Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 437: The toughest spirit to take on...

The members are still watching the replay of the battle from before, they gleaned some information from it and they noted it down.


The door to the control center opened again and Wu Yan entered with a clean set of clothes accompanied by Murasame Reine. They focused their attention on Wu Yan before they exchanged looks.


They saw how Wu Yan recovered almost instantly from the damage he suffered. They still can’t believe that immortality existed in this world, even when confronted with the facts.


They also saw Tokisaki Kurumi recovering from her injuries by using her angel’s ability. Even so, she had to use her angel to do that, Wu Yan, on the other hand, didn’t use any tool to recover.


They also saw Wu Yan manipulating fire and lightning, he also used iron sand against Tokisaki Kurumi. This led the members of Ratatoskr to suspect that Wu Yan might be a spirit.


Kotori, Kannazuki Kyouhei, and Murasame Reine didn’t divulge Wu Yan’s identity as a vampire to the rest of the organization, this fueled the speculation even further.


Even if they revealed it now, not a lot of people would believe them.


The people at Ratatoskr are looking at him like he’s Jesus. He can’t bear getting looked at by all these people like he’s Li Yuchun. He leered at everyone and everyone got back to work. They looked back at the screen and continued whatever it is they were doing.


Kotori is a bit upset that Wu Yan did her job for her, she’s supposed to be the one making sure everyone did their jobs.


Wu Yan felt helpless, he wanted to follow the original storyline, that way, he can make better decisions since he already knew how the original story went. It will be safer for him that way.


The original main character being turned into a female and the mysterious appearance of the sealing bracelet on Kotori’s are already unexpected situations, he didn’t need any more than this.


Try as he may, the storyline is slowly changing with his advent. He even attracted the attention of Tokisaki Kurumi the spirit that was supposed to appear as the third spirit.


Thinking about Tokisaki Kurumi’s unrealistic goal has got Wu Yan feeling a stress headache coming on. Knowing her, she’s not going to let him get away, she’s probably going to keep coming back to harass him.


Just like the original protagonist in the original work, will Wu Yan be haunted by this girl for the rest of his life?




Kotori had a stern expression.


“Do you have any method in taking down Nightmare?”


Wu Yan replied.


“Kotori, do you really think I am the god of conquest?”


He pointed at Tokisaki Kurumi’s crazy image on the screen, and he asked a rhetoric question.


“Do you think I have any method to deal with this kind of girl?”


“Not even you huh?”


Kotori frowned. She even lost her appetite for the Chupa Chups in her hand, this is how troubling Tokisaki Kurumi is for Ratatoskr.


Wu Yan sighed after looking at Tokisaki Kurumi’s vicious grin. If she would calm down she would no doubt be a world-class beauty, heck, even her crazy personality did little to mar her gorgeous countenance.


Tokisaki Kurumi’s evil is what everyone saw, they are terrified of her, praises for her could not be heard in the room.


After learning about Tokisaki Kurumi’s objective and her motivation, Wu Yan can feel only pity and sadness for her. Maybe if the timing was a bit different, it wouldn’t have to turn out this way.


Wu Yan won’t say who is in the wrong, human lives were lost to spacequakes, it is also true that spirits were hunted by humans. It’s hard to say who’s right or wrong, if anyone is to blame, fate should be blamed for all of this.


Or maybe, time should be blamed?…


Wu Yan massaged his temples.


“If I don’t seal Tokisaki Kurumi but go out with her as boyfriend-girlfriend, maybe, she would be much more manageable…”




Kotori glared at Wu Yan.


“I didn’t quite catch that. Would you mind repeating what you said?”




Wu Yan laughed awkwardly.


“Tokisaki Kurumi, is that the moniker of Nightmare? I see you’re very acquainted with the spirit…”


Kotori laughed but her voice is scary to say the least.


“Are you actually infatuated with her? Is this the type of girl you like?”


Wu Yan sensed danger, his heart raced and he subconsciously shook his head in denial.


“Of course not! Do I look like some buttcrack who would lay his hands on a girl he just met?”


She gnashed her teeth and she almost destroyed the Chupa Chups in her mouth. The nerve on this guy.


Just who was it that almost kissed her when she let her guard down? He even trespassed into the bath and saw her in her birthday suit.


If not for the people still around, Kotori would pull a dropkick on this shameless man.


She turned her head the other way and she ignored Wu Yan. Wu Yan scanned her for any possible signs of danger before he asked in the most polite tone he could muster.


“Erm, Kotori, how are you going to deal with Kurumi?…”


Kotori ignored Wu Yan’s overly familiar way of calling the spirit Kurumi, she crinkled her nose before continuing in a frustrated tone.


“This is the first time I have to deal with a spirit like this, communication seems impossible, she also doesn’t look like she would willingly let someone seal her spirit powers.”


This is what Wu Yan found most troubling, Kurumi isn’t like Tohka, Tohka didn’t care much about her power. Meanwhile, Kurumi cared very much because she still had to finish what she set out to do. She even resorted to consuming humans. It is unrealistic for Wu Yan to expect her to put on the sealing bracelet.


Of course, if Wu Yan can help Kurumi with killing the first spirit, maybe she would cooperate with him.


Is that even possible?


Ignoring the butterfly effects of going back in time and making drastic changes. What would happen if Kurumi really succeeded in doing what she wanted to do, what would happen if humans and spirit never interacted? What will happen with Kotori? With Tohka? If he sealed Kurumi, would that still have any meaning at all?


Moreover, Kotori was originally a human who was given spirit powers by an entity unknown to even Wu Yan. There is probably something big behind the scenes.


Is the one who gave humans the power of spirits really going to let Kurumi rewrite history?…


Kotori wavered and she helplessly continued.


“Put Kurumi on our priority watchlist, maybe we will chance upon a solution.”


This is probably the most frustrating decision Kotori has to make in her capacity as commander.



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