Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 433: The spirit of time's power...

That bullet made the sniper rifle bullets from before look like baby aspirin.


He reacted a bit too slowly to completely dodge the bullet that was aimed at the spot between his eyes. Tokisaki Kurumi fired at him without any prior signs and it drew a gash across Wu Yan’s cheek.


Blood dripped down from the wound…


“Ara, ara, what I have I done!”


Tokisaki Kurumi cried out in panic. She mewled like she’s actually feeiling guilty.


“I can’t believe I hurt Onii-san, now he’s bleeding. Oh, what should I do? What can I do? I want to merge with Onii-san so how can I hurt Onii-san….”


If someone is charmed by her, they would easily forgive her transgression.


Wu Yan bitterly smiled. He wiped away the blood and during the time in which he licked the blood away from his hand, the gash had disappeared without a trace. Tokisaki Kurumi flinched and she convulsed in ecstacy.


A wound is a wound, barring special abilities, even a wounded spirit would need quite some time to heal up. His incredible regeneration and the infinite time her senses are telling her convinced her that this man is indeed immortal.


Her desire to attain him grew to a newer heights.


“Ah ah, Onii-san, you like the smell of blood too? What coincidence, it’s like we are made for each other?…”


“Come, join me and let us unite as one!”


Tokisaki Kurumi yelled in excitement. She raised both her guns at him but two portals appeared beside her and iron whips appeared to bind her.


Not letting her break loose from her shackles, a bolt of lightning hit Tokisaki Kurumi before she can do anything.




The lightning ravaged her, the electrocution caused smoke to come out of her. Still alive, she groaned in pain.




Tokisaki Kurumi flinched when she saw Wu Yan’s appearance.


Clad in lightning, he caused this alley to sound like a storm is raging here. His steely gaze fell on her, his eyes are no longer deep red, it’s a radiant gold.


An aura befitting of a True Ancestor poured forth from him. Tokisaki Kurumi shuddered, she could swear he’s looking brutally bloody right now.




She quickly recovered and her elation returned. Like a fish to water, she got even more passionate for him.


“Onii-san, you’re simply the best. This noble aura like a dictator of all things bloody, that oppressive aura, this is great and amazing!”


She grinned at him in a devilish manner, her tender voice is a stark contrast to her present attitude.


“I can’t wait to be with you, I can’t wait, I can’t wait!”


Tokisaki Kurumi tore off her right hand much to Wu Yan’s shock. She actually tore it off like it’s a detachable part of her body!


Wu Yan didn’t expect this, she used her severed arm to smash the chain binding her left hand.


“Come! Zaphkiel!”


A bolt of black and red lightning hit the spot behind Tokisaki Kurumi. It didn’t do any damage but the lightning bolt turned into a flash of red lights. When the light faded a large clock about twice as tall as Tokisaki Kurumi.


Zaphkiel, her angel!


Wu Yan tensed up, he wanted to run away. He wasn’t even planning on fighting her. Now that she pulled out her angel on him, it’s clear that she’s not going to let him escape that easily. He bitterly smiled, where had he wronged her? She might have spare time stolen from other people to back up the usage of her angel but it’s still a limited stockpile.


Wu Yan failed to consider that once he’s caught by Tokisaki Kurumi, the cost of time would no longer apply to her. Gotta spend time to make time.


“Fourth bullet Dalet!”


She raised her flintlock and pointed it at the fourth digit on the clock. It turned and a black surge of power entered the gun after the digit lit up. The energy suffused the gun.


She did something that no sane person would think to do. She smiled at him and she fired it at herself with the barrel at her chin.


Wu Yan isn’t surprised she did that. He knew the power of her fourth bullet.


It’s the ability to reverse time on an object or subject. Her right hand which was severed and still tethered to his iron whip vibrated. The vibration shook the right hand free from its shackle. The right hand didn’t fall to the ground, instead, the hand reattached itself to the stump that was her hand.


She examined her right hand before she smiled at Wu Yan.


“Now, let’s go for another round!”


Wu Yan got into a stance as he focused on Tokisaki Kurumi. Happy that he’s paying attention to her, she raised her gun.


“First Bullet Aleph!”


The digit representing one on the clock lit up. The black energy entered her gun and she fired it at her temple.


Wu Yan turned grave.


Tokisaki Kurumi disappeared from where she stood and she appeared instantly at his side.

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