Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 434: Multiple enemies

The numbers on the clock represented different abilities. The fourth bullet, for example, can turn back time on her body, healing her no matter how much damage she takes as long as she’s still alive. It wouldn’t work if the time represented by the golden clock in her left eye is 0.


If she fired it at herself, there is no stopping this restoration of her body.


Like the fourth bullet, the first bullet can be used on herself as well. It can speed her up so much that it’s hard to match her in speed.


This allowed her to get close to Wu Yan without him being able to react.


She placed her head on her shoulders. Gazing at Wu Yan’s face, she licked her lips. She also didn’t forget to caress his face while grinning.


“You smell so nice…”


She grinned from ear to ear. She stared into his golden eyes.


“Say, Onii-san, you mind telling me why your pretty red eyes turned golden?”


Her sweet scent wafted into his nasal cavity. Wu Yan would like nothing more than to stay like this if this scenario was normal. However, he didn’t have the time for that right now…


He breathed in deeply before grumbling. He tilted his head to give her a sideways glance.


“Is that really okay? To touch me like that…”



Tokisaki Kurumi backed away when he discharged his lightning at her. The electric shock was enough to paralyze the hand that was touching his face.




She shook her slightly charred hand and she commented on his ability.


“You’re not a spirit but you seem to have some sort of command over electricity. If I am not wrong the flame pillar from before was your work wasn’t it? With powers like this and that infinite time of yours, I wonder just what are you? You have really piqued my interest…”




Wu Yan connected the dots and he recalled that Tokisaki Kurumi is too hell-bent on acquiring him, that and her words finally clicked.


Tokisaki Kurumi wants his immortality, or rather, his infinite time.


“Well, I couldn’t care how this ends since you will be mine one way or the other. I am so hyped right now!”


Tokisaki Kurumi pointed the musket at Wu Yan’s forehead and she pulled the trigger without any hesitation. Drops of blood fell to the ground.




Tokisaki Kurumi examined her work.


“To dodge at such distance…”


She turned around and saw Wu Yan who is panting slightly.




He wiped away the blood on his head. Gnashing his teeth at her, he continued.


“What a troublesome power, to manipulate time, even a simple acceleration is enough to draw blood from me. I imagine if she used her other abilities, I would be in grave danger. I wonder just how Kotori beat this freak in the original work.”


“That won’t do, Nii-san…”


Tokisaki Kurumi started approaching him while her eyes shined bright like those of a demon.


“I already told you, rejection is not an option…”


A dark circle started spreading from underneath Tokisaki Kurumi’s feet. Wu Yan felt something draining from him, looking down, he saw that he’s stepping on the dark shadowy area as well.




Wu Yan turned grim.


“The city of devouring time?”


“Oh dear oh my it would seem this is the end. I found a fleeting moment of fun and oh, how fleeting it is. What a shame, what a shame.”


She lowered her head in disappointment. She raised her face and she revealed an expression of utmost joy.


“However, if that means becoming one with you, it’s all worth it!”


Wu Yan pursed his lips at her slightly twisted words. He sent a torrent of lightning into the ground and he targeted her with this move. Tokisaki Kurumi revealed a troubled look and she hurriedly shot herself with bullet one and she dodged it by speeding away from the attack.


Since she disappeared from where she stood, the time-consuming domain disappeared as well. Wu Yan relaxed a bit. Even if he had infinite time, it’s hard to say whether or not Tokisaki Kurumi will straight-up swallow him with the skill. He’s not even sure if his True Ancestor can last through the ordeal, or worse, stay in a hellish eternal life where he continuously gets his vitality drained from him.


A large clock appeared behind her and dark aura streamed forth from the eighth digit.


Eighth bullet, Het!”


A shadowy figure jutted out from the dark domain beneath her, it’s not the city of devouring time.


Pale arms appeared with ghoulish red glow. It’s like the dead are rising from their graves. Clones of Tokisaki Kurumi crawled out from the dark domain and they all grinned at Wu Yan in their usual creepy manner.


The eighth bullet grants her the ability create clones of herself or her past selves and materialize them.


Wu Yan bitterly laughed.


“You’ve got to be shitting me, this is cheating…”


Tokisaki Kurumi actually looked like she felt guilty. However, she put her index finger at her chin while saying something Wu Yan can’t ignore.


“I am not letting you escape, you’re mine!”


Seventh bullet, Zayin!”


The seventh digit on the clock lit up and dark aura poured into her guns.




He dodged the seventh bullet in a panicky manner. The seventh bullet had the ability to stop time on a target or subject which would render him immobile. If he got hit by that he wouldn’t be able to do anything but get devoured by Tokisaki Kurumi’s city of devouring time.


First bullet, Aleph!”


Tokisaki Kurumi sped up and she appeared in front of Wu Yan almost like she had teleported. While he is still preoccupied, she pointed her gun at his forehead.


Seventh bullet, Zayin!”


His golden eyes shrunk when he saw how close she is, he could make out the details of her creepy grin at this distance.

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