kurumi’s crazy laughter could be heard being replayed in the room.


Wu Yan recalled something, it’s about the time when AST sent snipers after his head.


“Oh yeah, Kotori, before I met Tokisaki Kurumi, AST tried to snipe me down.”


Kotori’s eyes widened. She can’t believe this guy told her something like that while sounding like he just got back from doing groceries. She almost choked on the candy in her mouth.


Cough cough


“Why did you wait so long before telling me this?!”


She glared at him for delaying this news that long. Even her ribbons are trembling from anger.


Wu Yan teased her.


“Ratatoskr recorded my fight with Kurumi, my encounter with AST happened before that encounter so…”


Kotori pursed her lips.


“We knew you were fighting with Kurumi because of the spiritual signatures she gave out while using her angel. Nobody bothered to monitor you everywhere you go, Ratatoskrk is not an organization of voyeurs!”


Wrong, Ratatoskr is a pervy organization. Every time a new spirit appears, they would record the spirit and replay the video over and over in order to study them. They would also monitor their movements.


Wu Yan retorted silently, he sighed in relief when he knew Kotori didn’t see him slaughtering the other AST snipers. Kotori might not blame him but her imouto mode would probably be scared of being around a murderer.


Kotori asked Wu Yan.


“What’s going on? Why did AST attack you? I haven’t receive any reports about AST mobilizing!”


Wu Yan told her.


“I believe the AST members that came after me belonged to a different squad, not the same squad as Origami. The snipers are apparently taking orders from the executives of their organization!”


“AST executives…”


Kotori narrowed her eyes before she laughed out loud in a cold manner.


“Ah, I see, it’s those assholes. Now I see why I didn’t get any reports on this. Their hit squads usually operate on a more covert scale. It’s not surprising that they managed to slip past our radar.”


Her disdain and disgust for them are quite obvious. She doesn’t like the attitudes of those executives that are only good at giving orders.


Kotori continued.


“Did they reveal their motives?”




Wu Yan frowned in confusion.


“I thought they attacked me because they confused me with a spirit after I descended along with a spacequake. After all, I only told you guys that I am not a spirit…”


“But, you aren’t exhibiting any spiritual signatures…”


Kotori froze up, Kannazuki and Reine also came to the same speculation.


“Even without spiritual signatures, the AST members that fought me probably reported it to their superiors and they decided it would be better to kill the wrong person than to let a spirit run free. They probably assumed that I am hiding my spirit powers through some unknown means. They are part of an organization that wants the death of spirits right?”


Wu Yan asked Kotori something he was thinking about.


“If they hunted me down like this, what of Tohka? Will she be attacked just like me? The sniping squad leader wasn’t aware of Tohka, that sounds too good to be true right?”


Wu Yan sensed that Kotori is trying to avoid eye contact when he raised this subject. She also started trembling like she’s aware of something.


Wu Yan rubbed his chin and he asked her.


“Surely, Kotori you must be aware of what’s going on right?”


Kotori laughed in a wry manner. Wu Yan immediately knew she had something to do with the difference in treatment between him and Tohka.


Kotori started to crack under Wu Yan’s intense gaze. She tried to explain the situation in a meek manner.


“You see, Tohka’s a spirit so Ratatoskr pulled some strings to drop her off the grid and AST wouldn’t be able to gain intel on her easily without us knowing…”


“So you cooperated with the government to grant her protection?”


“In a manner of speaking, yes…”


Kotori continued justifying herself.


“It’s kinda like the witness protection program you see in the United States.”




Wu Yan intentionally lengthened his sentence.


“So to say, Tohka is a higher priority protection target than me, and that’s part of the reason why I got jumped by some goons is that what you’re trying to tell me?…”


Kotori choked on her words. He had hit the target.


Wu Yan wanted to flip some tables.


“Why the difference in treatment? Do you not care about my survival?”


“Oh gosh, you’re so annoying!”


Kotori snapped back.


“The priority protection is only for spirits, you’re not even a spirit so… so…”


“So what?”


Kotori mewled in a small voice.


“So I forgot…”




Wu Yan facepalmed, he wanted to cry but can’t because he didn’t have any tears to shed. He sighed because she forgot about this, he got hunted down, and by fighting back, he attracted the attention of Tokisaki Kurumi. In a sense, she shared a part of the blame for this if not the majority of the blame.


Kotori knew about this and she wanted to change the subject as soon as possible.


“Oh yeah, I found someone that can act as your assistant, you can get him to do whatever you want.”


Kotori called out to the person standing outside in order to avoid Wu Yan’s questioning.


“Come in!”


A person with long silvery hair walked in, the person is very beautiful, the person donned the same uniform as Kyouhei. The person saluted Kotori.


“Commander, Yatsuki Tatsuwa reporting for duty!”


This Yatsuki guy bowed towards Wu Yan.


“Squad leader, I am Yatsuki Tatsuwa, I will be under your care!”


Wu Yan lit up after seeing how beautiful his assistant looked.


“I will be under your care, beautiful lady…”


“Sir yes sir!”


Tatsuwa said something he can’t ignore. Wu Yan’s smile froze up when he heard this.


“Oh right, by the way, I am a dude…”


Wu Yan mentally broke down when he heard that this beautiful lady standing before had a baguette down there.

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