Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 435: Outburst, biting back.

Wu Yan felt the cold steel of the musket. The gun went off as his pupils shrunk.






In the nick of time, Wu Yan summoned a portal through which iron sand flowed through and into the barrel of the musket, clogging it and preventing the bullet from touching Wu Yan.


This close call stunned Tokisaki Kurumi for a second because she thought she had this in the bag. Wu Yan understands that it is only a matter of time before he falls prey to her. With his power, he can’t possibly keep fighting Tokisaki Kurumi who is a tier 8 individual with a super-strong Zaphkiel supporting her.


Wu Yan advanced instead of running, he grabbed her head and he electrocuted her with all the electricity he can discharge.




Tokisaki Kurumi didn’t see this coming. When the raging torrent of lightning struck her, she cried out in anguish. Charred all over, smoke came out of her body. The smell of burnt meat could be detected in the air.


The clones surrounding him fired at him with their guns. Against this barrage of bullets, Wu Yan had no choice but to become a meat sack full of bullet holes. He is currently bloody all over. Gnashing his teeth, he endured the pain and he kicked Tokisaki Kurumi away.


Naturally, the clones responded by decorating him with bullet holes once more.


Blood splattered everywhere, the alley echoed with the sound of gunfire.


Wu Yan kneeled down on the ground after being shot all over.


The pain is so intense that he almost went mad with anger.


He ignored his injuries and he channeled lightning once more. With his lightning fist he smashed the ground.


The ground gave way after that punch. After the ground collapsed, Tokisaki Kurumi clones were sent falling into the crater one by one as they lost their balance.


Wu Yan flew up into the sky. He took out his Nietono no Shana from one of the portals in the sky. He yelled down from above.


“I hope you girls like turning to dust!”


He bellowed and a storm of raging flames fell into the crater like a flaming bolt from heaven.




Crashing into the pit, the flames roasted the ground and anything within it in a sea of flames. The figures within the flames slowly faded into nothing as they writhed around in it while moaning in pain.


Huffing, the blood on him dripped down into the sea of flames. It didn’t take long for the blood to sizzle away in the high temperature. The bullet holes had disappeared from his body, those that have yet to disappear are closing up in a rapid fashion until his skin looked unblemished as it was before.


A voice entered his ear.


“It seems I gave you too little credit…”


Wu Yan shut his eyes as if he is tired of this. He turned around and sure enough Tokisaki Kurumi is looking at him with an excited look as if he didn’t just wipe out her past clones.


Wu Yan felt very annoyed. He clenched Nietono no Shana so hard his hand started turning blue.


He already guessed that she’s not an easy customer but to think he would be having such a hard time against her. She really needed to pipe down a bit here.


Fourth bullet, Dalet!”


Tokisaki Kurumi’s charred body recovered at an unfathomable speed.


Wu Yan bitterly laughed.


Who is the immortal one here…


“I grow tired of this game…”


Tokisaki Kurumi finally got fed up. Her dark domain spread from her once more, pale arms caressed Tokisaki Kurumi’s body.


“Hey, if I drag you into the city of devouring time like this are you going to be happy? Overjoyed even?”


Tokisaki Kurumi laughed like a maniac. Her voice and words are enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine.


Wu Yan silently cursed his rotten luck. He got hunted down by snipers, although he turned the tables on them, now a crazy girl is after him, he can only speculate that this must be karma somehow. He lifted Nietono no Shana, flickering with lightning, a flaming sword in his hands, and the portals ready to shoot swords right behind him, it’s fair to say that he is not holding back at this point.


Even if Tokisaki Kurumi can beat him with Zaphkiel, he is going to let her understand that he won’t go easy on her just because she’s cute.


“Ara ara, how frightening…”


She said while blushing.


“Such domineering strength and you’re using it to bully weak little ol’ me…”


Wu Yan’s lips quivered. What he would do to her if they were in his chambers right now. If she’s weak then what would that make him, he barely scratched her after squirming and struggling for so long.


“Saa, saa, let’s get to know each other!”


The clock in her left eye turned. The massive clock behind her also had an eery sheen to it. The dark aura surrounding it gave her a grim atmosphere.


Vigilant as ever, he kept his golden eyes on her. Nietono no Shana also responded by spewing forth more flames.


The mood in this alley turned tense.


The two of them didn’t even notice the bright light hovering closer to them as it positioned itself above them.

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